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Riverside, San Diego County, CA November 4, 2008 Election
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Issues at a glance...

By Kevin D. Jeffries

Candidate for Member of the State Assembly; District 66

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Because the California State Legislature works on so many issues important to California families and businesses, I have outlined my position on numerous issues as noted below. These can also be found at my website:
Issues at a glance...

Illegal Immigration: For the safety and security of our communities and our state, we must be a nation that has full control of its border. In 1993 Kevin Jeffries was one of the first local leaders to call for the deployment of the National Guard along our borders. The flow of illegal aliens into our state and into our nation jeopardizes our national safety, and our fiscal stability. As law-abiding citizens and taxpayers, we need to re-elect leaders like Assemblyman Kevin Jeffries who will not hesitate to oppose issuing drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, stop the state funding of benefits to those who violate our laws, and prosecute those who supply fraudulent identification documents.

Traffic: We pay extremely high gas taxes every time we fill up at the pump in California. Our gas tax dollars must NOT be diverted to fund other state programs. Assemblyman Jeffries continues to be a strong advocate in Sacramento to keep our gas tax dollars dedicated to adding new freeway lanes, off-ramps, building new roads and widening intersections in our communities. Locally, Kevin has been a leader working with local government to eliminate the red-tape and excessive construction delays caused by the entrenched Cal-Trans bureaucracy. Recently, Assemblyman Jeffries successfully proposed legislation, which will additional lanes to I-15 to reduce the amount of congestion.

Education: Even though overall state funding for education continues to increase, California ranks near the bottom! Assemblymember Jeffries is fighting to improve local control of our schools and give our school administrators the full authority (and accountability) for a clean, safe and effective education environment.

When the men and women of our United States military are relocated to California and desire to continue their higher education, the liberals in Sacramento decided that those who are defending our freedoms would not be given the same or better tuition reductions as given to illegal immigrants. Assemblyman Jeffries has been a strong voice in Sacramento to reverse this outrageous and disgraceful policy.

Strong Fiscal Conservative: Kevin Jeffries has a rock solid history of fighting to oppose new and unfair taxes. While Liberal politicians and bureaucrat's cried gloom and doom, Jeffries joined with a handful of fellow conservatives in 1996 to help lead a successful grassroots effort and pass Proposition 218, The Right To Vote On Taxes Act. Continuously working to oppose the growing trend to place monthly sewer bills on property taxes, oppose unfair water standby taxes, and stop new property taxes from being implemented without a vote of the people - Kevin Jeffries has remained a proven and unwavering advocate of taxpayer rights in Sacramento.

Spending Is The Problem!: We don't need new taxes to fix the budget spending problems in Sacramento! Kevin is a successful business owner with over 29 years of community service and leadership. We need re-elect leaders like Kevin Jeffries who will stop the feeding frenzy at the public trough and eliminate wasteful programs, agencies, commissions and overpriced government facilities.

Protecting Your Freedom: Private property rights and the Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms is at the heart of our right to liberty and freedom. Recalling his fire service experience during the Los Angeles riots, Kevin vividly remembers the business and homeowners who successfully stood upon their homes or businesses and exercised their second amendment rights. Assemblyman Jeffries will forever defend these fundamental rights.

Public Safety: With state spending out of control, our local cities and counties are now being robbed by bloated Sacramento spending programs and bureaucrats who want to build unchecked empires with your hard earned tax dollars. Since the first efforts in 1992 to shift our local property tax revenues to Sacramento, Kevin Jeffries has been fighting to keep our tax dollars in our communities so that our local law enforcement and fire stations can be adequately staffed and funded. Kevin served 29 years in the fire service. He knows first hand that public safety must be a top priority.

Protecting Marriage and families: Kevin Jeffries is a strong believer that marriage shall be reserved for a man and a woman. Kevin will not support granting special rights to homosexuals and transgender sex change patients.

Crime: Assemblyman Jeffries opposes any efforts to undermine or weaken California's Three Strikes law. Kevin has opposed "early release" proposals that would have freed thousands of convicted felons into our communities. Kevin has also voted to support additional funding to expand or build new prisons, so that serious or repeat offenders do not receive early release because of overcrowding.

Kevin has also been an advocate to reform the ridiculous laws and policies that allow High Risk sex offenders to be paroled early and placed in our neighborhoods. With 29 years of proven public safety service, we can continue to count on Kevin to work on behalf of families, safe neighborhoods and law enforcement.

Local Services: Our local counties, cities and special districts are under attack. The state continues to take away our hard-earned local tax dollars and shift the money to Sacramento. Assemblyman Jeffries opposes these shifts and will continue to protect our local agencies from unreasonable and unfunded state mandates.

Infrastructure & Water: Our cities and communities continue to grow at rapid rates. Our hard earned tax dollars must be returned to our communities to fund critical infrastructure such as roads, storm drains, signal lights, parks, etc. Securing long-term water supplies and building new reservoirs must also be developed to meet demand. Assemblyman Jeffries continues to support efforts to reduce the endless environmental regulations that seriously impede our ability to meet the needs of our communities.

Assemblymember Jeffries achieves high scores!: California Taxpayer's Association: A (100%) . California Chamber of Commerce: A (100%) . California Manufacturers & Technology Association: A (100%). California Farm Bureau Federation: A (100%) . Southwest California Legislative Council: A (100%) . Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Associations: A (96.8%) . High Honors from California League of Cities.

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