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Orange, San Diego County, CA November 4, 2008 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Diane Harkey

Candidate for
Member of the State Assembly; District 73

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THE STATE BUDGET: Getting Back to Basics The State's primary role is to provide education, infrastructure and public safety. However, this year those are the exact services that are proposed to be cut unless we agree to tax increases. Does anyone who just finished paying property and income taxes really believe that you are not being taxed enough?

Most of our cities provide numerous municipal services, while balancing the budget and setting aside money for infrastructure and a rainy-day in reserves. With billions of dollars of increased revenue (tax receipts) over the past few years flowing into the coffers in Sacramento, why couldn't the majority party in Sacramento provide the leadership necessary to ensure the state would be prepared when the music stopped? Why hasn't the budget balanced in years without borrowing (bonds) from future tax receipts? Why are we in such a bind once again that education and public safety are being threatened?

Why? Because Sacramento lacks fiscal restraint due to mandates for automatic spending increases in many programs, as well growth in state government from adding new programs during the "boom" years. Just like your business or household, in lean times the state must cut the frills so that it can provide the necessities. Curtailing nonessential services and automatic increases, combining and consolidating departments to create economies of scale, and halting the spill-over effects of illegal immigration can balance our State budget, enhance our quality of life, and prepare our state for the 21st century.

We must get back to basics and restore fiscal discipline in Sacramento + after all it's our money being spent!

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: Illegal immigration is not only a national security risk, but poses a huge financial risk to our state. Estimates are that the costs of the spillover effects of illegal immigration in education, medical, law enforcement and social services adds nearly $10 Billion annually to our state's budget!

We must take action. California and other border states cannot and should not be expected to carry the perhaps broader "national agenda" expense for the entire country. As such, we have laws on the books that, if enforced, can alleviate the problem and provide more fair access to all immigrants wishing to come to America.

I support tough enforcement of laws already on the books and removal of the magnets that draw millions of people per year to risk their lives crossing the boarder illegally. We must stem the tide before we can begin to deal with what we have inside our borders. My plan is simple:

No amnesty, no benefits, no drivers licenses; Stop funding to sanctuary cities; Increase penalties for those who knowingly hire illegals; Provide employers access to updated technology so they will have the tools to verify illegal status; Complete the Border Fence

EDUCATION: Putting Kids and Parents First To improve education we must ensure that more state dollars are spent in the classroom. Nearly 50% of every education dollar is spent on administration, while parents are being asked to continually fund school curriculum with non-profits and mandatory payments for the arts, field trips, sports, after school programs and basic supplies.

California is diverse and so are its school needs. The complex formula for school funding must be simplified, by restoring more local control over how we spend our tax dollars. In addition, the state's allocation of dollars to districts must be reassessed from the outdated 1970's formula to reflect the population and conditions today. Let's start putting kids and parents first, and allow more local control of our schools funds.

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