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San Diego County, CA November 4, 2008 Election
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Nathan Fletcher's Position on Issues

By Nathan Fletcher

Candidate for Member of the State Assembly; District 75

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Below is a summary of Nathan's positions on key issues that are important to him.
-Competitiveness and Innovation in California-

California has a proud history of being a leader in innovation and technology. The Golden State is one of tremendous promise, amazing entrepreneurial spirit and creative power. However, unnecessary bureaucracy, excessive taxation, and burdensome and ineffective regulations serve to drive business (and their jobs) away from California. We must remain an economically competitive place for business to start, grow, and flourish. It has been estimated there will be four to seven times more scientific innovation in the next 25 years than in the last quarter century. We need to seek out this innovation and technology to look to new solutions in every area: infrastructure, education, healthcare, etc.

-Reforming Government and Restoring Fiscal Accountability-

Our citizens work very hard for their money--the last thing they want is to have government waste it through ineffective and unnecessary programs. Politicians in Sacramento and Washington - some Republicans included - have lost sight of what it means to be a fiscal conservative. We need to balance our budget, control spending and oppose new taxes and fees. We must also work to ensure accountability, transparency, efficiency and effectiveness in the areas where government help is required. In the rest, we must work to allow the entrepreneurial spirit and the individual to find the solution. We need to create open, transparent and accountable measures of whether the current programs and systems are achieving these goals.

-Providing Traffic Relief and Infrastructure Development-

San Diego's traffic congestion and infrastructure shortcomings stifle our economy and diminish our quality of life. Traffic congestion affects us in many ways--it is an economic issue, an environmental issue, and a quality of life issue. We must work to find creative ways to meet the infrastructure needs of not only the present but the future.

-Strengthening Education-

Ensuring the best possible education for California's children must always be a top priority. Our children are our future and every child in California is capable of learning. We must make sure that our schools have the resources and qualified teachers needed and ensure that our higher education system is the best in the world. We should work to make sure there is accountability and transparency in our education system.

-Securing Our Borders-

Our country is one of immigrants--we cherish the hard working and entrepreneurial immigrant spirit and encourage legal immigration to California and America. However, the federal government's inability to secure our borders and enforce a common sense and workable immigration policy has left our region vulnerable. The lack of action on the part of the federal government leaves city, county, and state government to deal with a broken system and shoulder a financial burden. Our porous borders (north and south) also threaten our security--no country serious about homeland security can afford to have wide open and porous borders. We must work to find solutions that secure our borders and protect taxpayers.

-Taking Care of Our Veterans-

California is home to more than 2.2 million veterans, more than in any other state in the nation. We must work to make sure California is a state that welcomes those who have given so much for our country. While primarily a federal issue there is creative things our state can do for our veterans.

-Making Our Communities Safe and Protecting the Rights of Victims of Crime-

Protecting our citizens from crime is a critical and key function of government. We need to provide our law enforcement and first responders with the resources and flexibility to do their jobs. The safety of our citizens must be a high priority. We must also work together to ensure the rights of victims are respected.

-Health Care Reform-

Health care begins with healthy living. We should find constructive and creative ways to promote health and wellness. In addition, we need to utilize technology and innovation to transform our current health care system. We should empower our citizens with a consumer driven health care system that promotes openness, competitiveness, and transparency. And we must always work to protect the most important relationship--that between doctor and patient. By reforming our current system, we will be in a better position to provide health care coverage to Californians.

-Fighting for a Cleaner and Healthy Environment-

We all want cleaner water, beaches, forests, and air. The advancement of technology provides us amazing opportunities to harness America's strengths - free markets, incentives, individual responsibility, economic growth, technological achievement, and entrepreneurship - to leave the world a cleaner and healthier place for future generations. We can all work to promote parks and open space, and support sound environmental policy that is respectful of the fact that we all live and work in our environment.

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