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San Diego County, CA November 4, 2008 Election
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Member of the State Assembly; District 76

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Ralph Denney, a brief(?) biography...

My father only came close to throwing me out of the house twice... a lifelong Democrat and teamster, he was horrified to learn in the summer of 1976 his first born and only son had changed party affiliation to Republican... The other time was when we got into a... disagreement... over whether Jimmy Hoffa deserved to go to jail or not.

I have been given some unique perspectives by my life, being a single father of two children. Not only do I understand the challenges faced by single parents, but with both children being mentally challenged, I completely understand and have experienced the challenges this alone can pose to a loving parent. This - and my concerns for my three grandchildren - has helped to strengthen my passion for education, along with a deep desire to truly protect and encourage the education of our children. I have experienced first hand through my son and daughter the terrible effects of well meaning but too often ineffective or actually destructive regulations and bureaucracy which ultimately only serve to hamper our teachers and schools, instead of providing them with the tools they desperately need to prepare the next generation of leaders for our future.

As for me, I'm a product of the California Public School System... So I remember when our public school system was once nationally respected, shaping some of the brightest minds of our country... and I know, with your help, we can have that public school system again.

I have just celebrated the 15th anniversary of my 39th birthday (yes, that makes me 54). Other than a few years when I was assigned to East Texas, I have lived in Southern California my entire life. I was born in Los Angeles, the product of a truck driver father (you didn't dare call him a `trucker', he considered that akin to being called a `drug store cowboy' - he was a professional truck driver!), and my mother was a waitress who became an assistant cafeteria manager for the college I attended. My father was forced to drop out of school after the 8th grade, yet he raised his family to a comfortable upper middle class living standard by hard work and determination. He instilled both values in me. From my mother I learned the importance of love, family, compassion, and education, in that order. From both I learned loyalty and pride of country and community. Neither of my parents was ever able to figure out how I became so politically involved.

I have a business degree and am an Enrolled Agent (tax accountant). I paid my way through college by working as a commercial tire man in Brawley, changing tractor and combine tires in the middle of summer in the Imperial Valley. I now have a tax practice I practice out of my home in North Park/Hillcrest, as well as being the CFO/Business Manager for a moderately sized company in Encinitas. In my spare time, I volunteer for the Hillcrest Youth Center.

While some have tried to make an issue of my sexuality, and others have even criticized me for not declaring it as a badge of honor, the simple truth is I do not want anyone to vote for me as the `gay' candidate, nor vote against me because of it. I stand as proof that a gay man can hold faith to Christian values and beliefs, to be true to himself, and also be a true Republican and fiscal conservative. The issues I stand for, and my moral integrity, are the prime measure by which I am to be judged, as your candidate and, God willing, your assembly member.

My primary political belief is that we as a state and nation can only accomplish great things through education. We can solve society's problems by first addressing educational needs of our children, to challenge them with ideas, and help inspire their patriotism. We can only solve our budget crisis by spending wisely and conservatively, by bringing back businesses that employ our people, and to facilitate the entrepreneur spirit that facilitates the creation of new businesses and opportunities. We can solve the problems that now face us by reducing the bureaucracy and freeing ourselves of the convoluted regulations that strangle our economy.

The bottom line is, we must bring back common sense to Sacramento and to government...

And with your help and support... together we can do exactly that...

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