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Saint Louis, Jefferson, Saint Louis City, Sainte Genevieve Counties, MO August 5, 2008 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Greg Zotta

Candidate for
US Representative; District 3; Republican Party

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My name is Greg Zotta and I believe we live in the Greatest Country in the world the United States. Sure there are problems facing this country but I believe I have ideas which are solutions to the problems. Congress's answer to solving problems for the most part is to throw money at it. I would prefer to take a common sense approach to addressing the problem and coming up with solutions.

I believe I have the solutions to some of the problems this country is facing, some of which are as follows: Funding the Iraq war, Taxes, Immigration, Pro Life, Eminent Domain, Banking/credit, Housing Crisis, 2nd Amendment, Energy, Affirmative Action, Healthcare, Fairness Doctrine, Social security, Global Warming

Aside from being an informed voter I also wrote letters to the editors of papers addressing some of the problems this country is facing. I have called my elected officials and the Attorney General to voice my concerns, and to share my ideas. I have called talk radio and sent letters to various talk show hosts. When necessary I have filed lawsuits. I have called the Whitehouse requesting President Bush to pardon the border agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. So I have been involved in the issues to a certain extent.

I do not like the direction this country is headed, and that is why I decided to run for US Congress in the Third District of Missouri. People should be able to keep their money and be in control of their own lives. People should be encouraged and be taught to be self-reliant. I want to give the power back to the people.

Remember when elected officials used to be called public servants, but now they are career politicians. Some of them are beholding to the lobbyists and special interests, and that is why some of the legislation that has been passed has been more beneficial to the corporations, which becomes part of the problem.

My children did not want me to run for office because I do not have the money or name recognition. They do believe that my ideas would solve the problems facing this country. Therefore I decided to run because I can help this country resolve some of the problems it faces.

I have always stood up for what is right. If I see something that is wrong I will voice my opinion to right the wrong. I take pride in my work and I do what I say. My decisions are based on common sense and fairness.I want to take my message to the people and once you hear my solutions to the problems facing this country I would hope you would join me in my effort to get elected to congress to solve the problems.

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