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Protecting the Borders

By John Wayne Tucker

Candidate for US Representative; District 3; Republican Party

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If I have to stand completely alone on the issue, I will be there to defend our borders.
Protecting the Borders

The borders of America must be protected. It is ridiculous that the Federal Government has allowed the laws which they made to be ignored. It is the job of the government to enforce its laws. It is further clear that we cannot continue to absorb the economic cost of illegal aliens. It is additionally unfair to those who have used the proper means to enter the country legally. The time required to enter legally is a minimum of one year with extensive paperwork, verifications of acceptability, health evaluations, FBI background checks and no small amount of expense. When a legal immigrant arrives, they are not allowed to work, have a Social Security Card or a driver's license until they acquire the proper status as a temporary or permanent resident. This system works and is very protective of the American people.

With a certainty, most of us wish that we could help everyone in the world to have the same standard of living and freedoms that we enjoy in America. But realize first, that not everyone in America shares an equal standard of living. If we did, this would be a Socialist Society. Realize also, that to share our wealth with everyone in the world would relegate us all to being poor. While that is very altruistic, it is neither logical, nor desirable for most of us.

There is some suggestion, in fact, that the intention of the government is to wipe away the borders of the United States in favor of a United North America (something on the order of the European Union only more extensive). The problem with this, of course, is that if one wealthy economy absorbs two economically distressed economies, all will suffer economic distress. We cannot entertain such a concept. America must maintain its sovereignty and we must maintain the integrity of our borders. I spoke with a legal immigrant recently who has lived in seven countries. He was outraged with our open borders. His comment was that no other country in the world allows its borders to be breached as we have. If this continues, we will no longer be America.

I am dedicated to the protection of America's borders and sovereignty. I will not entertain any concept that this issue can be compromised in any way. If I have to stand completely alone on the issue, I will be there to defend our borders.

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