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Saint Louis, Saint Charles, Lincoln Counties, MO August 5, 2008 Election
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By William C. "Bill" Haas

Candidate for US Representative; District 2; Democratic Party

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Bill on the Issues

Below are my positions on the issues that are most important to me. I want your opinion - please let me know whether you agree or disagree with me. I will consider changing my priorities and positions based on the responses - I will never forget that I work for you, not the other way around.

Political solution for Iraq

And early withdrawal of troops. Though most of that will be up to the President, I expect to be supportive, and helpful where I can.

Medicare for all, especially children, and adults over 55

Universal coverage is the goal, or should be. Single Payer is what I support. We'll get there, but the sooner the better. 60 Minutes broadcast a segment on people without healthcare coverage in America.

Warning: it made a grown man sob (me) with sadness for those brave and strong people. Will take a few minutes, but if you're not already sold on the importance of this issue, you will be after watching the video.

Lower taxes for the Middle Class

Taxes should be cut at the lower and middle levels, where people spend a higher percentage of their income, which will be the best support for an ailing economy. And we need to work harder and smarter to develop new good jobs.

A secure peace in the Middle East But an attack by Iran on Israel should be considered an attack on the United States, which has long been our position regarding an attack on our allies in Europe.

Women's Rights

Vigorously against Eminent Domain!

This was the first major issue I took a stand on, when I first ran for public office in 1981, and my position hasn't changed! If you've owned a home or business longer than a certain number of years, you shouldn't be subject to eminent domain except for a national emergency. Let them pay you your price or build whatever they want to build around you, over you, under you, or wait for you to sell or pass away. You don't build your progress on the broken dreams and shattered lives of those who least deserve it or can least afford it.

Guaranteed loans for college repaid over your working life

That way, if you choose a less well-paying position like teaching, you will have longer to repay it.

Education: Parents off work with pay to visit their children's schools 3 days per month

This will be an investment by business in their future. More parental involvement is one of the keys to turning schools around. This will be good for the children, the parents, the families, and the schools, and should apply to private and parochial schools as well, and businesses should get tax credits for up to $10 an hour for the employees' time.

Universal Pre-Kindergaten

Stop animal abuse on factory farms!

And we need to do it in a way that doesn't hurt small farmers. Small farmers helped make this country great, and deserve our support. Farming involves lots of important issues besides animal abuse - the environment, energy, health, and so forth, and I expect to become knowledgeable. For those interested, the book The Omnivore's Dilemma by Pollack is a good place to start.

Fight global warming

This is an easy one, and Al Gore will help lead us.

Aggravated child molestation - federal life imprisonment, no possibility of parole

This seems a no-brainer to me, also.

Child safety seats sensors mandatory

Protects a child left in car, especially in hot weather, whether by accident or otherwise. It is estimated that this will save multiple lives a year.

No tax-breaks to steal sports teams or other businesses from other cities

Cities and states bidding against each other for businesses that don't need the money is a waste of taxpayer money and should be prohibited unless clearly and convincingly shown that the business needs the money to survive or expand, and then maybe only after a taxpayer vote. This is best approached at the federal level rather than on a state by state basis. Long overdue, and it's my idea, though I'm sure others may have thought of it, also, but I haven't read of any.

Illegal seller of gun equally responsible for any crime committed

Who could object to this?

Day-care and Senior-care!

Protect seniors - I am one!

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