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Saint Louis County, MO August 5, 2008 Election
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Press Release

By Brenda M. Boyd

Candidate for State Representative; District 80; Democratic Party

This information is provided by the candidate
St. Louis + (North County), Missouri, March 2008: The Honorable Councilwoman Brenda M Boyd, City of Black Jack, Ward 3, formally announces her candidacy. Ms Boyd has filed for the seat of MO. State Representative 80th district. Brenda, is currently serving her 3rd term as councilwoman, works full time for Missouri Department of Social Services and is a strong youth advocate.

Ms. Boyd states that she made the decision to run after careful research and consideration. "I have grave concerns about proposals for our educational system and the so called "voucher" system of leveling the educational playing field." The media reports and discussion of strong arm tactics used to promote, or should I say, push; this agenda conjured a big red caution light. If memory serves, Rep. Connie LaJoyce Johnson, a Democrat and opponent to a bill proposing "The School Voucher Programming Tax Credit" summoned Capitol police to remove parents who had come to her office to lobby for the bill. She made a statement that the current 80th district State Representative, Ted Hoskins, and then chairman of the Missouri Legislative Black Caucus, accompanied by Rep. Rodney R. Hubbard who was the vice chairman of the Missouri Legislative Black Caucus, had "egged" the group on and urged the protesters to push their way into her private office." " I believe Representative Johnson direct quote was "You always have people that advocate for different causes, and they're often less than friendly," Ms. Johnson said. "But I've been a legislator six years, and I've never had to call Capitol police to remove anybody from my office before this." "

I know the profession has acquired the adage "politics is dirty business" but I truly believe that the majority of us in public service are here because we care deeply for our communities, our system of government and believe in the doctrine of our fore-fathers that this is a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Ms Boyd says she will stand on a platform of (1) promoting respect, integrity and civility in the controversial, sometime confrontational profession of holding public office, (2) supporting a strong educational system for all children believing that education is the greatest anti-poverty program (3) promote and encourage legislation that cultivate access to affordable, quality health care. Health care that not only provides for detection and treatment but wellness and prevention efforts and (4) promoting legislation that would foster economic security addressing the declining job market and Mortgage crisis that many Missourians face every day.

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