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Global Warming

By Mali D. "Currington"

Candidate for Member of the State Assembly; District 9; Republican Party

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The argument that man made global warming exists so far is just a ploy that is making Left-Wing Liberals rich at the expense (pun intended) of the financial stability of hardworking Californians
Although the State of California has plunged into the current "Tulip mania", Legislators must still address the recent "scientific consensus'" of our past - Medieval Climate Optimum (aka Medieval Warm Period) from 800 - 1300 when the climate warmed 1.8 Degrees more than today's temperature, The Little Ice Age (From 1250 - 1850 When the climate cooled nearly 1.5 degrees) and and the Global Cooling phenomena of the 1970's. What did we do, or not do, to cause the earth to cool to such an alarming extent? If we could not control the earth's temperature form cooling, then how could we prevent the earth from warming? We do not know, but here is a certain scientific observation...

According to the Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration (EIA) the cost to the United States of implementing the Clinton-Gore Kyoto Protocol at $397 billion per year. Furthermore, the EIA projects an energy-price increase for the average family of as much as $1,740 annually.

Dr. Rajendra Kumar Pachauri, Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) who shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, admitted that the IPCC discovered there has been no net increase in global warming since the IPCCC was formed in 1998. Dr. Pachauri called it a "temperature plateau".

If we are to believe the IPCC then this means that every effort California has been making to end global warming is either waste, fraud, and/or abuse of taxpayer dollars. It also means that the trillions of dollars of so-called "investments" by private businesses were little more than gambles on inconclusive and flawed research. This also means that Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" is a lie that bilked viewers out of nearly $24 million in box office sales.

Top climatologists such as James Hansen, S.I. Rasool, and Stephen H. Schneider trumpeted their claims that our then energy consumption was causing Global Cooling in the 1970's. Time and Newsweek Magazines lead the way in parroting their claims. Climatologists and others used that "research" to achieve "scientific consensus" of a coming "New Ice Age". James Hansen, S.I. Rasool, and Stephen H. Schneider along with their colleagues are now trying to convince the world our (more efficient) energy consumption has within 40 years shifted the earth from the threat of freezing to the threat of boiling.

The Global Warming "Mania" is mostly an attempt by Left-Wing Liberals (i.e. Progressives) to use the power of government to enrich and empower themselves while restricting our ability to do the same. So far, the only beneficiaries to global warming are the following:

  • Those who lobby for government mandates based on the claims of global warming then use private (for-profit) businesses to "trade" in "carbon credits".

  • People and institutions who receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in government grants to create reasons repeat their claims of man made Global Warming.

  • Those whose foundations benefit from donations by wealthy Left Wing Liberal foundations and people who themselves benefit financially from the claims of man made global warming.

  • Professors who accumulate wealth, power, and/or prestige by the claims of man made global warming.

The California Legislature must refrain from persuing global warming reduction strategies until the science is conclusive. The debate is not over! The representative of the 9th Assembly District must be armed with facts and speak truth to Left-Wing Liberal power about the frivolity of using junk science to waist the time and attention of of the residents of California.

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