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Sacramento County, CA June 3, 2008 Election
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Illegal Immigration

By Mali D. "Currington"

Candidate for Member of the State Assembly; District 9; Republican Party

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The Mexican government is to blame for its intentional financial destruction of its nation in order to force its people to the U.S. and other parts of the world to send money back to Mexico.
The following people are to be blamed for illegal immigration into the United States from Mexico...

Felipe Calderón, President of Mexico, PAN Manlio Fabio Beltrones, President, Mexican Senate, PRI Santiago Creel, Mexican Senater, Party Leader, PAN

Along with their predecessors, their cronies, their elites who benefit from their socialist government control, and their political Party's corrupt influence, they have used illegal immigration to reek havoc in the U.S.

"Each Mexican who has emigrated represents one disintegrated home in Mexico," said Edmundo Ramirez Martinez, deputy of Mexico's Secretary of the Commission of Population, Border and Immigration Issues.

These illegal aliens to the right are of the highest economically, socially and politically productive ages. They are not allowed to remain in their home country to become Firemen, Policemen, Doctors, Teachers, small business entrepreneurs, and community activists. They are not allowed to mature their Constitutional Republic, grow their economy, and sustain civilized communities in Mexico. Instead they are expelled by the Mexican Government to the U.S. to work in agriculture fields, day labor camps, in restaurants, hotel room maintenance and other low skilled, low paying jobs in the United States. Because they are so deprived at home, their families either starve, join drug gangs, or earnestly wait for that illegal alien to send back huge portions of their minimum wage to that impoverished family in Mexico. As the money moves back to their families, it is heavily syphoned in the form of taxes by the rich elite socialists who control Mexico through their corrupt banking system.

The Mexican government should be blamed exclusively for the expulsion of their citizens. Government officials have composed government revenues so that only a few elite benefit from the governments financial windfall of government income generated from remittances of illegal aliens in the United States while the earners and intended recipients are ripped off continually and without sympathy.

The Mexican States of Oaxaca, Michoacan, and Zacatecas have aided and abetted the expulsion of 20 -50 percent of their (mostly male) populations to the United States while women are largely left alone to fend for themselves and their children. Mexico's future Firemen, Policemen, Doctors, Teachers, and small business entrepreneurs, and community activists with Mexican leaders never being blamed while Conservatives shouldering unearned blame. Many Fathers are not in the community being the protector and foundation of their families. Their absence exposes these women and children to all kinds of danger and poor health. In order to cater to elites abroad, some Mexican states have even passed laws that allow illegal aliens in the U.S. to run for office in Mexico while living in the U.S.

California's public policy should be to apply as much pressure on the Mexican government and their U.S. supporters as possible to influence Mexican domestic policy and encourage repatriation of their citizens. California must publicly hold Mexican elected leaders and their Left-Wing Liberal apologists (aka progressives) in the U.S. accountable in both the U.S. and Mexico for the economic and environmental, and political devastation for which they are directly responsible.

We must encourage and support Mexicans to organize, march, and protest, the Mexican government and make demands similar to those that they make in the U.S. for better wages, better health, safety, and education. Civil Rights organizations will be set up to advance constitutional changes to give Mexicans the same freedom and prosperity they seek in the U.S.

This prescribed effort will reduce illegal immigration and sustain that lowering effort while raising the interests of the average Mexican in Mexico.

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