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November 6, 2007 Election

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  • State Issues

    Issue 1 Referendum on Substitute Senate Bill 16
    Shall Substitute Senate Bill No. 16, be approved? (Please vote "Yes" if you are in favor of the bill. Please vote "No" if you are not in favor of the bill. The bill is explained below.)

    Substitute Senate Bill No. 16 would make certain changes to state law that regulates the operation of sexually oriented businesses and adult entertainment establishments. These changes include:

    Requiring the State of Ohio to compensate local governments (townships, cities and villages) who enforce local laws regulating adult entertainment establishments when those local laws have been adopted with the guidance of the Ohio Attorney General and when those laws are found unconstitutional or invalid by a court, with certain exceptions for payment of such compensation,

    Preempting local laws that are found by a court to be in conflict with the proposed state law regulating adult entertainment establishments,

    Prohibiting sexually oriented businesses from being open for business between midnight and 6 a.m., except that sexually oriented businesses with a liquor permit may remain open until the hours specified in the permit if they do not conduct, offer, or allow, sexually oriented entertainment activity in which the performers appear nude,

    Prohibiting customers and employees of sexually oriented businesses who are not immediate family members from touching each other while on the premises of that business and while the employee is nude or seminude, and

    Creating misdemeanor criminal offenses relating to hours of operation and for customers and employees who violate the no touch provisions of the law, setting the penalty at a fourth degree misdemeanor, except when the touching is in specified anatomical areas, in which case, the penalty is a first degree misdemeanor.

    If Substitute Senate Bill No. 16 is approved, it shall become law.


    YES (To approve the law)

    NO (To reject the law)

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    If you print and mark your choices on this page and take it to the polls instead of an official sample ballot, be very careful.

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