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San Diego County, CA November 7, 2006 Election
Proposition F
Affordable low income rental housing
City of Chula Vista

Majority Approval Required

Pass: 23713 / 55.99% Yes votes ...... 18639 / 44.01% No votes

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Results as of Jan 4 9:40am
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Do voters authorize the potential development, construction and/or acquisition of up to 1,600 affordable low-income rental housing units throughout the City?

Fiscal Impact:
Any affirmative vote on this measure has no fiscal impact, nor does it grant approval for any specific project, as each would go through the public review process.

Impartial Analysis from City Attorney
On November 7, 1950, the voters of the State of California adopted Article 34 of the California Constitution, entitled the Public Housing Project Law, which requires approval by a majority of City electors for the development, construction, or acquisition of a low rent housing project in the City by a state or local public agency. Article 34 defines “low rent housing project” as any development composed of urban or rural dwellings, apartments, or other living accommodations for persons of low income, which is financed in whole or part by public funds or which receives another form of assistance from a public agency, such as labor. The voter approval requirement of Article 34 does not apply to projects designed, planned, financed, constructed, and owned by a private entity. The California Supreme Court has held that the voter approval required by Article 34 can be satisfied by a vote granting authority for a designated maximum number of housing units, without having voters approve each specific project.

In 1978, City of Chula Vista voters approved 400 units of affordable low income rental housing units in the City. The City has nearly exhausted this allocation. The City Council has authorized the placement on the ballot of a proposition seeking further voter approval pursuant to Article 34 for the development, construction, or acquisition of up to 1,600 low rent housing units in the City for persons of low income. A vote in favor of the measure will not have any fiscal impact and will not grant approval for any specific project. Specific low rent housing projects in the City would be subject to further approval and a public review process. This ballot measure will take effect if passed by a majority of the City’s voters.

  Official Information

City of Chula Vista
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Arguments For Proposition F
This ballot measure, if approved, will help provide housing for low income citizens, including seniors, working families and persons with disabilities.

Please vote YES on Proposition F.

Here are the facts:

This proposition is presented to the voters because Article 34 of the California Constitution requires that local voters authorize the “development, construction, or acquisition of low rent housing” by a public agency.

The Chula Vista voters previously approved an Article 34 ballot measure in 1978. The city is nearing that limit after 28 years. The proposed measure would benefit the community of Chula Vista because a lack of affordable housing for working families is an impediment to local economic growth. Currently, there is not enough low income housing to meet the growing demands of the community. Up to 1,600 affordable units may be needed over the next two decades for lower income seniors, persons with disabilities, and families. Ultimately, ensuring that families be given the opportunity to live in safe, stable housing benefits all. It is important to know:

  • Passage of this measure will not require the use of local tax dollars.
  • All developments that fall within Article 34 standards will still have to go through the existing permit approval process with environmental and community review.
  • Passage will allow the city to apply for and use state and federal funds for housing programs.
  • This authorization will allow the creation of affordable units over the next two decades.
  • Without voter approval, Chula Vista’s ability to address local housing needs is impaired. Please vote YES on Proposition F.

U.S. Congressman

City of Chula Vista
Housing Advisory Commission

South Bay Community Services

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