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Orange County, CA November 7, 2006 Election
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By Teresa Hampson

Candidate for Board Member, 4 Year; Brea Olinda Unified School District

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A focus for ongoing improvement in instruction, staffing, facilities and finance


  • Create a clear and unified vision for progress.
  • Set measurable goals for all and support all in achieving them.
  • Emphasize high performance standards; expect and reward excellence.
  • Communicate openly, honestly and often.
  • Listen well; act to solve problems promptly.
  • Involve stakeholder groups in all key decision making.
  • Oversee and safeguard a culture of integrity, respect and fair play.
  • Encourage innovation, reward excellence, celebrate success.

  • Keep competitive salaries a financial priority. (Hiring and retaining a quality staff is vital to learning. California will experience a shortage of 300,000 teachers within the next decade.)
  • Keep knowledge current through ongoing staff development.
  • Continue to encourage and support collaborative planning.
  • Improve administration-to-staff communication.
  • Evaluate performance often through formal and informal assessments.

Parents & Community:
  • Welcome and involve parents as educational partners.
  • Communicate clearly and often.
  • Team up with government and business on projects that advance school/district goals.
  • Improve outreach to ethnic minority and limited English speaking communities.
  • Welcome the community to witness bond accomplishments.

  • Maintain a balanced budget.
  • Ensure adequate reserves for financial uncertainties.
  • Wherever possible, tie expenditures to educational goals.
  • Continue legislative advocacy efforts (construction bonds, equalization and special education funding).

  • Plan and build needed new classrooms/schools on a timetable ahead of development.
  • Maximize local bond money through state matching funds and enhanced developer fees.
  • Plan and build efficiently to minimize changes and maximize money.
  • Maintain facilities in a manor that lengthens their lifespan.

Curriculum & Instruction:
  • Ensure that continuing academic improvement remains an overarching goal.
  • Stay current with research on teaching and learning.
  • Regularly analyze programs and test data to refine/realign curriculum and instruction.
  • Visit other high-performing schools/districts and bring back ideas for improvement.
  • Broaden and strengthen the curriculum to provide appropriate challenge for all.
  • Develop clear plans for GATE K-8 and BOHS AP improvement.
  • Enhance academic offerings to keep more high-achieving students in Brea.
  • Expand instruction in the arts.
  • Expand use of technology for academic enrichment.

Student, School, Community & Career Success:
  • Provide instruction that appropriately prepares students for course progress, and standardized testing (High School Exit Exam, SAT and AP), college and career success.
  • Continue to emphasize character development through the SAFE (drug resistance) and Asset Building programs.
  • Modify high school requirements to add service learning (structured community service, including learning and reflection).
  • Welcome all to participate in diverse extracurricular opportunities.
  • Continue research and enhance practices to help serve students at risk.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -FOCAL POINTS FOR THE FUTURE:- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  • Academic Achievement: High standards for success must be upheld. In today's complex world, our students need to know more.

  • Personnel: We must attract and retain quality teachers, administrators and support staff, and provide frequent opportunities for professional growth.

  • Curriculum: We must provide a course of study that is well-balanced, up-to-date and challenging to all students at all grade levels.

  • Opportunity: We must dedicate ourselves to providing strengthened support for students at risk.

  • Teamwork: We must support, at every grade level, the vital involvement of parents, and foster strong, cooperative relationships between school and home.

  • Learning Environment: We must ensure adequate space for all students in schools that are safe, clean, orderly and inviting places to learn.

  • Financial Security: Balanced budgets and prudent reserves are essential to the long-term stability of our schools.

  • Outreach: We must expand our knowledge and enhance our opportunities through partnerships with government, business and industry.

  • Ethics: We must live by our commitment to cultural values and personal integrity. To work well, we must model honor and inspire trust.

  • Respect: We must reach out to realize and reaffirm Brea Olinda's role as one of California's finest school districts.

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