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Orange County, CA November 7, 2006 Election
Directory of Orange County, CA Measures
County Results as of Jan 4 9:36am, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (2054/2054)
50.5% Countywide Voter Turnout (756348/1497397)

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Measure M. Renewed Measure M Transportation Ordinance and Investment Plan -- County of Orange (Ordinance - 2/3 Approval Required)
Pass: 489640 / 69.7% Yes votes ...... 213250 / 30.3% No votes
This measure would authorize the Orange County Transportation Authority to construct specific transportation improvement and traffic congestion relief projects in Orange County by continuing the existing of one percent retail transaction and use tax for thirty years from the expiration of the current Measure M on April 1, 2011.

Measure O. Santa Ana College/Santiago Canyon College Fire Training Facility, Classroom Expansion, Renovation, and Technology -- Rancho Santiago Community College District (Bond)
48520 / 53.2% Yes votes ...... 42766 / 46.8% No votes
To improve facilities for job training and university transfer, expand firefighter, nursing, and law enforcement programs, upgrade technology, construct science and fire training facilities, upgrade security and communications systems, repair, acquire, construct, and equip buildings, sites, classrooms, shall Rancho Santiago Community College District issue $393,000,000 in bonds, at legal rates, and appoint an independent Citizens' Oversight Committee to monitor spending and perform annual audits?

Measure P. City Charter Amendment - Limitations on the Use of Eminent Domain -- City of Anaheim
43107 / 80.3% Yes votes ...... 10586 / 19.7% No votes
This proposed measure would add new Section 402 to the Charter of the City of Anaheim to prohibit use of the power of eminent domain by the City Council or any City-related agency to acquire property from a private owner, without the consent of such owner, for purposes of conveying such property to another private party for economic development purposes.

Measure Q. City Charter Amendment - Gambling Activities and Gambling Facilities Prohibited -- City of Anaheim
41407 / 75.5% Yes votes ...... 13466 / 24.5% No votes
This measure would add Section 519 to the Anaheim City Charter to prohibit the City Council or any future City Council from adopting or amending City ordinances, or taking any other actions, which would approve any additional gambling activities or gambling facilities (including but not limited to card clubs and casino-type facilities) in Anaheim unless such new gambling activities or facilities are authorized by a vote of the people of the City at a municipal election. This measure would not prohibit any gambling activities currently permitted in Anaheim under existing City ordinances or state law.

Measure R. Change City Clerk from Elected to Appointed Position -- City of Brea
5632 / 52.4% Yes votes ...... 5109 / 47.6% No votes
By State law, the city clerk of any general law city is an elective office unless, following approval by the voters of the city, such office is made appointive. The Office of City Clerk of the City of Brea is presently an elective office, the current term of which is to expire in November of 2008. This measure, if adopted, will make the position of City Clerk an appointed office and the City Manager shall appoint a City Clerk at the expiration of the termof the current elected office and/or on any vacancy in such office thereafter. Such appointed City Clerk will hold office at the pleasure of the City Manager without a specific term.

Measure S. Ordinance Limiting the Use of Eminent Domain -- City of Dana Point
9751 / 84.6% Yes votes ...... 1769 / 15.4% No votes
Dana Point Municipal Code Chapter 4.30 (entitled "Eminent Domain") prohibits the City and any "City Affiliated Agency" from exercising the power of eminent domain to acquire property from any private owner, without the owner's consent, where the purpose of such eminent domain acquisition at the time of the acquisition is the intended conveyance of the property to any other private party, for the conduct of any commercial for-profit activity. As used in Chapter 4.30, a "City Affiliated Agency" means the City of Dana Point and/or any other entity possessing the power of eminent domain, the governing board of which is composed of or is solely appointed by the members of the City Council of the City of Dana Point.

If this measure is adopted, then Chapter 4.30 of the Dana Point Municipal Code would be reenacted by the voters. This measure does not alter the substantive provisions of Chapter 4.30. This measure states that it may be amended or repealed only by a vote of the people; as a result, if this measure is adopted then the City Council would be required to obtain voter approval to amend or repeal Chapter 4.30. If this measure is not adopted, the City Council would not be required to obtain voter approval to amend or repeal Chapter 4.30.

Measure T. Authorization to Develop a Senior Center Building -- City of Huntington Beach (Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 30342 / 51.1% Yes votes ...... 29033 / 48.9% No votes
If approved, this proposed measure would authorize a centrally located senior center building, not to exceed 47,000 square feet, to be placed on a maximum of five acres of an undeveloped 14-acre parcel in the 356-acre Huntington Beach Central Park, generally located west of the intersection of Goldenwest Street and Talbert Avenue, between the disc golf course and Shipley Nature Center, following City Council approval of all entitlements and environmental review.

Measure U. New Hotel/Motel Guest Tax -- City of La Habra
5351 / 46.7% Yes votes ...... 6097 / 53.3% No votes
A new Hotel/Motel Guest Tax is hereby adopted by this measure. This measure imposes a new tax in the amount of ten percent on persons occupying any hotel or motel within the City on a temporary basis for less than thirty days. The tax is to be collected by hotel and motel operators at the time of rental of rooms and is to be given by operators to the City on a monthly basis. The tax shall be deposited into the City's General Fund and is to be used for general governmental expenses.

Measure V. Approval of Amendment to General Plan -- City of Newport Beach
15750 / 53.6% Yes votes ...... 13634 / 46.4% No votes
The last update of the City's General Plan was in 1988. The existing General Plan contains specifically described limits on the number of residential units and non-residential square feet to be built in the City. On July 25, 2006, the City Council adopted a comprehensive update of the General Plan and determined that the update constitutes a "major amendment" of the General Plan that is required to be sent to the voters for approval under Section 423 of the City Charter, also known as the Greenlight Initiative.

A "yes" vote would approve the Land Use Map and Land Use Tables included as part of the updated "Land Use Element" section of the General Plan. The Land Use Map and Land Use Tables contain specific development limits and designated land uses to be allowed over the twenty-year life of the General Plan. A "yes" vote will allow 1,166 more residential dwelling units than the existing General Plan, but will also decrease non-residential development by 449,499 square feet from what the existing General Plan allows.

Measure W. Limitation on the Use of Eminent Domain -- City of Newport Beach
22517 / 76.4% Yes votes ...... 6961 / 23.6% No votes
This Measure, if approved, will amend the City Charter to prohibit the City of Newport Beach and/or any City-Affiliated Agency from exercising the power of eminent domain to acquire real property, without the owner's consent, for the sole purpose of transferring the property from one person to another in order to further private economic development. The "Owner" of the property is defined as the owner of the fee title interest in the property. A "City-Affiliated Agency" is defined as any entity possessing the power of eminent domain, the governing board of which is solely composed of, or is solely appointed by, the members of the City Council of the City of Newport Beach.

Measure X. Voter Approval for Selected Specific Plan Developments -- City of Newport Beach (Ordinance)
10820 / 36.7% Yes votes ...... 18649 / 63.3% No votes
A "yes" vote on this initiative measure would be to adopt an ordinance that would require voter approval of a specific plan (a legislative act that must be approved by the City Council) for any proposed "Major Development" project, or a "Minor Development" project as explained in greater detail below, that requires discretionary approval and increases traffic - by more than 100 peak hour trips, density + by more than 100 residential dwelling units, or intensity + by more than 40,000 square feet of floor area. A discretionary approval is an approval that requires discretion on the part of the City, such as a use permit, variance, subdivision map, modification permit, grading permit, etc.

Measure Y. Shall those portions of City Resolution 06-02-21-03, approving a General Plan Amendment re-designating a 10.5 acre site, owned by San Juan Hills Golf Source on San Juan Creek Road, from Open Space Recreation ("OSR") to Planned Community ("PC"), with a maximum density of 18 dwelling units per acre, for the purpose of allowing a senior housing project, be approved? -- City of San Juan Capistrano
3355 / 33.3% Yes votes ...... 6730 / 66.7% No votes

Measure Z. Various Amendments to City Charter -- City of Santa Ana
15735 / 51.9% Yes votes ...... 14588 / 48.1% No votes
Under Section 400 of the city charter, new council terms begin at the first regular meeting after the election is certified. Certification can take place as much as 28 days after the election, resulting in the start of the term ranging from mid-November to early December. This measure will set a firm date of the 2nd Tuesday of December for all new terms, providing certainty for new council terms as well as board & commission terms that are tied to council terms.

Section 1200 of the charter requires that elections be called by ordinance. The measure will streamline election procedures by allowing elections to be called by resolution, consistent with the rules for most other cities.

Section 413 of the city charter restricts the city council's ability to revise ordinances between 1st and 2nd readings, imposes limits on when the city council may authorize emergency orders for the payment of money, and is not clear when the council may take actions other than by ordinance. This amendment will permit modification of an ordinance after 1st reading so long as its purpose and intent is preserved; make it clear that emergency orders for the payment of money may be made at any council meeting, and limit the need for the council to act by ordinance only when required by the charter or state law.

Measure AA. Changes in Terms for Competitive Contracting and Bidding Process -- City of Santa Ana (City Charter Amendment)
19439 / 64.4% Yes votes ...... 10767 / 35.6% No votes
Sections 421 and 422 of the Santa Ana charter require that the city follow a competitive contracting and bidding process that ensures maximum quality of goods or services at minimum costs for purchases of services, supplies, materials and equipment. The provisions also contain specific dollar thresholds for formal bidding for both goods and public works contracts, and for contracts which may be approved by the city manager.

The proposed amendments retain the requirements for open, competitive contract requirements, but require quarterly public reports of all contracts approved by the city manager in exchange for moving the dollar thresholds for city manager contracts and formal bids from the charter to ordinance.

The proposed amendments also set aside a separate section of the charter for public works contracts which requires the city council to adopt limits for formal bidding, and permits the city council to adopt alternate contracting processes for public works projects such as design-build.

Measure BB. 8-Year Waiting Period for Termed Out Councilmembers Seeking Re-Election -- City of Santa Ana (City Charter Amendment)
17814 / 58.6% Yes votes ...... 12570 / 41.4% No votes
Section 401 of the Santa Ana city charter establishes term limits for council members but does not address when a termed-out council member may run again for city council. This amendment will establish an 8 year waiting period before a council member who has been termed-out may run again for city council from any ward. This will not prevent the person from immediately running for mayor.

Measure CC. Change in Terms of City Commission Appointments -- City of Santa Ana (City Charter Amendment)
17522 / 58.0% Yes votes ...... 12675 / 42.0% No votes
Section 901 of the city charter provides that the city council, by majority vote, nominates and appoints persons to the various city boards, commissions and committees. Terms for such seats are tied to city council terms; three to wards 2, 4 & 6, and the remainder to wards 1, 3 & 5. Board and commission members are subject to the same term limits as city council members - two four-year terms. For many years, the city councils have followed a tradition of endorsing nominations from the council member to whose ward the particular commission seat is tied. When the charter was amended to create the directly elected office of mayor with the two-year term, no commensurate change was made for the commission seat which has been tied to that of the mayor. This amendment proposes to add these long-standing traditions into the charter by formally tying commission seats to individual wards, creating on each board or commission a seat to be nominated by the mayor with a two-year term conforming to the mayor's term, and giving each councilmember the right to nominate a candidate to represent that councilmember's ward. Other members of the city council will still have the right to nominate competing candidates for board and commission seats.

Measure DD. Various Amendments to City Charter -- City of Santa Ana
17551 / 58.4% Yes votes ...... 12486 / 41.6% No votes
Section 901.1 of the charter prohibits board and commission members from serving as local campaign treasurers. This amendment will also prohibit the appointment to boards and commissions of a person who, at the time of appointment, is serving as the treasurer of a local campaign committee.

Section 910 of the charter creates the planning commission and confers upon it the responsibility to prepare a comprehensive master plan for the city and a 10 year capital improvement plan. State law has replaced the term "master plan" with "general plan" and the role of writing the capital improvement plan has been assumed by professional staff. The proposed amendments mirror the planning commission's role as set forth in state law for overseeing updates to the city's general plan and will still require the commission to annually review the city's capital improvement plan for consistency with the general plan. Sections 911 and 912 of the charter address the city's personnel board.

Section 911 addresses the qualifications for membership on the board and section 912 describes board's powers, which include hearing appeals of suspensions, demotions and dismissals of city employees.

Under section 911, a public employee cannot serve on the board. This amendment will alter that restriction to only prohibit City of Santa Ana employees from serving. This is consistent with the limits on all other boards and commissions. This proposal also amends section 912 to clarify that the board's jurisdiction to review dismissal of city employees is limited to disciplinary dismissals. There are situations such as medical disabilities and lay-offs where an employee is terminated for non-disciplinary reasons, which have been long considered beyond the powers of the board.

Measure EE. Change In Terms of Bid Process for Collection and Disposal of Solid Waste and Recyclables -- City of Tustin (Ordinance)
11778 / 88.4% Yes votes ...... 1545 / 11.6% No votes
This initiative measure amends Section 4333 of the Tustin City Code and requires the City Council, at least every ten years, to competitively bid contracts for the collection and disposal of solid waste and recyclable material according to rules and regulations adopted by the City Council designed to secure the best level of service at the lowest price practicable.

Measure FF. Adopt Term Limits for City Councilmembers -- City of Villa Park
1220 / 44.8% Yes votes ...... 1504 / 55.2% No votes
The current City law provides that a person is permanently ineligible to hold office as a member of the City Council if such person has subsequent to January 1, 1998, served on the City Council for two (2) full terms. This measure would change the City's law to state that if a person has served on the City Council for two (2) consecutive full terms, that person is ineligible to hold office as a member of the City Council for the two years following the person's service on the City Council. To become operative, this measure must now be approved by a majority of votes cast on the measure at the November 7, 2006, general municipal election. If you favor allowing persons who have previously served two (2) consecutive full terms on the City Council to be eligible to again serve on the City Council if they have not been on the City Council for two years, you should vote "yes". If you oppose this amendment, you should vote "no". If the measure carries by a majority vote, it will be fully enforceable on a prospective basis only.

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