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Los Angeles County, CA June 6, 2006 Election
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Why I'm Running

By James R. "Jim" Smith

Candidate for United States Representative; District 36; Peace and Freedom Party

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I am running to end the occupation now. I am running because the multiple crises that we are confront by...
I am running to end the occupation now.

I am running because the multiple crises that we are confront by, including global warming, millions homeless and millions more on the verge of starvation around the world, continued agressive militarism, rising racism and xenophobia, lack of quality health care, lack of affordable housing, reduced educational opportunities, and encroachments of our democracy, cannot be solved by the two corporate political parties - the Democrats and the Republicans.

I am a community/labor organizer, educator and journalist who has spent the better part of his life fighting injustice in the workplace and in the community.

I have observed that even good legislators who are tied to the two-party system have changed their positions for the worse in order to cater to the rich and to corporations who fund their reelection.

As a result, today we do not have health care for all; we do not have the ability to easily find affordable housing; good paying jobs are disappearing; and the environment is going down the tubes. Instead, we have anti-renter laws like the Ellis Act, a low minimum wage and global warming. I will work to change this.

Our political leaders are afraid to speak out against the occupation of Iraq and the militarism that takes tax revenue away from social needs, but fattens their campaign coffers.

I believe a third-party candidate of the Peace and Freedom Party can "light a fire" under other legislators. I will call on all elected officials in Sacramento to remember that they work for the voters, not big-money campaign contributors.

A Better World Is Possible when we elect candidates who will always stand up for our needs, not corporate greed. We can make California the world leader in stopping global warming. We can make sure that no one in our rich society lives in poverty. We can make sure the government serves all Californians.

Because this is a "Special Election," you can vote for me on Sept. 13, regardless of your party registration.

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