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California State Government June 6, 2006 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Bill Chambers

Candidate for
Governor; Republican Party

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I believe Californians need a change in the type of governor/leader that we have had in years past. We need someone that will represent the working class of California. The working class encompasses blue collar and white collar workers. The working class are the taxpayers who ultimately pay for everything that our government spends.

Politicians who receive campaign donations from individuals, companies, and special interest groups do not make their decisions based upon what is best for the working class. The government is funded by the working class through taxes and fees. If people want more services to be provided by the government, then the taxpayers will have to pick up the check when the bills arrive. (In other words, taxes and fees will have to be increased unless spending is kept within the limits of our tax revenues.) We, as taxpayers, cannot afford to pay for everything on everybodys wish list.

When anyone says "the government should provide us with...", what it means is: " my family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers should provide us with...". The government only receives tax revenues from taxpayers. They do not provide a service or produce a product for profit in order to get the money needed to run our state.


You want a Governor who understands the working class because he is part of the working class.

You want a Governor who will not accept campaign contributions from anyone.

You want a Governor who will not spend millions of dollars of his own money or anyone elses in order to win an election.

You want a Governor who will use common sense and logic in decision making.

You want a Governor who will be completely open with the public and media about matters affecting our State. (State / National security issues excluded.)

You want a Governor that will hold himself and those of his staff responsible and accountable for their own actions. (The buck stops here.)

If you want a Governor who will cater to campaign donors and special interest groups, or one that will keep spending more money than our tax revenues allow, you don't want me!

For further and more specific information go to my website:

Thank you for your interest in my campaign.

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