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Orange County, CA June 6, 2006 Election
Smart Voter Full Biography for Teddi Alves

Candidate for
Democratic Party Central Committee; County of Orange; State Assembly District 67

This information is provided by the candidate

  • B.A., Sociology, CSUSB

  • MBA, Business Administration, CSULB

  • Licensed California Real Estate Broker.

    Background in Real Estate Development, Real Estate Brokerage, Commercial and Mortgage Banking

    Surviving spouse of Regular Air Force Officer, rank of Major, Air Force Development Engineer, Program Director, Minuteman, Air Force Space and Missiles Systems, killed in crash of a Gunship in Vietnam on takeoff for a combat mission when one of only two engines failed on takeoff for a combat mission to save lives of our troops on the ground; he was 34 years old.

    The career of my husband in "Peace Through Deterrence," previously distinguished for skills as a Navigator/Bombardier of a Bomber crew of AF Strategic Air Command, 24 x 7 airborne and ground alert, provided exposure well beyond that of a pedestrian; concern for the direction of The United States under Neo-cons of Bushliters, and my unwavering values of personal character, integrity, ethics, and that expectation of those who would pose as potential political leaders in our times.

    At only three years of age, my husband came to the US through Ellis Island with his parents and three siblings from Portugal, never losing pride in his heritage, writing his mother faithfully weekly in the language with which she was most comfortable.

    My husband was always grateful to his parents for all they had provided him, the means to achieve his goals, a BS in Aeronautical Engineering from prestigious Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate New York, and commissioned from AFROTC, he would be extended a Regular AF Commission while a First Lieutenant in SAC. Having been educated in public schools, he would go on to his MS in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering from The Air Force Institute of Technology.

    When alerted to the potential of a tour in Vietnam as required of all rated AF officers, his response was, "I am not a 'peacetime officer,'" and thus the values of officers of our Armed Forces that serve to protect, preserve and defend all we hold dear from "enemies, foreign and domestic."

    At Arlington, his heart broken mother sobbed, "why, why, we gave him everything?" They gave him the means to reach his goals; his death a tragedy, his life a triumph. It is with a sense of honor of the memory of my husband and his parents that I continue to pursue political persuasion in support of values held dear by our family and those of others having made the ultimate sacrifice when I see the threat to our national security of lapse of moral and social conscience by those now "within!"

  • Pattern of social and political leadership. Organizations of our Air Force Community, and social, political and civic organizations in civilian communities.

  • Delegate to The Democratic State Central Committee of The California Democratic Party [1989-1993; 2003-2005]

  • Member of The Democratic State Central Committee of The California Democratic Party [2005-Present]

  • Member of 67th Assembly District Committee; Member of Candidate Recruitment Committee

  • Member of The Orange County Democratic Central Committee [2004-Present]; Member of Candidate Recruitment Committee

  • KERRY EDWARDS CAMPAIGN. Huntington Beach City Precinct Captain. Recruited, trained and organized Precinct Captains. Huntington Beach Campaign Office. Located, opened, managed this office; recruited staff, a team generating constituent support of candidates and Democratic objectives along with Significant Revenues.

  • Member of The Orange County Coordinating Council. Host/coordinator of events [2003-Present].

  • POLITICAL ACTIVISM. PROGRESSIVE Democratic Organizations; MEETUP Groups. NUMBERS = Growth AND Development of GRASS ROOTS
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