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Los Angeles County, CA June 6, 2006 Election
Smart Voter Additional Endorsements for Frank Scotto

Candidate for
Mayor; City of Torrance

This information is provided by the candidate


Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce - PAC (press release)



Torrance Councilman Paul Nowatka

Former Torrance Councilwoman Marcia Cribbs
Former Torrance Councilman Jack Messerlian
Former Torrance Councilman Mark Wirth
Carson Mayor Pro-tem Julie Ruiz-Raber
Carson Councilman Elito Santarina
Hermosa Beach City Councilman Michael Keegan
Lomita City Councilman Mark Waronek

Lomita City Councilwoman Margaret Estrada
Lomita City Councilman Don Suminaga
Lomita City Clerk Dawn Tomita
Former Manhattan Beach Mayor Walt Dougher
Former Manhattan Beach Mayor C.R. "Bob" Holmes
Rancho Palos Verdes Mayor Steve Wolowicz

School Board Member Dr. Michael Ernst
Mr. Tom Brewer
Mr. Bill Cook
Mrs. Gene Drevno
Mrs. Karen Galvin
Mrs. Judy Gibson
Mrs. Keri Gilbert
Mr. Paul McCabe
Mr. John McGee
Mrs. Mary P. Miller
Mr. Howard Orpe
Mr. Tom Rische
Mr. Frank Rizzardi
Ms. Marla Shwarts
Mrs. Ann Smisek
Ms. Ritas Smith
Mrs. Jonna Smoot
Mrs. Debbie Stadler

Mrs. Hazel Taniguchi
Ms. Jamie Ruth Watson

Mr. Ron Ogden

Dr. William Blischke
Mrs. Ann Gallagher
Mr. Dave Sargent
Mrs. Beth Wilson
Torrance Education Foundation President Patrick Furey

(If we missed your name or you would like to be one of Frank's "John Q Homeowner" supporters, please let us know.)

Jean Adelsman
Louise Allison
Troy Allison
Bert and Val Alm
John Bailey
Don and Bonnie Mae Barnard
Bill and Kirklyn Barto
Peggy Basile
Donna Belitz
Dayna Berman
Bob and Debbie Bickford
Barbara Blundell
Dr. Patty Boge
Brad and Rosie Bradley
Tom Brewer
Lloyd and Kathy Brown
Elizabeth Brown
Ron Butterworth
Dick and Rosemary Campbell
Thomas Capp
Carl Caprio
Tom Caracash
Tom and Pat Carroll
Dean Case
Fred and Christine Casstevens
Dolores Charroux
Gilbert and Mary Ann Chavez
Judy Clemens
James and Evelyn Cleveland
Dick and Trudy Coburn
Joy Coffey
Mrs. Donald Combar
Duane Conover
Francis Cribbs
Bob and Nancy Crockett
Bob and Kathi Cupery
Steve and Kathleen Davis
L.W. Decker
Jackie Decker
Jon and Connie Dial
Ramon Diaz
Morry and Marie Dohner
Tom and Jan Doty
Brian and Lucy Doty
Chris and Melanie Dreike
Debby Eckstein
Larry and Sue Edwards
Jill Fatal
Robert and Joy Feldman
Miguel Fierro
Liz Fobes
Dr. Bill and Doris Forrest
Deborah Fox
Patrick and Toni Furey
Terry Furey
Marty Gallagher
Paul and Karen Galvin
Joni Gang
Anthony Garraffa
Joe Garraffa
Carvel and Pat Gay
Ruth Gee
Judi Gerber
J.V. Gesualdi
Sue Gibson
Dr. Richard Gibson
Ernie and Linda Gobee
Howard and Linda Goldberg
Bill and Belinda Gonzalez
Mark and Linda Gottshall-Sayed
Georgean Griswold
Lila and LaVern Hansen
Lowell Hardison
Jeanne Haworth
Todd and Debbie Hays
Richard and Rosemary Hedgecock
Doug and Renee Henry
Adriene Henry
David Henseler
Agustin and Laurie Hernandez
Jerry Hershberg Patricia Hershberg
Terri Heuer
Dutch and Betty Holland
Doris Hull-Wilson
Ernest and Gloria Jacobs
Morton and Iris Jacobs
Paul and Roxanne Jacobsen
Zsolt Jancsik
Spencer and Rosemary Jangaard
Al and Ann Jicha
Rudy and Joyce Jimenez
Dr. Ed and Pam Johnson
E. Lenore Johnson
Cameron Johnson
Ted Jones
Carol Kahler
Carl and Dorothy Karfs
Stan and Kay Kasperik
J. Katz
Bob and Marianne Kelchner
Dan and Bobbye Kelly
Mary Ann Kendall
Vic and Louise Kilburn
Michael Klint
Dr. Harold Klonecky
Gene and Patty Koester
Tom and Diane Krause
Ed and Itzuko Kubo
Richard and Alice Kuhns
Burke and Maya Large
Gary and Betty LaRock
Jim Leaf
Lawrence Lepore
Russ Lesser
Fran Limbird
Charles and Charlotte Lobb
Susan Lopez
Catherine Luciano
Peter Lujan
Gary and Sue MacLean
Thomas and Andrea MacMillan
Anabel Mael
Irma Maggio
John and Bianca Maher
Michael Maiuri
Pat Maki
Mike Marincovich
John and Suzanne Marjala
Brian and Ruth Markley
Mark and Jill Maroney
Henry and Michelle Martinez
Kurt Matthews
Geri McCalman
Raymie and Nina McCoy
Ray McDermott
Monte McElroy
Carmen McGee
James and Ruby McKee
James Mellon
Robert and Ginny Mietzner
Frank and Lyn Miles
Jim and Gloria Miller
Dottie Miller
Judy Miller
Jim and Sandi Monda
Keith and Lindley Montoya
Wally and Ursula Murker
Barbara Nagg
Joshua Naggar
Tom and Leah Nosek
Helen Nowatka
Lee and Karen Noy
Nancy Nuesseler
Ron and Pat Ogden
Eugene and Becky Ogle
Bob O'Neal
Carole Orpe
Joan Pacina
Earlene Parsons
Janet Payne Michael Peterson
Joe and Ida Petruccelli
Louis Pine
Earl and Katherine Plummer
Daryl and Diana Poe
Pam Popovich
Ted and Carolyn Porter
Lee Post
Paul and Debbie Powers
Michael and Barbara Quinn
Carol Quinn
Ali Rabiei
Michael and Dina Rafter
Elizabeth Rakas
Rudy and Debbie Ramos
Dick Rector
Curt Reeder
Susan Marie Rhilinger
Eddie Rios
Gerry Rische
Robert and Anita Rising
Margaret Roettger
Louis Rollino
Alfred and Frances Romero
Marilyn Ron
Jerry Ronan
Marie Roser
Ray and Gail Roulette
Ron and Carrol Sampson
Scott and Valerie Sampson
Howard and Cynthia Savitt
Jerry Say
Ron Scanlon
John and Linda Schmid
Robert Schminick,Sr.
Helen Scholtz
Jim and Judy Scott
Tony and Lisa Scotto
Nancy Scotto
Alex See
James Sellers
Toni Sexton
Steve and Anita Shearer
Dave and Pamela Sheerin
Michael Shurley
Harold and Muriel Simmons
Steve and Reva Skoll
Dick Smisek
Judith Sniegowski
Herb and Joanne Solomon
Betty Spizzirri
John and Donna Spreitzer
Laura Stange
Frank and Flo Stapleton
Russ and Trish Stewart
Ed Strobel
Todd Strong
Bill and Diana Sutherland
Joy Sweetnam
Phil and Terri Thomas
Robert and Kathy Thompson
B. Elaine Thompson
M. Thon
Ann Treher
Yvonne Tressel
Bob and Karen Troy
Janice Untereiner
Ronald and Karen Ury
Dick and Gwen Valot
Manuel Villarreal
Dr. Kirsten Wagner
Dick and Chris Waldeck
Ken and Sue Walker
James and Jodine Watkinson
Judy Weber
Lyle and Jacque Whited
Newt and Evelyn Young
Al and Agnes Young
George and Rosemary Zettler
List updated 5/22/2006

The endorsements continue to come in from the many residents who want a change in leadership in Torrance!

We will update the list every week, so if you want to be included, call or e-mail.

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