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Alameda County, CA June 6, 2006 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Ron "Oz" Oznowicz

Candidate for
Mayor; City of Oakland

This information is provided by the candidate



(1) Public Safety; (2) Public Safety; and, (3) Public Safety.

Public Safety transcends all others.

(4) Our youth are our future and must have our unfailing investment.

(5) City government must become a worthwhile and effective enterprise.

(6) City of Oakland must become a wonderment for quality of life and pride.


The only thing I want to promise is what I can actually deliver. I promise to be a Mayor who Can-do and Will-do for effective Leadership and Management to run the government of the City of Oakland. I will set an example of prudence, enthusiasm and effectiveness. Prudence is that quality that offers careful management. Enthusiasm is to show great excitement for the job. Effectiveness is to prompt action that works. Those are the elements of my platform.


1. I will be honest, sincere, frank and candid.
2. All the words in my campaign attributed to me will be my own. There will be no campaign manager, pollster, or public relations firm speaking words for me.
3. The words I say will be on the record on my website
4. You will never find me saying different things to different audiences to please different constituencies or uttering the same talking points to various audiences over and over.
5. I will be open and transparent.
6. I will not make any back room deals, side deals, alliances, special interest compromises, or be wrongly influenced by anyone else.
7. I will devote all my energies, skills, intelligence, heart, and courage in seeking this office.
8. I will maintain a sense of humor.


1. I will come into office asking all the right questions, not with the usual promises of having all the right answers. My curiosity will stick questions into every aspect of government and quality of Oakland life; some will be obvious, some awkward, new and long overdue, and many will be very penetrating.
2. I will come into office setting an example in every way. I will do much more with much less. I will have energy and enthusiasm. I'll show initiative, creativity, and most of all imagination.
3. I will be an available Mayor. Every office in government will be an available office.
4. I will respect every fellow worker in Oakland, but Heaven help those who aren't fellow workers. I will set the pace, the mood, the energy and get the team working together.
5. In a City of Champion teams, I will work from the ground up to make your Oakland Government Team proud champions. We will all be on the field playing hard. There will be no bench sitters. I promise it will be fun, exciting, worthwhile, and there is no better reward than having done a job well.
6. "Good enough" will not be sufficient.
7. I will think "out of the box."
8. I will act with concern, compassion, and respect in every instance.
9. I will constantly be aware that I serve all the citizens of Oakland, and each citizen in Oakland.
10. I will have a Positive attitude, a Can-Do attitude, a Will-Do attitude.
11. I won't bring my personal ideologies or improper influences into office with me.
12. I will respect everyone's opinion and advice, but will make timely decisions that will be my own.
13. I will do the best job I can and everyone else will do the same.
14. I will give credit where it is due. I will never take credit for anything purchased or accomplished with tax payers' money or the money of others. I will never take credit for the good work of others.
15. I will have a sense of humor.

See My Website for more information.

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