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State of Ohio (Clermont, Brown, Adams, Hamilton, Pike, Warren, Scioto Counties) May 2, 2006 Election
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Full answers to questions in 6/12/05 Cincinnati Enquirer

By Jeff Sinnard

Candidate for US Representative; District 2; Democratic Party

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Full answers to five questions in 6/12/05 Cincinnati Enquirer
1. Has the Iraq war been worth the price? Why?

No. The doctrine of preemption is misguided and dangerous. The need for war in Iraq was misrepresented or misunderstood by this administration. The war was quite frankly, a mistake. This war is not just a failure of diplomacy but a defeat for humanity. To date 1,669 American soldiers and at least 21,940 Iraqi civilians have been killed. But now we are morally obliged to complete this dangerous course. We must accelerate the process of training replacement troops. The Iraqis must take responsibility for their own country as soon as possible, and then we must withdraw completely.

A strong military is needed to protect the American people and the American way of life. But our military needs to reflect the world of today. After the Cold War we failed to recover the peace dividend that was our due. And we continue to fund programs out of touch with the current mission of the military. Money being spent against a defeated enemy could be diverted to help today's soldiers. It is a crime that our troops entered Afghanistan without adequate body-armor and even now in Iraq many American soldiers and their vehicles remain without sufficient armor.

2. How would you describe your stance on abortion?

I support a comprehensive and consistent ethic of life. I endorse a reverence for human life and dignity from conception until natural death. As we work for the rights of the unborn, we must vigorously support any public program that has the effect of reducing abortions. I further believe that any true position in affirmation of life must extend beyond birth. All issues of life and death, such as, capital punishment, euthanasia, health care, hunger, poverty and war, must be viewed in the context of this ethic of life.

The present administration has been talking for some time now about a culture of life, but abortion is up 25%. It is time to stop talking about the problem of abortion and do something to reduce the number of abortions today. Too many mothers are forced to make this extreme choice based on their economic circumstances and lack of viable alternatives. I make this challenge to the pro-life Republican candidates. Since every life is precious, would you pay a penny more in taxes if it saved one life? What about one hundred dollars for a million lives?

3. Do you support a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage?

I would support a constitutional amendment affirming marriage as between one man and one woman. Marriage is a rite, not a right. I support the sanctity of traditional marriage. Marriage is founded in the churches, recognized by the States and must be respected by the federal government.

I believe that human dignity is a gift from God and that all men and women "are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights." I will support the Democratic Party's continuing efforts to promote justice, equality and inclusion for every American.

4. Will you vote to make the Bush tax cuts permanent?

No. The Bush tax reallocation favors the rich over the middle class and working people. Paybacks to the ultra-wealthy are paid for by cuts in needed programs and services. The tax code should be simplified, but should remain progressive. Today's budget deficit is a crushing burden that we leave to our children and future generations. Small business is the driving force of the American economy. I support fiscal policies that reward those men and women whose work and willingness to take financial risk powers our nation. It is irresponsible to increase the mounting debt, especially in a time of war.

Our tax code needs to reward work over wealth. I will work for a shift in the tax code to reward employment. Tax incentives that drive American businesses offshore must be eliminated. A job confers to American workers dignity and respect. Our tax system should reward businesses that retain and create jobs.

5. Why are you the best candidate?

Change is desperately needed. The status quo is failing miserably. I believe that every American deserves an equal voice. Money has corrupted the democratic process. The constant political fundraising compromises the access of average citizens to our representatives. The moneyed oligarchies of big business, multinational corporations and other special interests have stolen control of our government. In service to these interests our politicians overlook real solutions to the problems of the country. I will work for calm and reasoned solutions to the problems affecting people's lives and families. Instead of seeking out division, I will find the vast common ground.

Also I am the best candidate because my positions on the issues most accurately reflect the people of the second district. I, more than any candidate in either party, have an abiding respect for human life and dignity. As your representative in Washington I will work for a federal government that provides a stable foundation that allows all citizens to develop their full potential. Government's role is not to pull us up the ladder of success. It is to provide a secure place to stand so that through hard work and determination we can all fulfill the American dream.

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