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State of Ohio (Clermont, Brown, Adams, Hamilton, Pike, Warren, Scioto Counties) May 2, 2006 Election
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Candidate questions from Cincinnati Enquirer Editorial Board

By Jeff Sinnard

Candidate for US Representative; District 2; Democratic Party

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Candidate questions from Cincinnati Enquirer Editorial Board
1. What qualifications and experiences do you feel make you the right candidate to represent your party in this election?

I believe my unique set of qualifications and experiences make me exactly the right candidate for the Democratic Party in this election. My education and training as an engineer have prepared me to find solutions to difficult problems. I have worked with and for many state, local and federal agencies. I have seen both the efficiencies and inefficiencies in the current system of doing business. As a practicing engineer, I have experience managing both a large staff and complex projects. I have been personally responsible for management on major portions of multimillion-dollar projects. My background in transportation gives me a unique understanding of public infrastructure projects.

My experience over the last two years as a fulltime father has given me a unique perspective on the events of the day. For these two years, I have been paying extremely close attention to national and world events. I read the papers and magazines; I watch CNN, MSNBS and C-Span; and I use the Internet to document and confirm what I am told. I am outraged by the dishonesty and hypocrisy in politics today.

Perhaps most importantly, my positions on the issues reflect most accurately the people of the second district. No other candidate in either party shares both my respect for human life and dignity as well as my willingness to advocate for the role of the federal government to provide a stable foundation that allows all citizens to develop their full potential.

2. Given this congressional district's diverse, geographically extended nature, how should a member of Congress balance interests and issues to best represent it?

The first step is to recognize that solutions that work for urban and suburban areas of the district may be inappropriate for the rural areas. As a member of Congress I will honor this by imposing as little federal government on local communities as possible. For example, federal involvement in local school board decisions undermines local communities' say in education. Also as another example, federal gun laws designed to address urban problems in Hamilton County could conflict with rural hunting traditions in Pike County. Solutions and assistance coming from Washington needs to be goal oriented and focused.

3. If you are elected to the U.S. House, what are the top three issues you would hope to concentrate on?

1. I will work aggressively in Congress to develop a comprehensive and consistent ethic of life. I endorse a reverence for human life and dignity from conception until natural death. As we work for the rights of the unborn, we must vigorously support any public program that has the effect of reducing abortions. I further believe that any true position in affirmation of life must extend beyond birth. All issues of life and death, such as, capital punishment, euthanasia, hunger and war, must be viewed in the context of this ethic of life.

I will propose and support legislation that reduces abortions by empowering choice. I will robustly support family planning and adoption incentives. And while I would support laws limiting abortion, I will support and propose legislation that has the effect of reducing abortions. Too many mothers are forced to make this extreme choice based on their economic circumstances and lack of viable alternatives.

2. I will advocate for small business as the major force for growth in the economy. I will work to level the playing field between small business and large corporations. I will support fiscal policies that reward those men and women whose work and willingness to take financial risk powers our nation.

I will work for a shift in the tax code to reward employment. I will propose a business Employee Care Credit akin to the personal Child Care Credit. Tax incentives that unfairly favor mega-corporations and drive American business offshore must be eliminated.

3. I will strive to remove the corrupting influence of money in the politics of Washington. By showing a new paradigm for public service based on ideas and conviction, not fund raising and campaign coffers. I will do the people's business in Washington and return home during weekends, holidays, and breaks to be accessible to the people of the district. And in the spirit of Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus after my time in office, I will come home to be a simple citizen from southern Ohio.

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