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San Mateo County, CA November 8, 2005 Election
Smart Voter Additional Endorsements for Maryann Moise Derwin

Candidate for
Council Member; Town of Portola Valley

This information is provided by the candidate

  • The Almanac Newspaper says:" Newcomer Maryann Moise Derwin, who has a significant record of service in the school district, should be elected...We believe she can bring some calm to the polarization developing around the Town Center..."

  • "The more I see of Maryann Derwin, and the longer I work with her, the more convinced I am that she is a dedicated, honest, thoughtful person with depth of experience in working in responsible positions in and on public bodies - Portola Valley needs her as a Council member."
    George Comstock, Portola Valley Town Council Member, Former Mayor

  • "Maryann has the experience, values, skills and personality traits to lead our town. She is straightforward, trustworthy and genuinely listens to others. She will be responsive to the community. She has respect for the core values and principles that have guided Portola Valley for over 40 years. She is committed to adhering to these principles in shaping the town in years to come. She has a proven track record with the PVSD of being able to work productively with people of contrasting points of view. Our town schools have benefitted from her dedication during challenging times and so will our town government."
    Leah Zaffaroni, Portola Valley Planning Commissioner

  • "Maryann Derwin reveals her integrity and love for our town when she speaks to us in public forums and in private conversations. She has lived here for 13 years and values the sense of community, the open space and vistas that make PV special. She listens, and respects and honors different points of view. We residents of Portola Valley are fortunate that Maryann Derwin is volunteering to serve on our town council."
    Linda Elkind, Portola Valley Planning Commissioner

  • "Maryann is a person of deep compassion, conviction, and integrity. She has the capacity to see the big picture, the intelligence to understand complex issues, the courage to speak her mind, and the energy to take action. When she says she will do something, she does it without fail, no matter how long or hard she has to work to accomplish the task. She is one of the most thoughtful, honest, hardworking people I know; she will be a tremendous asset to our Town Council."
    Dr. Lenora Yuen, Past PTA Parent Eucation Chair, PVSD

  • "John and I are strong supporters of the candidacy of Maryann Derwin for the Portola Valley town Council. Her commitment to the green goals of Portola Valley are impressive. We look forward to her dedicated work on the council."
    Trish and John Hooper

  • "It is during difficult times that one's intellect, character and integrity are clearly visible. Maryann was in a key leadership role during such a time within the school community, and her words and actions revealed insight, wisdom and courage, sprinkled with a generous dose of kindness."
    Eloise Pollock, Retired Teacher, PVSD

  • "Maryann Derwin understands the value of undeveloped open space to our community. I have been impressed with her sensitivity to issues surrounding conservation and preservation of our small town rural character. I believe that she will use these principles in making decisions about our town's future."
    Alexandra Von Feldt, Town Conservation Committee Member

  • "I think Maryann's intelligence, honesty and sense of humor will be a terrific asset to the Portola Valley Town Council. Her political knowledge and ability to work with others will make her a great Council member "
    Donna Carano, President, PV School Board

  • "I'm happy to endorse Maryann Derwin in her run for town council. She is an outstanding member of our community with a proven track record. Her open mindedness and fairness and ability to see creative solutions will be a gift to our town."
    Teresa Godfrey, Trustee, PV School Board

  • "Having worked many years with Maryann, as PTA Presidents and on other endeavors, I've come to appreciate her fair and balanced approach to issues. She works hard, does her homework and is not afraid to make decisions. She has tirelessly contributed her talents for the benefits of our schools and whatever project she takes on she completes thoroughly and extremely well. Her skills and dedication, in addition to her sense of humor, common sense and rational viewpoints, make her a superb candidate for the Town Council."
    Karen Jordan, Trustee, PV School Board

  • "Mary Ann brings the energy, forethought and community outreach which marked
    her work with local schools. She will be a valued, fresh voice on the Town Council."
    Chris Buja, Town Traffic Committee Chair

  • "In the 11 years I have known Maryann Derwin, she has volunteered countless hours in increasingly responsible positions in the Portola Valley schools, including PTA president. She is an inspiring, effective leader who consistently exercises good judgment, listens and communicates well, has a terrific sense of humor, and cares deeply about our community and rural surroundings. She would be a tremendous addition to the Town Council."
    Barbara Gaal, Parent, PVSD

  • "Having the pleasure of knowing and working with Maryann on a variety of volunteer endeavors, I know that she is a person I can rely on to do the best job possible. She doesn't just step up to the plate, she researches every avenue, she uses her intellect, her common sense and her desire to do the right thing to superbly accomplish the task on hand. I know Maryann will use these same qualities to serve the townspeople of Portola Valley. She is a woman who is passionate, wicked smart, and most of all, she cares about the future of our town. I know I can count on her to watch over Portola Valley."
    Diana Bergeson, Past PTA Co-President, PVSF Gala 2004 Co-Chair, PVSF Endowment Committee Member, Alpine Hills Tennis and Swim Club, Membership Co-Chair

  • "Maryann Derwin embodies the volunteer spirit that we Portola Valley residents so highly value. In the 9 years that I have known and worked with her, she has dedicated countless hours to the well being of the Portola Valley School District, ranging from chairing the school book fair to managing the successful passage of school bond Measure J in 2001. As a Portola Valley town council member, just as she has done as a community volunteer, Maryann will be a diligent worker, approaching the decision making process in a thoughtful, fact-based and rational manner."
    Margie MacKenzie, Past Site Council Chair, Corte Madera School, PVSD

  • "Maryann Derwin is a woman of good judgment and great conviction. She works hard, speaks from the heart, and has a great deal of common sense."
    Glenn Reid, Past Editor, Tuesday Post, PVSD

Join Us In Electing Maryann Moise Derwin
(Partial list of endorsers)
The Almanac
The Palo Alto Daily
Pat & Bert Allen
Linda Benevento
Georgia & Michael Bennicas
Diana & Daniel Bergeson
Recia Blumenkranz
Walter & Ruth Ann Bortz
Sandy & Richard Boyce
Jim Boyce
Michael Bray
Danna Breen, ASCC
Chris Buja, Traffic Committee
Denise Bullwinkel, Past PV Schools Foundation
Clay Bullwinkel
Dana Cappiello
Donna Carano, PV School Board
Dave Cardinal
Kathleen & Barry Carr
Annie Carrino
Laurie Chase, ASCC
Susan Coffman
George Comstock, Town Council Member
Renee Connor
Rosalie & Dan Cornew
Peter & Tracy Cowperthwaite*
Ronny Crawford*
Marisa & Ron Currier
Anne & Scott Davison*
Lauren Denenberg
Julia Dillingham, PV Town Post
Carrie Dolazalek
Eileen Donahoe
Linda Drey-Nightingale*
Lorrie Duval
Jean & Phil Eastman
Leslie & Fred Ebert
Linda Elkind, Planning Commissioner
Jerry Elkind
Sheila Ellison
Nelly Emmerson
Patty & Jerry Evans
Susan & Grant Evans
Kathy Feldman
Chrisi Fleming
Susan Forester
Barbara Gaal
Patty & Todd Gebhart
Maria & Mark Geenen
Teresa Godfrey, PV School Board
Harold & Hartha Hannerfeld
Stephanie & Fred Harman*
Gayten Harmon
Diane & Jon Hillier
Anne Hillman
Ellen Hoffman
Sue & Kermit Holderman
Trish & John Hooper
Lynn Holthaus
Mary Hufty, Trails Committee
Steven Humphreys, PV PTO
Lori Hunter
Steve Ingebritsen
Ad Jessup
Karen Jordan, PV School Board
Ginny & Jack Kavanaugh
Indu Khanna
Raman Khanna
Mary Kiely,* Past PV Schools Foundation
Robert Klein
Susan Kritzik
Christine Krolik,** Hillsborough City Council
Leslie Kruth
Dale & Dennis Lachtman
Sandy Lee, PV PTO
Ted Lempert,** Past State Assembly Member
Bev Lipman
Mary Livingston
Sharon Lockareff
JoAnn Loulan*
Ellen Lussier
Margie & Bill MacKenzie
Joan & Mark Matteucci
Bruce McAuley
Meredith McClintock
Teri McKelvy
Lynn McKinnon
Susan & Scott McNealy
Deidre & Kevin McQuillan
Mimi & Bill Meffert
Tony & Peggy Merz
Karen & Scott Mobley
Ellen & Warren Moore
Jayne & Mark Mordell
Chris Mumford
Brenda Munks
Annaloy Nickum
Ann & Dana Parsons
John Peters
Frannie & Bob Pierce
Patricia Pierce, Traffic Committee
Jack Pierce
Cyndie & Steve Pogue
Ashly Pogue
Alison Polkinhorne
Eloise Pollock
Phyllis Quilter
Michelle Rapp
Deborah Rappaport,* PV School Board
Kathy Reavis
Kathy & Gary Reback
Sharon Refvem
Sharon & Michael Reich
Glenn Reid
Connie Ring
Meredith & Ray Rothrock
Mary & Paul Schaller
Barb Seipp, Past PV School Board
Julia & Fred Shepardson
Amy & Dan Siegel
Jon Silver, Former Mayor
Deb Smith,* Ormondale Site Council
Carol Sontag, Corte Madera Site Council
Jackie Speier,** State Senator, Candidate Lt. Gov.
Bonnie Sterngold
Margaret and Richard Stone
Linda Strober
Dave Strohm
Alison Superko
Michelle Takei, Finance Committee
Colleen Tate
Susan Thomas
Julia & Ravi Thomas
Adrienne Tissier,** San Mateo County Supervisor
Lisa & Jack Troedson
Tamara & Dan Turner
Mary Urbach
Nancy Vian, Former Town Council Member
Ted Vian
Alexandra Von Feldt, Conservation Committee
Sharon & Ron Walter
Marilyn Walters
Deborah & Tom West
Nancy & Clark Wigley
Ruth & Ken Wilcox
Patricia Williams
Judy Wozniak
Lenora Yuen
Leah Zaffaroni, Planning Commissioner
Alex Zaffaroni

  • * Indicates lives in PV school district, but doesn't vote in town.
  • ** Indicates lives out of PV school district and out of town.

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