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Marin County, CA November 8, 2005 Election
Smart Voter Additional Endorsements for Jeanne Thompson

Candidate for
Board Member; Ross Valley School District

This information is provided by the candidate

"We are very excited to see that a person with Jeanne Thompson's unique blend of insight and integrity should choose to give back to the community by running for school board. Jeanne's experience in the Ross Valley School District as an educator and parent will no doubt prove to be an asset to the community. Jeanne's level headed demeanor and thoughtful approach to problem solving will keep the Ross Valley School District moving forward. This community is very lucky to have a candidate of this caliber."

Ross N. Perry, President
Tom R. Perry, Vice President
Sunnyside Nursery, San Anselmo

"Jeanne Thompson has met the educational test of time: first, as my daughter Abby's second grade teacher at Wade Thomas School; then, as a respected mentor to teachers; then, as a community outreach administrator, linking families, community and schools as a partnership on behalf of the success of our children. Placing the role of our district's policy-making in Jeanne's hands sparks my fervent belief that we can create excellence. Jeanne holds strong convictions that every child will learn, that none are expendable and that no one will be left behind."

Ethel Seiderman
Parent Services Project, Executive Director
Fairfax-San Anselmo Children's Center, Founding Director

"Jeanne Thompson is a long-time district resident, a grandparent of district students, a talented educator, a person in touch with the needs of all Ross Valley students and one who honors each student equally. She will be an outstanding school board member."

Frank R. Elliott, Ed.D.
Ross Valley School District Superintendent, 1972-1999


Bill Addy
Amy Anderson
Karen Ardito
Patty Armanini
Pat Arrigoni
Peter Arrigoni
Carl Baumsteiger
Diane Baumsteiger
Rich Bodony
Marlene Braverman
Kathleen Brown
Bryn Brugioni
Randy Brugioni
Donna Brydon
Rita Burrafato
Clarence Cain
Sheila Cain
Dan Caldwell
Richard Carson
Shirley Carson
Doug Clack
Melissa Clack
Florence Collins
Phil Collins
Sandra Compagno-Withers
Lisa Cook
Jennifer Couture
Jackie Davis
Steve Davis
Joanne Domer
Roger Domer
Lynda Dooley
Frank Elliott
Margaret Elliott
Bob Ellis
Lori Farmer
Dan Freeman
Stacey Freeman
Patty Fruchtenicht
Julie Gallagher
Donna Gallardo
Frank Gallardo
Kendall Galli
Joel Gingold
Ned Griffith
Patty Griffith
Norma Guerra-Shaner
Bev Guidi
Al Guidi
Paul Hough
Susan Hough
Carol Inkellis
Julia Marrero
Lucy Mackey
Joan Kaul
Kathy Kluse
Mike Kluse
Mario Lamorte
Suellen Lamorte
Chuck Lavorini
Deborah Leigh
Jim Leigh
Ellen Lerner
Bruce Linderman
Stan Loar
Sue Loar
Robin Lowey
Nancy Luporini
Jim Mazet
Caitlin Mazet
Mary McCarthy
Sue McDowell
Pat McEntee
Tom McEntee
Roberta Michels
Arlene Miller
Frank Milani
Rose Milani
Geri Mlodzianowski
John Mlodzianowski
Joe Moeckel
Mary Moeckel
Jan Mondot
Dutch Mondot
Jack Mosher
Sandy Neumann
Bess Niemcewicz
Carola Ng
Gene Ng
Yvonne Nolan
Frances Parks
Meredith Parnell
Michelle Perro
Jane Perry
Ross Perry
Tom Perry
Bev Railey
James Railey
Jim Ringseis
Judy Ringseis
Cindy Ross
Jeanne Saia
Seb Saia
Nancy Scott
Terry Scott
Ethel Seiderman
Dorothea Shaw
Jeannie Shaw
Will Silverthorne
Caine Starelli
Tony Starelli
Toni Stewart
Chris Strempek
Ellen Strempek
Madeline Testa
Jan Tuminia
Jean Trombla
Joan Turtle
Gene Turtle
Jean Vaccaro
Louis Vaccaro
Patty Vance
Pam Waterstone
Peter Weinstein
Kathleen Welsh
Michelle Weeks
Scott Weeks
Becky White
Jim Wintermute
Megan Wintermute
Lloyd Withers

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