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San Mateo County, CA November 2, 2004 Election
Measure M
Transactions and Use Tax
City of Daly City

Majority Approval Required

6,875 / 35.0% Yes votes ...... 12,788 / 65.0% No votes

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Results as of Dec 15 1:37pm, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (51/51)
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Shall Daly City Ordinance No. 1309 which would authorize the City of Daly City to impose and collect a one-quarter of one percent sales tax (Transactions and Use Tax) for general improvement purposes, be approved?

Meaning of Voting Yes/No
A YES vote of this measure means:
A "yes" vote on Measure M is a vote in favor of approving Ordinance 1309.

A NO vote of this measure means:
A "no" vote on Measure M is a vote against approving the Ordinance.

Impartial Analysis from City Attorney
The Daly City City Council has placed this matter on the ballot for voter determination. This ballot measure, if adopted by the voters, would enact Daly City Ordinance 1309 raising revenue for the City of Daly City by authorizing a one-quarter of one cent (1/4) local sales tax within Daly City. The sales tax is also referred to as a "transactions and use tax." The proposed sales tax would be imposed upon the sale of all tangible personal property sold at retail within jurisdictional limits of Daly City as well as upon the storage, use or other consumption of tangible personal property purchased from any retailer in the jurisdictional limits of Daly City. Those items exempt from existing sales tax would similarly be exempt from this proposed sales tax.

Under the proposed measure the tax revenue would be put into the City's general fund for general City government purposes. General fund money pays for a wide variety of basic City services including public safety, parks, libraries, building repairs and road maintenance.

A majority vote of the City's voters voting in this election is required to approve this measure. The tax could not be increased in the future except by another vote of the City's voters.

A "yes" vote on Measure M is a vote in favor of approving Ordinance 1309.

A "no" vote on Measure M is a vote against approving the Ordinance.

/s/ Stan Gustavson August 23, 2004 City Attorney

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Arguments For Measure M Arguments Against Measure M
These ballot measures are a chance for us to vote YES for our families, our community, and our future.

Year after year, Daly City has had to cut staff and services to balance its budget, while trying to minimize the effects of these cuts on residents. But the effects of these cuts have become more and more visible. Library hours have been reduced. Nearly 50 positions are vacant, affecting our police, firefighting, and emergency medical services. Why? Because the City has permanently LOST $4 MILLION of our local property tax money to the State (OVER $40 MILLION IN THE LAST 12 YEARS!).

Recreation programs for youth and seniors have been reduced and fees have been increased for the programs that remain, creating a burden for many families. Parks and street maintenance have been cut back, affecting our property values and the pride we take in our community. Without additional revenue it is unlikely that any of these local services will return. Our community deserves better, but there is no way to pay for it.

Your YES vote approving a local one-fourth of one penny sales tax and a modest business license tax increase will help to provide the badly needed local services this community needs but has lost. Our community attracts significant business regionally, so those who shop and conduct business here will help support critical and needed local services. THESE LOCAL TAXES WILL STAY IN DALY CITY and help to pay for the public safety, library, youth, and senior services that this community needs and deserves.

Please join us in voting YES on these important measures. It is Our Community, Our Services, Our Choice.

/s/ Michael P. Guingona August 16, 2004 Councilmember, City of Daly City

/s/ Adrienne J. Tissier August 12, 2004 Councilmember, City of Daly City

/s/ Albert M. Teglia August 13, 2004 Former Mayor and Councilmember

/s/ Greg Macabenta August 12, 2004 National Vice Chair, National Federation of Filipino American Associations

/s/ Lorraine D'Elia August 12, 2004 Former City Clerk

Rebuttal to Arguments For
Your City Council seems so busy spending money that they don't have time to write separate arguments for their proposed tax hikes. In fairness, it is the same issue: Should we allow the government to take more of our money in taxes?

We say `NO'!

We have all had to tighten our belts while the economy has been slow. Our City Council made some cuts, but claims that it still cannot live within its budget. We elected the City Council to make the hard decisions--where to cut, and how much. We expect them to decide which services are critical, and which can be trimmed. Your City Council seems unable do its job, and choose.

The proposed sales tax would not teach the City Council to live within its budget. It would teach them that they can always squeeze more money out of the taxpayers. --All they need to do is claim that we've lost "badly needed services"! The only services that we truly need are emergency services. The rest are just a wish list.

Citizens must live within their budgets. We expect our government to do the same.

Vote NO on the new sales tax!

/s/ R. Fliegler August 23, 2004 Small Business Owner

/s/ Harland Harrison August 19, 2004 Candidate for Congress

/s/ John J. "Jack" Hickey August 19, 2004 Chair, Libertarian Party of San Mateo County

/s/ Christopher V.A. Schmidt August 19, 2004 Retired Computer Professional

Remember the phrase "No new Taxes"?

It was a promise that was not kept; disappointing a tax weary public. The State of California imposes a 6% sales tax.

Standard county tax adds 1/4% --and there is a 1% local sales tax too. San Mateo County imposes an additional district sales tax of 1% That is why we already pay 8.25% in sales taxes.

Now the City Council wants to add another 1/4% that would bring the rate to 8.5%

The proponents of this measure didn't say why they want this additional money in their resolution of July 30, 2004. They just want more money. They may claim it is for important or critical services, but each election cycle these claims ring increasingly false. We elect our Council members to manage the budget of the city and plan ahead. Daly City deserves a better future than constantly increasing taxes, fees, and bloated bureaucracy.

Instead of blindly throwing more money at problems, perhaps our civic leaders should show true leadership by making the cuts necessary to stay within their budget. Instead of serving on multiple boards and commissions, perhaps our often-re-elected officials should concentrate on civic thrift.

Daly City gets revenue from: Property Taxes, Sales Taxes, Vehicle License Fees, Business License Taxes, Utility Tax, Building Permit Fees, and other sources too numerous to list here.

How much is enough?

If we don't say `no' now, it will only encourage them to keep coming back for more.

Vote No on new taxes!

/s/ R. Fliegler August 12, 2004 Small Business Owner

/s/ Harland Harrison August 12, 2004 Congressional Candidate

/s/ John J. "Jack" Hickey August 13, 2004 Chair, Libertarian Party of San Mateo County

/s/ Christopher V.A. Schmidt August 12, 2004 Retired Computer Professional

Rebuttal to Arguments Against
Opponents of Measure M claim the City has mismanaged our tax dollars. Let's look at the facts!

Administrative and clerical costs have been reduced year after year in proportion to the City's overall budget by use of technology and other innovation methods.

Police staffing during nights and weekends had been increased to protect our homes and businesses, making Daly City one of the ten safest cities of its size in the nation.

Paramedics were added to the fire department to improve emergency medical treatment, saving several lives and helping thousands.

Through careful planning and saving, along with acquiring grants, the City managed to refurbish our neighborhood parks, and replaced aging community centers and libraries.

Our City had expanded programs for youth and seniors by collaborating with other agencies and obtaining grants to provide service to thousands of residents.

Our lives are touched by City services each day. Often, our lives are touched in ways we don't see + whether it's a burglar thwarted by our police officers, or nutritious meals delivered to a homebound older adult. Now, due to the State's grab of our local taxes, public safety and dozens of other services are being reduced to balance the budget. Our City has fewer employees than any other similar-sized city in California. We all know it takes dedicated people to provide quality services.

A "Yes" vote brings back the services and continued improvements that are so important to all of us!

/s/ Anthony Dennis August 20, 2004 Trustee, Jefferson School District

/s/ Tessa Hancock-Bowers August 20, 2004 President, Franciscan Homeowner's Assoc.

/s/ Perla G. Ibarrientos August 20, 2004 Pilipino Bayanihan Resource Center, member of the Board

/s/ Chip Wright August 20, 2004 Southern Hills resident

/s/ Anna Mostella August 23, 2004 Resident, Original Daly City

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