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Santa Clara County, CA November 2, 2004 Election
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Craig A.T. Jones
Answers Questions

Candidate for
Council Member; Town of Los Altos Hills


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Questions & Answers

1. Should Town staff and Town resources be used to assist in establishing a public education facility in Los Altos Hills? Should Town staff and Town resources be used to assist in creating a public school district in Los Altos Hills?

Los Altos Hills now has no public schools, one of only two towns on the Peninsula with no public schools. The City Council must provide leadership and sort through the alternatives to solve this problem. I oppose redistricting which would force the Palo Alto side of town to give up Gunn and other loved schools. I also oppose a solution that would require the Los Altos side of town to give up Egan. So we should add to choices for our town, not reduce them. Merely negotiating with the Districts will not work, as that has been tried for the past two years. Either Bullis is reopened this coming Fall or we should assist the charter school to move to Town so an additional educational choice is available to Town residents.

2. Would you increase Town reserves? If no, why not? If yes, how would you do that?

I have already had an impact on the amount of reserves for Street repair by recommending that we charge construction trucks user fees for the damage they cause to roads. Putting the charges where the use is, as contrasted to raising taxes, is consistent with my philosophy.

I also recommended that the Town issue COP's for partial payment of the Town Hall, so that facility does not use up all the available resources of the Town, leaving no other money for new initiatives.

I favor spending on the necessary and useful programs such as street repair and sewers for us all and parks and recreation programs for our kids rather than increasing reserves.

3. What changes, if any, would you make to the zoning regulations or to the planning review process?

I support the fast track process and our current codes. I would ask three questions: 1. What energy use reductions should we require of very large homes? 2. How can we encourage solar power in our development? 3. What limitations can be consistently and reasonably be applied in terms of design. I do not favor dictating details of design but it is worthwhile to ask whether we should allow any design of huge homes/gardens which change the rural character of the town. The issue is not so much the size of the home, but how it fits into the town. These are difficult questions which would require public hearings and a thorough review of public comment and any proposals to ensure they are even-handed and not overly burdensome.

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