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Santa Clara County, CA November 2, 2004 Election
Smart Voter Additional Endorsements for Patricia "Trish" Dixon

Candidate for
Council Member; City of Milpitas

This information is provided by the candidate

Hon. Jose "Joe" Esteves, Mayor of Milpitas, Citizen of the year 1993
Hon. Althea Polanski, Milpitas City Councilwoman, Citizen of the year 1994
Hon. Marsha Grilli, Milpitas School Board Trustee, Citizen of the year 1995
Hon. Mike Mendizabal, Milpitas School Board President
Hon. Bill Foulk, Milpitas School Board Vice President
Hon. Barbara Santos, Milpitas School Board Trustee
Hon. Skip Skyrud, Milpitas City Council, retired
Hon. Tom Evatt, "first" Milpitas Mayor, retired
Hon. Liz Figueroa, California State Senator
Hon. John Dutra, California State Assembly
Hon. Jim Beall, Santa Clara County Supervisor
Hon. Ron Gonzales, San Jose Mayor, VTA Board Director
Hon. Dennis Kennedy, Morgan Hill Mayor, VTA Board Alternate
Hon. Steve Tate, Morgan Hill Council, SCC Library Authority, JPA
Hon. Dan Furtado, Campbell Council, SCC Library Authority, JPA, SCC Emergency Preparedness Council
Hon. David Casas, Los Altos, Mayor Pro-Tem, VTA Board
Hon. Joe Pryzinski, Los Gatos Vice Mayor, President, SCC Cities Association, VTA Board, Vice Chairman
Hon. Bob Wasserman, Fremont Council
Hon. Craig Gartman, Gilroy Council
Hon. Patrick Kwok, Cupertino Council
Hon. John McLemore, Santa Clara Council, VTA Board Director, MTC Comm.
Hon. Barbara Nesbit, Monte Sereno Council, SCC Library Authority, JPA
Hon. Johan Klehs, State Board of Equalization
Hon. Alberto Torrico, Newark Vice Mayor
Hon. Curtis Cole, Los Altos Council, SCC Library Authority, JPA
Hon. Dr. Gail Jones
Hon. Ron Lind, San Jose/Evergreen College District Trustee
Hon. Jim Foran, Santa Clara County Open Space Authority
Hon. Bob McGuire, SCC Open Space Authority, retired
Hon. Thomas Blalock, BART Director Southern Alameda County
Hon. Yorico Kishimoto, Palo Alto City Council
Hon. Cindy Chavez, San Jose City Council
Maria Archuleta-Lemery, Save Our Milpitas Hills
Dr. Charles Perotti, MUSD Superintendent ret.
Marilyn Hay, Library Advisory Commission Chair, Citizen of the Year 2004
Bill Reisinger, Bicycle Transportation Commission, Chair
Dem Nitafan, Milpitas Planning Commission, Chair, ret.
Paul Hay, Milpitas Planning Commission, Chair 4 terms, ret.
Al Garcia, Milpitas Planning Commission, Vice Chair
Zeya Mohsin, Milpitas Planning Commission
Steve McElroy, Milpitas Child Care Task Force, retired
Jim Rabe, Milpitas Planning Commission, retired
Annell Spencer, Citizens for Emergency Preparedness, Vice Chair, Co-Founder, Milpitas Foundation for Education
Teresa Chaves, Citizens for Emergency Preparedness
Syed Mohsin, Milpitas Community Advisory Commission
Maria Archuleta Lemery, Founder, Save Our Milpitas Hills
Jenifer Lind, Milpitas Community Advisory Commission, Milpitas Ethics Steering Committee, Milpitas High School PTSA/Scholarship Program
Linda Rabe, Milpitas Art Commission
Amanda Santos, Milpitas Senior Advisory Commission
Mary Banick, Milpitas Senior Advisory Commission
Bakshish Kaur Sandhu, Milpitas Senior Advisory Comm., retired
Trini Aoalin, Milpitas Library Advisory Commission
Margie Stephens, Milpitas Library Advisory Commission
Mareile Angy Ogle, Milpitas Art Commission
Nawal Stanojevic, Milpitas Bicycle Transportation Commission
Rene Briones, Milpitas Bicycle Transportation Commission
Nancy Mendizabal, MUSD CBAC, Chair
Keith Walker, Milpitas Recycling, Source Reduction Comm., Chair
Arsenio Horeta, Community Advisory Commission Chair
Ray Maglalang, Milpitas Economic Development Comm., Citizen of the Year 2001
Lou Horyza, Milpitas Citizen of the Year 2003
Diane McDonough, Milpitas Economic Development Comm.
Henry Ku, Milpitas Parks, Recreation Commission
Edward Tuason, Milpitas Parks, Recreation Commission
Harriet McGuire, Milpitas Arts Commission
Don Downey, Recycling, Source Reductiion Commission
Don Ryan, Milpitas Executive Lions Club
John Armando, Recycling, Source Reduction Commission
Sen Fan, Milpitas Library Advisory Commission
Romy Dizon, Recycling, Source Reduction Comm., Pres. Fil-Am at St Elizabeths
Sandeep Chahal, Mobile Home Rent Review Board
Roselda Mateo, Sister City Commission
Linda Downey, Sister City Commission
Eulalio Mercado, Recycling, Source Reduction Commission
Daniel Hay, Milpitas Youth Advisory Commission
Veronica Yee, Milpitas Youth Advisory Commission
Miljon Buquing, Bicycle Transportation Commission
Brian Shreve, MUSD/Citizens for Emergency Preparedness
Joselito Abelardo, Milpitas Community Advisory Commission
Chris Lee, Milpitas Community Advisory Commission
Nestor Luna, Milpitas Community Advisory Commission
Michael Pham, Milpitas Economic Development Commission
Barbara Ebright, Senior Advisory Commission
Juniel Butler, Art Commission
Sue Schoenlank, MUSD teacher, retired
Frank Hill, MUSD Principal, retired
Michael Schadeck, MUSD Principal, retired
Terry Queenan, MUSD Principal, retired
Karen Allen, MUSD Assist. Superintendent of Finance, retired
Margaret Kruse, MUSD teacher, retired
Andy Andres, Milpitas Fil-Am Association, President
Mary Meachum, Milpitas Recreation Art Teacher
Kay McDonald, MUSD Food Services
Roger Yee, Milpitas/North Valley Bobbysox, Pres. Retired
Russ and Suzanne Moffet, Pegasus Gymnastics
Sura Weiner, Milpitas Senior Advisory commission, retired
Louie Bettencourt, Teamsters Local 287
Operating Engineers Local Union NO. 3
Jack and Leanne Shrigley, Rina and Jim Brubaker, Melinda Cervantes, Ana Andres, Sharon Traubenik, Sue L. Black, Mike Traubenik, Peter Casuga, John Seldon Ogle, Helen Fan, Pat Grilli, Cathy Ryan, Silvo Stanojevic, Matt Grilli, Mae Garcia, Bob Santos, Kirstie Grilli, Bal and Avelina Daquigan, Seg and Illuminada Cacao, Ranjid Bhatt, Satnam Desai, Truc Dang, Rupinder Gill, Roger Spencer, Carol Skyrud, Karen and Rich Garcia, Trang Lam, Skip and Connie Yenchik, Binh Nguyen, Joe and Frances Luong, Thomas and Frances Martinez, Christine Hsieh, Chang and Deb Lee, Chloe Little, Christopher Dixon, Nancy Hernandez, Betty Guerrero, Karen and Rich Garcia, Lien Bui, Anil Patel, Shridhar Bhullar, Tina Chavez, Julie and Steve Dawson, Minh Chu, Judith Kim, Marissa Campos, Dave Lemery, Luis Concepcion, Hargeet Gill, Syed and Asiya Asif, Aqeel and Raaheela Siddiqi, Akifa Warsi, Jerry and Margueritte Epps, Dennis and Lonnie Knight, Elena DeGuzman, Lydia Cortez, Jerry Cruz, Phuc Cao, Phil Winston, Anna Grilli Winston, Ngoc Bui, Sunil Patel, Peter and Linda Vrabel, Jason and Heather Pagan, Jack Schenk, Steve and Cheryl Bunnell, Vickie Yee, Susan Esteves, Robert Yen, Margaret and Warren Scott, Judi and Frank Green, Mike Polanski, Nicole Polanski, Rupinder Kaur, James Noble, Mary Castillo, Nhu Viet Do, Dalia Ho, Bien Dao, Patricia Becker, Bob and Jane Hansen, Julie Hansen Amos .....Partial Listing

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