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Santa Clara County, CA November 2, 2004 Election
Smart Voter Additional Endorsements for Rod Diridon

Candidate for
City Clerk; City of Santa Clara

This information is provided by the candidate

Diridon for Clerk Endorsers

  • Organizational Endorsements
    Santa Clara Firefighters Association
    Santa Clara Police Officers Association
    Santa Clara County Firefighters Association
    Police Officers Research Association of California

  • Santa Clara City Council
    Patricia Mahan, Santa Clara Mayor
    Dominic Caserta, Santa Clara Vice Mayor
    Pat Kolstad, Santa Clara Councilmember
    Jamie Matthews, Santa Clara Councilmember
    John McLemore, Santa Clara Councilmember
    Aldyth Parle, Santa Clara Councilmember
    Larry Fargher, Former Mayor of Santa Clara
    Gary Gillmor, Former Mayor of Santa Clara
    Lisa Gillmor, Former Santa Clara Councilmember
    Sue Lasher, Former Santa Clara Councilmember
    John Mahan, Former Santa Clara Councilmember
    Jim Viso, Former Santa Clara Councilmember

  • Santa Clara Elected Officials
    John Vasconcellos, State Senator
    Laurie Smith, Santa Clara County Sheriff
    Larry Stone, County Assessor
    Al and Elaine Alquist, Former Senator and Former Assemblywoman
    Rod Diridon, Sr., Former County Supervisor
    Chuck Gillingham, Former Santa Clara County Sheriff
    Larry Wilson, Santa Clara Valley Water District Member

  • Santa Clara School Board
    Jim Canova, Santa Clara Unified School Board President
    Ernie Dossa, Santa Clara Unified School Board Member
    Teresa O'Neill, Santa Clara Unified School Board Member

  • Community Leaders:
    Hon. Margaret Abe-Koga, Santa Clara County Board of Education
    Enide Allison, Community Leader
    Sal Alvarez, Civil Rights Leader
    Hon. Sylvia Alvarez, Evergreen Elementary School Board
    Luis Azevedo, Neighborhood Leader
    Marjorie Banko, Senior Citizens Advisory Commission
    Heather Barbour, Policy Analyst
    Hon. John Barton, Palo Alto School Board Member
    Florence Barker, Arts Activist
    Bill Baron, Business Leader
    Donovan George Bayuga, Community Activist
    Hon. Leon Beauchman, Santa Clara County Board of Education
    Barbara Beck, Community Leader
    Louie Bettencourt, Labor Leader
    Emo Biagini, Community Leader
    Edesa Bitbadal, Policy Analyst
    Brenna Bolger, Business Leader
    Tom Bondi, Community Leader
    Rick Callender, Civil Rights Leader
    Hon. Patricia Castillo, Former Mayor of Sunnyvale
    Peter Carter, Business Leader
    Sheldon and Jill Carter, Business Leaders
    Marc Casto, Business Leader
    Dr. Terry Christensen, Civil Rights Leader
    Tom Cochran, Community Activist
    Rene Coleman, Teacher
    Carl Cookson, Business Leader
    Carole Cooper, Parks and Recreation Commissioner
    Vince Cortese, Community Leader
    Darrell Cortez, Public Safety Advocate
    Karna Carlson, Community Activist
    Joe Coto, Retired School Superintendent
    Randi and Berni Cowherd, Community Leaders
    Jim Cunneen, Business Leader
    Pete Curto, Business Leader
    Stu Cusimano, Community Activist
    Wendi-Mae Davis, Realtor
    Larry Dawson, Arts Supporter
    Barry Del Buono, Homeless Advocate
    Joe DeLozier, Business Leader
    Rosita DeLuca, Community Activist
    Dennis DeMelloPine, Retired Firefighter
    Jim Diaz, Business Leader
    Mary Ann Diridon, Mother, Community Leader
    Mary Margaret Diridon, Social Services Advocate
    Dr. Gloria Duffy, Stepmother, Community Leader
    Dr. George Duran, Physician
    Chris Elias, Civil Rights Leader
    Nuno Encarnacao, Educator
    Hon. Anna Eshoo, Member of Congress
    Hon. Paul Fong, Foothill De Anza Community College Board
    Mike Fox, Jr., Business Leader
    Tom Fulcher, Civil Rights Leader
    Bill Gates, Attorney
    Bert George, Business Leader
    Chuck Gillingham, Jr., Deputy District Attorney
    David Ginsborg, Tax Analyst
    Linda Gold, Business Leader
    Hon. Armando Gomez, Milpitas City Councilmember
    Don Gralnek, Business Leader
    Chris Greene, Business Leader
    Carl Guardino, Community Leader
    E. Jackson Going, Jr., Community Leader
    Dr. Peter Haas, College Professor
    Eric Heckman, Financial Planner
    Steve Heitel, Business Leader
    John Hellesoe, Community Activist
    Hon. John Howe, Sunnyvale City Councilmember
    Marion Hughes, Community Leader
    Coleen Hurley, Community Leader, Treasurer
    Theresa Jansen, Community Activist
    Jeff Janssen, Community Activist
    Rafael Jimenez, Retired
    Ashu Kalra, Attorney
    Hon. Fred Keeley, Former Speaker Pro-tem of the Assembly
    Chris Kelly, Business Leader
    Gregory Kevin, Community Activist
    James Kim, Community Leader
    Hon. Norm Kline, Saratoga City Councilmember
    Heidi Knutson, Teacher
    Joe Kornder, Retired Teacher
    Dale Kuersten, Community Activist
    Ninh and Xuan Le, Community Activists
    Dr. Elliot Lepler, Physician
    Alex Leupp, Business Leader
    Hon. Ron Lind, San Jose/Evergreen Community College Board Trustee
    Nick Livak, Attorney
    Hon. Bob Livengood, Milpitas City Councilmember
    Harry Lopez, Attorney
    Hon. Jack Lucas, West Valley/Mission Community College Board
    Hon. Tom Menzel, Former Mayor of Rolling Meadows
    Hon. Henry Manayan, Former Mayor of Milpitas
    Stephanie Martin-Young, Former International Exchange Commissioner
    Bill Maxfield, Community Activist
    Hon. Dan and Jean McCorquodale, Former State Senator
    Alrie Middlebrook, Environmental Activist
    Hon. Julia Miller, Sunnyvale City Councilmember
    Ivonne Montes de Oca, Business Leader
    Eric Morley, Community Activist
    James Morley, Affordable Housing Advocate
    Bob Nichols, Retired Teacher
    Ray O'Flaherty, Business Leader
    Hon. Jeff Ota, Former East Side Union Board of Education Member
    Madge Overhouse, Community Leader
    Helen Owen, Community Leader
    Myrna Phillips, Community Activist
    Si and Red Plaxco, Senior Activists
    Hon. Hal Plotkin, Foothill/DeAnza Community College Board
    Lisa Poelle, Business Leader
    Joe Pon, Business Leader
    Al Pross, Community Leader
    Glorian Quigley, Community Leader
    Loretta and Hal Riddle, Community Activists
    Don Rocha, Community Leader
    Hon. Jason Rodriguez, Alum Rock School Board Member
    Mike Rodriguez, Planning Commissioner
    Patrick Rooney, Business Leader
    Hon. Richard Santos, Santa Clara Valley Water District Member
    Ralph Santoro, Community Leader
    Jami Shaw, Community Activist
    Hal and Lil Silberstein, Civil Rights Leaders
    Dr. Barry Slater, Physician
    Lorne Smyth, Community Leader
    Ernie Speno, Community Leader
    Tony Spitaleri, Retired Firefighter
    Scott Strickland, Community Activist
    Neil Struthers, Union Leader
    Catherine Tompkinson, Community Activist
    Terry Trumbull, Environmental Leeader
    Peter Coe Verbica, Business Leader
    Don Von Raesfeld, Jr., Community Activist
    Larry Wallerstein, Business Leader
    Mike Wero, Civil Rights Activist
    Erich Winkler, Former Planning Commissioner
    Hon. Dawn Wright, San Jose/Evergreen Community College Board
    Fernando Zazueta, Attorney
    Hon. Greg Zlotnick, Santa Clara Valley Water District Member
    Jim Zuur, Business Leader

  • Titles are for identification purposes only & do not connote an organizational endorsement.

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