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Santa Clara County, CA November 2, 2004 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Marian V. Cosgrove

Candidate for
Town Clerk; Town of Los Gatos

This information is provided by the candidate

Our present form of government is very precious to me. Our right to elect our government officials, and to have a say in the running of our business, remains the fundamental heart and soul of our government that is of the people, for the people, and by the people.

The business of the Town is the people's business. That business is to remain open and public to the people as our state and federal laws mandate. We keep the Clerk's Office as open and accessible as possible, by not building walls around our work space and by facing the direction that the people will enter the Town Hall. Los Gatos Civic Center was designed with glass windows wrapped around the facility so that when looking toward the buildings you could see directly in and view your government at work. Over the past forty years shades have been lowered over the windows, walls have gone up around the desks and doors have closed off activities. The building was designed for open and accessible government which I support and continue to stand for. The Clerk's Office has attempted to maintain as much of that openness as possible. We keep the deputies' desks facing the front door and the stairs where we can always see the people coming and going and where we can be ready to help and show our interest in serving the people's needs. We've kept the walls down as much as possible, both in the physical layout of the office and in our professional dealings with you, the people who we serve. Our phones all ring and roll over to one another, and we can answer as many as five calls at once. We try our absolute best to not have voice mail reach our clients.

I have achieved an open, honest and always available elected Clerk's Office. Open during business hours from 8 to 5. I am honest in dealing with people's questions by knowing where the answers can be found and assisting with the means to direct the enquirer to those answers. I am also available at all times as the director of the Clerk's Office attending department head meetings to keep attuned to the overall projects and activities of the Town's business, attending retreats and study sessions, and attending all Council meetings so as to track the people's business through all legislative action.

This legislative action touches many other governmental agencies, and it is where you have an opportunity to be heard concerning all of the issues that are dear to you. You are able to reach your local representatives by letter, e-mail or by voice, and you can reach out to them as often as you wish. They live in town and are there for you. The Clerk's Office is an extension of that representation and is available at Town Hall during all regular business hours.

Support of local government for addressing the people's issues is my primary focus in this election. Restoring local revenues taken by the state is also a fundamental issue. You must have your revenues in order for your Town to be able to carry out the business that it was originally charged with. Proposition 1A, on this year's ballot, will establish remedies for many of the financial issues our Town now faces.

This is your opportunity to help your local government by voting to have your local revenues returned by the State to your home town. Return local control to your local government. At the same time, keep your Elected, full time, Office of the Town Clerk, where you can be guided through the steps needed to be taken to contact the office or the legislator who is able to address your particular issues. Thank you for your continued interest and support.

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