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Alameda County Ballot

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November 2, 2004 Election

County Results as of Dec 24 5:29pm, 100% of Precincts Reporting (1141/1141)
76.5% Countywide Voter Turnout (567,915/742,258)

Statewide Results as of Dec 6 4:02pm, 100% of Precincts Reporting (24035/24035)
75.9% Statewide Voter Turnout (12,572,735/16,557,273)

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Polling Location on November 2, 7am - 8pm
Pacific Park Plaza Christie Room
6363 Christie Ave
Emeryville, CA

(Wheelchair accessible)
Showing a polling place for you does not mean that you are registered to vote.
Precinct 38070000
Ballot Type 15
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  • President

    President of the United StatesClick here for more info on this contest including known links to other sites

    • John F. Kerry/John Edwards, Democratic
      6,737,355 votes 54.4%
    • George W. Bush/Dick Cheney, Republican
      5,501,496 votes 44.4%
    • Michael Badnarik/Richard Campagna, Libertarian
      50,101 votes .5%
    • David Cobb/Pat LaMarche, Green
      40,598 votes .3%
    • Leonard Peltier/Janice Jordan, Peace and Freedom
      27,548 votes .2%
    • Michael Anthony Peroutka/Chuck Baldwin, American Independent
      26,580 votes .2%
    • John Parker (Write-in)
    • Anthony Jabin (Write-in)
    • Ralph Nader (Write-in)
    • John Joseph Kennedy (Write-in)
    • James Alexander-Pace (Write-in)

    US Senate

    United States SenatorClick here for more info on this contest including known links to other sites

    US House

    United States Representative; District 9Click here for more info on this contest including known links to other sites

    • Barbara Lee, Democratic
      215,630 votes 84.6%
    • Claudia Bermudez, Republican
      31,278 votes 12.3%
    • Jim Eyer, Libertarian
      8,131 votes 3.1%

    State Senate

    State Senator; District 9Click here for more info on this contest including known links to other sites

    • Don Perata, Democratic
      248,614 votes 77.1%
    • Patricia Deutsche, Republican
      50,110 votes 15.6%
    • Tom Condit, Peace and Freedom
      17,412 votes 5.4%
    • Peter Von Pinnon, Libertarian
      6,383 votes 1.9%

    State Assembly

    Member of the State Assembly; District 14Click here for more info on this contest including known links to other sites

    • Loni Hancock, Democratic
      141,184 votes 77.5%
    • Lance Montauk, Republican
      32,531 votes 17.8%
    • Kevin O'Neal, Libertarian
      8,632 votes 4.7%


    Trustee; Peralta Community College District; Trustee Area 4Click here for more info on this contest including known links to other sites

    Special District

    Director; Alameda-Contra Costa Transit DistrictClick here for more info on this contest including known links to other sites

    • H.E. Christian "Chris" Peeples
      255,188 votes 69.3%
    • Rebecca Rae Oliver
      75,649 votes 20.6%
    • James Karim Muhammad
      36,202 votes 9.8%
    • (936 Writein Votes 0.3%)

    Director; Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District; Ward 2Click here for more info on this contest including known links to other sites

    State Propositions

    Proposition 1A Protection of Local Government Revenues
    9,398,045 / 83.6% Yes votes ...... 1,837,430 / 16.4% No votes
    Should local property tax and sales tax revenues remain with local government thereby safeguarding funding for public safety, health, libraries, parks, and other local services? Provisions can only be suspended if the Governor declares a fiscal necessity and two-thirds of the Legislature concur.

    Proposition 59 Public Records, Open Meetings
    9,322,156 / 83.3% Yes votes ...... 1,867,161 / 16.7% No votes
    Shall the Constitution be amended to include public's right of access to meetings of government bodies and writings of government officials while preserving specified constitutional rights and retaining existing exclusions for certain meetings and records?

    Proposition 60 Election Rights of Political Parties
    7,217,315 / 67.5% Yes votes ...... 3,473,838 / 32.5% No votes
    Shall the general election ballot be required to include candidate receiving most votes among candidates of same party for partisan office in primary election?

    Proposition 60A Surplus Property
    7,765,107 / 73.2% Yes votes ...... 2,839,572 / 26.8% No votes
    Shall the sale proceeds of most surplus state property pay off specified bonds?

    Proposition 61 Children's Hospital Projects. Grant Program
    6,620,176 / 58.3% Yes votes ...... 4,743,459 / 41.7% No votes
    Shall $750 million general obligation bonds be authorized for grants to eligible children's hospitals for construction, expansion, remodeling, renovation, furnishing and equipping children's hospitals?

    Proposition 62 Elections. Primaries
    5,111,627 / 46.2% Yes votes ...... 5,960,889 / 53.8% No votes
    Should primary elections be structured so that voters may vote for any state or federal candidate regardless of party registration of voter or candidate? The two primary-election candidates receiving most votes for an office, whether they are candidates with "no party" or members of same or different party, would be listed on general election ballot. Exempts presidential nominations.

    Proposition 63 Mental Health Services Expansion, Funding. Tax on Personal Incomes above $1 Million
    6,183,119 / 53.7% Yes votes ...... 5,330,052 / 46.3% No votes
    Should a 1% tax on taxable personal income above $1 million to fund expanded health services for mentally ill children, adults, seniors be established?

    Proposition 64 Limit on Private Enforcement of Unfair Business Competition Laws
    6,562,861 / 58.9% Yes votes ...... 4,572,383 / 41.1% No votes
    Should individual or class action "unfair business" lawsuits be allowed only if actual loss suffered? Only government officials may enforce these laws on public's behalf.

    Proposition 65 Local Government Funds, Revenues. State Mandates
    3,895,621 / 37.6% Yes votes ...... 6,461,927 / 62.4% No votes
    Should reduction of local fee/tax revenues require voter approval? Permits suspension of state mandate if no state reimbursement to local government within 180 days after obligation determined.

    Proposition 66 Limitations on "Three Strikes" Law. Sex Crimes. Punishment
    5,596,077 / 47.3% Yes votes ...... 6,230,122 / 52.7% No votes
    Should the "Three Strikes" law be limited to violent and/or serious felonies? Permits limited re-sentencing under new definitions. Increases punishment for specified sex crimes against children.

    Proposition 67 Emergency Medical Services. Funding. Telephone Surcharge
    3,238,537 / 28.4% Yes votes ...... 8,154,515 / 71.6% No votes
    Should the telephone surcharge be increased and other funds for emergency room physicians, hospital emergency rooms, community clinics, emergency personnel training/equipment, and 911 telephone system be allocated?

    Proposition 68 Non-Tribal Commercial Gambling Expansion. Tribal Gaming Compact Amendments. Revenues, Tax Exemptions
    1,894,183 / 16.2% Yes votes ...... 9,788,161 / 83.8% No votes
    Should tribal compact amendments be authorized? Unless tribes accept, should casino gaming be authorized for sixteen non-tribal establishments? Percentage of gaming revenues fund government services.

    Proposition 69 DNA Samples. Collection. Database. Funding
    7,183,917 / 62.0% Yes votes ...... 4,395,343 / 38.0% No votes
    Should collection of DNA samples from all felons, and from others arrested for or charged with specified crimes be required with submission to state DNA database? Provides for funding.

    Proposition 70 Tribal Gaming Compacts. Exclusive Gaming Rights. Contributions to State
    2,759,558 / 23.7% Yes votes ...... 8,868,324 / 76.3% No votes
    Upon tribe's request, should the Governor be required to execute a 99-year compact? Tribes contribute percentage of net gaming income to state funds, in exchange for expanded, exclusive tribal casino gaming.

    Proposition 71 Stem Cell Research. Funding. Bonds
    7,009,814 / 59.1% Yes votes ...... 4,859,401 / 40.9% No votes
    Should the "California Institute for Regenerative Medicine" be established to regulate and fund stem cell research with the constitutional right to conduct such research and with an oversight committee? Prohibits funding of human reproductive cloning research.

    Proposition 72 Health Care Coverage Requirements
    5,681,863 / 49.1% Yes votes ...... 5,881,886 / 50.9% No votes
    Should legislation requiring health care coverage for employees, as specified, working for large and medium employers be approved?

    Local Measures

    Measure T Pixar Headquarters Expansion Plans -- City of Emeryville (Simple Majority)
    2,459 / 71.3% Yes votes ...... 992 / 28.7% No votes
    Shall Resolution No. 04-81, approving amendments to the City of Emeryville General Plan and the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan for the Pixar Headquarters Expansion Project, be adopted?

    Measure U Pixar Development Agreement -- City of Emeryville
    2,411 / 70.1% Yes votes ...... 1,029 / 29.9% No votes
    Shall Ordinance No. 04-005, approving an amending and restated development agreement between the City of Emeryville and Pixar, be adopted?

    Measure BB Parcel Tax -- Alameda-Contra Costa Transit Special District Area 1
    276,218 / 72.5% Yes votes ...... 104,828 / 27.5% No votes
       238,429 (72.6%) Yes / 89,971 (27.4%) No in Alameda County
       37,789 (71.8%) Yes / 14,857 (28.2%) No in Contra Costa County
    To preserve affordable local public transportation services that allow seniors and people with disabilities to remain independent, take students to and from school, help East Bay residents commute to work and reduce traffic and air pollution by reducing the number of cars on the road, shall the Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit) increase its existing parcel tax by $2 per parcel, per month for ten years with an independent fiscal oversight committee and all money staying local?

    Measure CC Park Access, Wildfire Protection, Public Safety and Environmental Maintenance Measure -- East Bay Regional Park District Zone 1
    192,459 / 67.6% Yes votes ...... 92,199 / 32.4% No votes
       155,205 (68.2%) Yes / 72,432 (31.8%) No in Alameda County
       37,254 (65.3%) Yes / 19,767 (34.7%) No in Contra Costa County
    To increase public access to shoreline, hillside, and urban parks and trails, enhance public safety (police and wildfire protection), and provide critical environmental maintenance in Zone 1 (western Alameda and western Contra Costa Counties) of the East Bay Regional Park District, shall a resolution be approved authorizing a parcel tax, based upon occupancy, of $1 per month ($12 per year) per single-family parcel, or 69 cents per month ($8.28 per year) per multi-family unit, to expire in 15 years?

    The order of the contests and candidates on this ballot representation is NOT the same as your county's official ballot.
    If you print and mark your choices on this page and take it to the polls instead of an official sample ballot, be very careful.

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