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San Francisco, San Mateo County, CA March 2, 2004 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Barry Hermanson

Candidate for
United States Representative; District 12; Green Party

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The following are the issues that I am highlighting as a candidate for Supervisor in District 4, San Francisco's Sunset district.

A Living Wage

Higher wages for San Francisco workers. Expand the Minimum Compensation Ordinance to guarantee that anyoen who works full-time will be able to support themselves without having to resort to charity or public subsidy. Everyone who works in San Francisco should be able to afford to live here.

Affordable Housing

I support Proposition 46, the state housing and emergency shelter bond initiative and San Francisco's Proposition B, which, if passed, would provide the city with $250 million in bonds to build affordable housing. Both of these measures are an important source of funds but they are only a beginning. For long term affordability, we need to examine our concepts of ownership of land. I am a strong supporter of the Community Land Trust model in which the community owns the land and retains an interest in the value of that land.

Comprehensive Health Care

I support rebuilding San Francisco General Hospital. If elected, I will work towards fully funding San Francisco's Unviersal Health Care Plan, adopted by the voters in 1998, to cover the 135,000 San Franciscans currently without health insurance.

Clean, Affordable & Renewable Energy

I support Proposition D, which would close down the polluting power plant in the Southeast sectiono of San Francisco (the Bay View and Hunter's Point area). It will also mandate a study to explore the feasibility of San Francisco becoming its own locally-owned power authority.I believe that such a move would provide residents with lower energy rates and a greater control over the type of energy they choose to use. In addition, I support low-interest loans to allow San Francisco homeowners to convert to solar power.

Real Solutions to Homelessness

The homeless problem in San Francisco is at a crisis level; however, we must not be tempted with simple solutions to a complex problem. I support adequate resources for substance abuse and mental health treatment, and greater transitional housing.

Campaign Finance Reform

Public offices should not go to the highest bidder. I support expanding San Francisco's campaign finance law and I am proudly a candidate who has qualified for public finance.

Reliable MUNI Service

I will work towards ensuring that MUNI is adequately funded and that it enables Sunset residents to travel quickly and safely to their destinations.

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