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California State Government March 2, 2004 Election
Smart Voter


By Toni C. Casey

Candidate for United States Senator; Republican Party

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Accountability, Transparency & Choice
In 1983, President Reagon's National Commission on Excellence in Education reported that our educational institutions had lost sight of the basic goals of education and of the high expectations and disciplined effort needed to achieve these goals. The Commission reported that the "intellectual, moral and spiritual strengths of our people was endangered and that a rising tide of mediocrity threatens our very future as a nation and a people".

Twenty years later, the Koret Task Force assembled by the Hoover Institute at Stanford University has found that our educational systems continue to be entrenched with mediocrity and that any reforms made in the last20 years have been more symbolic than substantive.

Our strength as a nation depends upon the educated intelligence of our citizens. Systemic change in the structure of our school systems is essential. These fundamental changes must hold schools accountable, provide citizens with a transparent system, and give parents more choices.


School boards, administrations and teachers must be held accountable for teaching all children the basic skills of reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and computer sciences so that every child has the tools to succeed in the 21st century and to share in the American dream of ownership and independence.

Clear goals of academic achievement must be set and clear consequences must be stated that failing schools will not be funded from public funds. Moreover, federal and state policy should be aligned to support local decisions on how these academic goals should be reached.


Parents, teachers, students, school boards, and administrators need to know exactly how their school measures up to academic achievement and where the funds are being spent. This information must be on a web site with easy access to all. The Federal government needs to capture comparative data and best practices and to publish the information on a national website so ideas and knowledge can be shared throughout America.


With the right information, parents can chose which school is best for their child. Choice brings freedom, innovation, and competition. Vouchers or tax credits should be provided to parents who are in a failing school system and there should be no limit for the number of charter schools.

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