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San Francisco County, CA March 2, 2004 Election
Democratic Party County Central Committee; County of San Francisco; Assembly District 13 Voter Information

You can vote in this contest only if registered in the Democratic party. "Decline to State" party voters may not vote for this contest.

Candidates (Vote for 12)
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Sue Bierman 19,809 votes 4.96%

Leslie Rachel Katz Click here for more information about this candidate 16,789 votes 4.21%
  • Occupation: Incumbent
  • Former San Francisco Supervisor
  • Former member Community College Board
  • Attorney
  • Party Activist
  • Expand voter education and outreach
  • Increase voter registration
  • Increase voter turnout
David Campos Click here for more information about this candidate 16,106 votes 4.03%
  • Occupation: Deputy City Attorney
  • Harvard Law School, J.D.
  • Stanford University, J.D.
  • Co-Chair, BALIF (Bay Area Lawyers for Individual Freedom)
  • Lead Counsel, City of San Francisco's litigation against PG&E Corp., involving actions of PG&E Corp. during the Energy Crisis
  • Has served as in-house counsel to the San Francisco Unified School District
  • Lead Counsel, City of San Francisco's lawsuit against energy generators, including Enron
  • Improve the Local Democratic Party's voter-registration and get-out-the-vote efforts among minority communities.
  • Improve coordination among various San Francisco Democratic Party clubs and organizations.
  • Advocate for various issues, including stronger support for local schools, clean government, and Police Department reform.
Robert J. Haaland Click here for more information about this candidate 14,048 votes 3.52%
  • Occupation: Incumbent
  • Former President of the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club
  • SF Bay Guardian Local Hero 2001
  • Robert helped lead the Write-In Campaign for Tom Ammiano for Mayor in 1999
  • Robert has organized on behalf of Public Power, Instant Run-off Voting, and preserving Rent Control.
  • Robert works for SEIU Local 790
  • Voter Registration
  • Voter Participation
  • Voter Education
Bill Barnes 12,989 votes 3.25% Joe Julian Click here for more information about this candidate 12,761 votes 3.20%
  • Occupation: Incumbent
  • Maintaining vital necessary programs
  • Creating both affordable and supportive housing
  • Beating Bush
Tracy Baxter Click here for more information about this candidate 11,665 votes 2.92%
  • Occupation: Labor Communications Writer
  • 25 Most Censored Stories 1999 Awardee
  • Yale University Environmental Journalism Fellowship 1999
  • Promote greater collegiality on the central committee; strengthen the committee's relationship with democratic clubs
  • Connect more African American voters to progressive political activities
  • Increase the visibility of the SF Democratic Party through public forums on timely issues
Michael Goldstein Click here for more information about this candidate 11,622 votes 2.91%
  • Occupation: Community Volunteer
  • Former Client Advocate at AIDS Legal Referral Panel
  • Provided Benefits Counseling support at Positive Resource Center
  • Recipient of the City and County of San Francisco Volunteer of the Year Service Award
  • Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club President
  • Maintain important community and City services
  • Promote voter education and partcipation
  • Strengthen the Democratic Party through reform
Holli Thier Click here for more information about this candidate 11,523 votes 2.89%
  • Occupation: Civil Rights Attorney
  • We need to take back the White House, the governorship of the State, and re-elect Democrats
  • Increase number of Democrats registered and voting in all elections
  • Build the San Francisco Democratic Party and attract youth to the Party
Catherine Dodd 11,438 votes 2.86%
Scott Wiener Click here for more information about this candidate 10,909 votes 2.73%
  • Occupation: Deputy City Attorney
  • Co-chair, LGBT Community Center Board of Directors
  • Past co-chair, Bay Area Lawyers for Individual Freedom
  • Board of Directors, Human Rights Campaign
  • Board of Directors, Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club
  • Member, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights
  • Graduate of Harvard Law School and Duke University
  • Strengthening and unifying the Democratic Party in San Francisco
  • Registering Democratic voters
  • Improving coordination among Democratic clubs in San Francisco
Gerry Crowley Click here for more information about this candidate 10,834 votes 2.71%
  • Occupation: Community Volunteer
  • Prior careers in sales and service management in airline industry, healthcare and government
  • Education: Brown University, CSU at Chico, Fromm Institute at USF
  • Northeast San Francisco Conservancy Board Member
  • Vice president and co-founder Upper Grant Avenue Fall Art Fair
  • Former president Telegraph Hill Dwellers and Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center
  • Former treasurer Pelican Media
  • Reinvigorate the party and restore its primary mission: advocating for working people, minorities and neighborhoods
  • Restore fiscal accountability, ensure the independence and integrity of the decision-making process and return Democrats to the Senate and White House
  • Make better use of technology to keep registered Democrats informed about issues through an electronic newsletter and a state-of-the-art website.
Greg Shaw 10,375 votes 2.60%
Rafael Mandelman Click here for more information about this candidate 10,313 votes 2.58%
  • Occupation: Affordable Housing Attorney
  • Noe Valley Democratic Club President
  • Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club Board Member
  • UC Berkeley Boalt Hall School of Law, J.D.
  • John F. Kennedy School of Government, M.P.P.
  • Yale College, B.A.
  • Grew up in San Francisco, attended Brandeis-Hillel Day School and Lick-Wilmerding High School
  • To build a local Democratic Party that is respectful of the aspirations and ideals of liberal and progressive voters
  • To heal the divide between progressive activists and Party insiders
  • To build coalitions among diverse communities to pursue an agenda of social and economic justice
Jonee Levy 10,042 votes 2.52% Joe Alioto Veronese 9,556 votes 2.39%
David Serrano Sewell 9,366 votes 2.35%
Kirsten Boyd 9,364 votes 2.35% Esther Lee 9,107 votes 2.28%
Roger Gordon 8,258 votes 2.07%
Burke Strunsky 8,208 votes 2.06%
Robert Varni 8,191 votes 2.05% Bruce Lee Livingston Click here for more information about this candidate 8,057 votes 2.02%
  • Occupation: Executive Director
  • Executive Director of Senior Action Network
  • Master of Public Policy, father of two adopted, diverse children
  • Housing, pedestrian and health care organizer
  • Founded and ran HMO Patient Bill of Rights Campaign, protecting consumers
  • Fought for seniors, tenants and neighborhoods for 30 years
  • Environmental leader on wetland and toxics issues
  • Single payer and universal prescription drugs to solve health care crisis.
  • We need a Democratic Party that fights the greedy, working for neighborhoods, seniors, the environment, a living wage and diversity.
  • Open an office for the democrats and mobilize volunteers for change.
John Kosinski 8,048 votes 2.02% Toye Moses Click here for more information about this candidate 7,975 votes 2.00%
  • Occupation: Public Health Educator
  • President, African AmericanDemocratic Club
  • Proxy for Assemblyman Mark Leno on Cal State Democratic Committee,
  • Delegate to 1999/2000State Democratic Convention,Volunteer Captain for 2000 National Democratic Convention,
  • Executive Director Southeast Community Commission, former Executive Director Young Community Developers
  • Many years of experience with mental health,substance abuse,environmental justice, and neihborhood issues make him an ideal candidate.
  • SF.Mental Health Board,American Public Health Association
  • Inprove voter registration, and turnout
  • Advocate for affordable child care,affordable housing and ethnic diversity
  • Improve neighborhood quality of life, especially in BVHP, Potrero Hill and Western Addition
Laurie Beijen Click here for more information about this candidate 7,950 votes 1.99%
  • Occupation: Women's Rights Organizer
  • Member of the Democratic State Central Committee
  • Founding President of the San Francisco Women's Political Committee (SFWPC)
  • Past President of the National Women's Political Caucus-San Francisco Chapter (NWPC-SF)
  • Past Vice-President of the California Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (CARAL)
  • 4th generation San Franciscan
  • Member of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
  • Build a stronger local Democratic Party to win the White House, U.S. Senate and local offices!
  • Increase Democratic registration!
  • Help to unify the Democratic Party!
Denise Castaņeda 7,940 votes 1.99% Cathy Garza 7,599 votes 1.90%
Richard Ow 7,376 votes 1.85% Sonia E. Melara Click here for more information about this candidate 7,351 votes 1.84%
  • Occupation: Manager / Education
  • Executive Director, St Francis Memorial Hospital's Rally Family Visitation Services
  • Management and Communications Consultant
  • Adjunct Faculty Member, USF
  • Founder, Hispanic Yellow Pages
  • I will promote for the DCCC to hold meetings in various communities in the city to ensure voter participation
  • Join with other similar organizations to build strong Democratic coalitions
  • Making sure that those who are elected to serve and the chartered clubs who call themselves "Democratic Clubs" endorse only Democratic candidates
Julie Ruth Brandt 6,877 votes 1.72%
Maria Martinez 6,074 votes 1.52% Ryan Clary 6,070 votes 1.52% Owen P. Stephens Click here for more information about this candidate 5,298 votes 1.33%
  • Occupation: International Education Coordinator
  • California Young Democrats "2004 Man of the Year"
  • Vice President of the San Francisco Young Democrats
  • Board Member of the Alice B Toklas LGBT Democratic Club (effective in March)
  • Election Leadership: In San Francisco, the state and in the nation. Reelect Boxer, Defeat Bush, Prevent Constitutional Amendment on Marriage
  • Modern Democratic Image: Invest in long term marketing and media to convey the Democratic message.
  • Youth Outreach: Energize young people in the political process.
Bruce Wolfe Click here for more information about this candidate 4,713 votes 1.18%
  • Occupation: Social Worker
  • Masters in Social Work
  • Bachelor's In Social Work
  • SF Community Land Trust, Board Member
  • Disability & Workers' Rights Advocate
  • Public Schools & Higher Education Advocate
  • Veteran Chinese Martial Artist & Instructor of 25 years
  • Maintain Democratic values
  • Increase student & low-propensity voter turnout & civic engagement
  • Protect civil rights
Johnny K. Wang Click here for more information about this candidate 4,255 votes 1.07%
  • Occupation: District Field Coordinator
  • Business Administration Degree - Haas Business School
  • Multinational Aerospace Trade Specialist
  • Restaurant Owner
  • Unite the factions of the Democratic Party - conservative, liberal, and progressives.
  • Make DCCC more influencial with effective and practical solutions to SF issues.
  • DCCC must be in tune with Democratic values, liberal yet supportive of business and efficiency , practical but not conservative.
James "Jimmer" Cassiol 3,992 votes 1.00% Alex Garcia 3,979 votes 1.00% Chris Biotti Click here for more information about this candidate 3,930 votes .98%
  • Occupation: Attorney
  • Preserving the fundamentals of the Democratic Party
  • Democratic Voter Registration
  • Democratic Voter Retention
Rick Galbreath 3,604 votes .90%
Linda Trevino 3,323 votes .83%
Dennis Isner Click here for more information about this candidate 3,243 votes .81%
  • Vice-President, North of Market Planning Coalition (NOMPC)
  • Administrative Officer, Alliance for a Better District 6
  • San Francisco Youth Commission, 1997-1999
  • Increase voter registration and turnout
  • Preserve civil and human rights
  • Put people before politics
Alyce G. Brown 3,180 votes .80% Doug Hagan 2,967 votes .74% Jesse E. Tello 2,489 votes .62%
Matt Sheridan 2,414 votes .60% Jason R. Hinson 2,346 votes .59% Catherine Markman 2,340 votes .59% Pat Fitzgerald Click here for more information about this candidate 2,297 votes .58%
  • Occupation: Businessman
  • Former Secretary, San Francisco Democratic Party
  • 1990 and 1994 Democratic Nominee For State Senator
  • Long-time past member, San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee and California Democratic State Central Committee
  • Past Member, Executive Committee, San Francisco Democratic Party
  • Successfully lobbied for creation of Labor Studies Program at City College of San Francisco, working with Community College President John Riordan
  • Worked With late Democratic Senator "Scoop" Jackson to free American citizen held in China during Cultural Revolution
  • Defeat Bush! Elect a Democratic President and Re-Elect Senator Barbara Boxer in 2004 !
  • Oppose trade treaties which send US jobs abroad! Halt GAP, Old Navy and other sweat shop operations overseas!
  • No Tax favors from City, State or Federal Government to sweat shop operators such as GAP and Old Navy!
Joe Tham Click here for more information about this candidate 1,981 votes .50%
  • Occupation: City Commissioner / SFPUC Employee
  • Graduate of University of California at Berkeley and local public schools (Marina, G. Washington High, and City College)
  • Member, San Francisco County Assessment Appeals Board, No. 2
  • Member and Delegate, IFPTE, Local 21 At Large Chapter
  • Crime Prevention Specialist: Project Safe, S.F. Police Dept.
  • Investigator @ ORPJ, S.F. Sheriff Office
  • Restore the DCCC to a cohesive entity to promote common sense policies
  • Revitalize the City's economy and bring back jobs, businesses, and tourists.
  • Promote affordable and adequate housing, health care, and social services for all San Franciscans.
Rodney Hauge 1,654 votes .41%
John Bitterman Click here for more information about this candidate 1,561 votes .39%
  • Occupation: Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
  • Master Business Administration, University of San Francisco
  • Bachelor of Arts, Politics, University of San Francisco
  • To educate voters about the important issues facing our city and state.
  • To strengthen the relationship between the local Democratic Party and neighborhood clubs.
  • To upgrade our use of technology to proactively reach out to registered voters.
Rick Hauptman Click here for more information about this candidate 1,182 votes .30%
  • Occupation: Office Administrator
  • Internet Organizer
  • Democratic Party Internet Chair
  • Affordable Housing
  • Economic and Social Equity
Shawn O'Hearn 983 votes .25%
Shawn Westcott 731 votes .18% Gilbert F. Criswell 634 votes .16%

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