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Santa Clara County, CA March 2, 2004 Election
Directory of Santa Clara County, CA Measures
County Results as of Mar 19 9:22am, 100% of Precincts Reporting (1029/1029)
41% Countywide Voter Turnout (321,778/783,890)

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Measure 2. Regional Traffic Relief Plan -- County of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara and Solano (Regional Measure - Majority Vote)
631,304 / 58.5% Yes votes ...... 448,771 / 41.5% No votes
   178,464 (59.55%) Yes / 121,206 (40.45%) No in Santa Clara County
   164,497 (55.6%) Yes / 131,098 (44.4%) No in Alameda County
   121,167 (51.4%) Yes / 114,766 (48.6%) No in Contra Costa County
   51285 (64.29%) Yes / 28487 (35.71%) No in Marin County
   115,891 (68.53%) Yes / 53,214 (31.47%) No in San Francisco County
   Yes / No in Solano County
Shall voters authorize a Regional Traffic Relief Plan that does the following:

(1) Directs revenues generated through the collection of bridge tolls to provide the following projects:
(A) Expand and extend BART.
(B) New transbay commuter rail crossing south of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.
(C) Comprehensive Regional Express bus network.
(D) New expanded ferry service.
(E) Better connections between BART, buses, ferries, and rail.

(2) Approves a one dollar ($1) toll increase effective July 1, 2004, on all toll bridges in the bay area, except the Golden Gate Bridge?

Measure A. Juvenile Hall and Probation Department Charter Amendments -- County of Santa Clara (County Charter Amendment - Majority Approval Required)
177,227 / 60.44% Yes votes ...... 116,008 / 39.56% No votes
To improve safety and conditions for children at Juvenile Hall, based on independent audit recommendations, shall Supervisors establish an Advisory Board of Juvenile Hall to include: a Juvenile Court judge, the District Attorney, Public Defender, Sheriff, health professionals, Probation employee organization members, previous Hall residents, and parents of persons incarcerated at Juvenile Hall AND shall the County Charter be amended to allow the County Executive to appoint, supervise, and remove the Chief Probation Officer?

Measure B. Special Tax -- Santa Clara County Library District Joint Powers Authority (Special Tax - 2/3 Approval Required)
51,742 / 61.17% Yes votes ...... 32,852 / 38.83% No votes
To maintain community library open hours and provide updated books, materials, and computer technology, shall the Santa Clara County Library District Joint Powers Authority levy an annual special tax on lands within Community Facilities District No. 1, with an annual appropriations limit of $7,274,850? This tax, exclusively for local libraries, automatically expires after seven years. The amount for single-family residences shall be $42 annually, with a corresponding amount for other property classifications, it shall be audited annually, and it cannot be increased.

Measure C. Residential Growth Control -- City of Morgan Hill (Amendment to General Plan and Municipal Code - Majority Approval Required)
5,281 / 76.12% Yes votes ...... 1,657 / 23.88% No votes
Shall a measure be adopted to amend the Morgan Hill General Plan and Municipal Code to update Measure P, the City's Residential Development Control System (RDCS) to extend the RDCS to 2020, establish a population ceiling of 48,000 for the year 2020 consistent with the current growth rate allowed under Measure P, and refine RDCS policies to encourage more efficient land use, sustainable transit-oriented development, and address difficulties in implementing the RDCS allotment system?

Measure D. Design-Build Procurement Process -- City of San Jose (Charter Amendment - Majority Approval Required)
72,215 / 54.91% Yes votes ...... 59,294 / 45.09% No votes
DESIGN-BUILD PROCUREMENT PROCESS To create taxpayer savings, prevent cost overruns and improve efficiency, may the Charter be amended to allow the design-build procurement process as an exemption to public bidding, wherein the design and construction of a public works project is provided by the same entity, be utilized for public works contracts that cost over $5,000,000, when the City Council finds doing so would save money or result in faster project completion?

Measure E. Gavilan College Job Training, Overcrowding, Repair/Safety Measure -- Gavilan Joint Community College District (Bond Measure - 55% Approval Required)
11,217 / 56.75% Yes votes ...... 8,550 / 43.25% No votes
Gavilan College Job Training, Overcrowding, Repair/Safety Measure: To prepare students for jobs/four-year colleges, accommodate increasing enrollment and upgrade Gavilan College campuses in Gilroy, San Benito and the Morgan Hill area by: Improving fire safety and security; Upgrading plumbing/sewer systems; Upgrading wiring for computer technology; Repairing, acquiring, constructing, equipping classrooms, buildings, libraries and sites shall Gavilan Joint Community College District issue $108,000,000 in bonds at legal rates with citizen oversight, guaranteed annual audits, no money for administrators' salaries?"

Measure G. Parcel Tax -- Union School District (2/3 Approval Required)
8,333 / 64.38% Yes votes ...... 4,610 / 35.62% No votes
"To avoid closing two neighborhood elementary schools and to minimize further reduction in staff, programs and supplies, shall the Union Elementary School District collect an education tax of $195/year per taxable parcel for four years, with exemptions for parcels owned/occupied by seniors (65+), with citizen oversight, and shall the District's annual appropriations limit be raised by such amount?"

Measure H. Parcel Tax Extension -- Cambrian School District (Majority Approval Required)
5,075 / 74.06% Yes votes ...... 1,778 / 25.94% No votes
"In order to maintain improved instructional quality for children by providing training for teachers, retention of quality teachers, continuation of art, science, music, technology, physical education programs, and reduced class sizes shall the Gann Appropriation Limit increase approved by 69 percent of the voters in 2001 be continued (commencing June 30, 2005), thus allowing the Cambrian School District to continue to expend the funds generated by Measure A with no increase in property taxes?"

Measure I. Parcel Tax Extension -- Loma Prieta Joint Union School District (Majority Approval Required)
244 / 64.38% Yes votes ...... 135 / 35.62% No votes
"Shall the Loma Prieta Joint Union Elementary School District continue for four years (July 1, 2004 to June 30, 2008) the Gann appropriations Limit increase approved by the voters in 2000, thus allowing the district to continue to use the revenue generated by the existing special tax of $150 per parcel?"

Measure J. Parcel Tax -- Mountain View-Whisman School District (2/3 Approval Required)
9,493 / 69.91% Yes votes ...... 4,085 / 30.09% No votes
"To reduce the impact of budget cuts on Mountain View-Whisman School District schools and protect quality education by providing resources for small schools/small classes, retaining teachers/staff, restoring music/art education, keeping school libraries open, and preserving essential educational programs, shall Mountain View-Whisman School District levy a temporary tax based on square footage of parcels of property, as described in the voter pamphlet, for 5 years with independent citizen oversight, an exemption for seniors and all funds benefiting Mountain View- Whisman School District children?"

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