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Alameda County, CA March 2, 2004 Election
Measure E
Parcel Tax Increase
Oakland Unified School District

2/3rds Approval Required

60,079 / 74.5% Yes votes ...... 20,578 / 25.5% No votes

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Results as of May 4 2:39pm, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (241/241)
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To attract and retain qualified credentialed teachers, to maintain elective courses for students needing to qualify for college admission, to purchase textbooks and materials, to maintain libraries, music and arts programs, to maintain reduced class sizes, to continue after school academic programs, shall Oakland Unified School District be authorized to increase the existing $123 per year parcel tax by $6 per month to $195 annually for a period of 5 years with no money used for administrative costs?

Impartial Analysis from Alameda County Council
Measure E, and Oakland Unified School District (the "District") special parcel tax measure, seeks voter approval to authorize the District to levy a special parcel tax for five years for the purpose of funding the programs set forth in the measure.

A school district, following notice and public hearings, has the authority to levy special taxes upon approval by two-thirds (2/3) of the votes cast on the special tax proposal pursuant to Section 4 of Article XIIIA and Article XIIIC of the California Constitution and sections 50075-77, 50079, and 53722 of the California Government Code.

The voters of the District approved the existing "Measure B parcel tax" at the November 2001 General Election. The "Measure B parcel tax", which is imposed at the rate of $123.00 per parcel per year, will expire on June 30, 2007. If approved, this measure would authorize an increase in the existing "Measure B parcel tax" of $6.00 per month per parcel to a new total of $195.00 per parcel annually. In addition, it would extend the term of the tax for a period of five years from enactment of this special parcel tax measure.

These tax funds are proposed by the District primarily to be used to attract and retain qualified teachers; maintain elective courses for students to qualify for college admission; purchase text books and materials; maintain libraries, music and arts programs; maintain reduced class sizes; and continue after school academic programs.

If two-thirds of the qualified electors voting on this measure vote "yes", a qualified special tax, at the annual rate of $195.00 per parcel, would be imposed commencing on July 1, 2004 and continuing for a period of five years. An exemption from the tax will be available for qualified "very low income" property owners who apply for the exemption annually.

If less than two-thirds of the qualified electors voting on this measure vote for approval, the measure will fail and the Oakland Unified School District will not be authorized to levy the special tax as proposed by this measure.

County Counsel

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League of Women Voters Written Pros & Cons
Scroll Down to Measure E. Document also includes Pros & Cons of Measure 2, Measure A, and Oakland City Ballot Measures

LWV Oakland Pros & Cons Presentation
Wednesday, February 18, 2004 at 7 PM
EBMUD Training Room,
375 Eleventh Street.
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S. F. Chronicle

The Montclarion Oakland Tribune Partisan Information

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Arguments For Measure E
The State reductions to school funding will have a devastating impact on Oakland children. Without additional revenue schools will close, over 100 teachers will be laid off, class sizes will increase in kindergarten through third grade and no money will be available for the programs that have dramatically reduced Oakland's high school dropout rate.

Measure E will authorize an increase in the existing school parcel tax to avoid drastic cuts to educational programs. This increase will cost Oakland home owners less than 20 cents a day and will ensure that children have the teachers, small class sizes, and quality educational programs they need to succeed. Measure E will maintain elective courses such as music and art education that high school students need to meet graduation requirements and qualify for college admissions.

After years of problems, student achievement in Oakland schools is improving. Reduced class sizes in English and Math have produce dramatic increases in test scores. The high school dropout rate has decreased by almost half. Elementary and Middle school reading test scores have increased. Over 80% of Oakland schools now meet or surpass State test score standards. Measure E is needed if this progress is to continue.

All the money raised by Measure E will stay in Oakland to benefit local children. An independent Oversight Committee will make sure that Measure E funds are properly spent. No Measure E funds will go to pay administrator salaries.
Help Oakland Schools continue to improve.
Please vote YES on Measure E.

President, Oakland Education Association
Oakland Business Leader
s/SUSAN G. PIPER, President, Oakland Tech
Parent, Teacher, Student Association
Oakland Mayor
Parent Leadership Alliance Network Member


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