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Santa Clara County, CA November 4, 2003 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Michael Anthony "Mike" Flores

Candidate for
Council Member; City of Sunnyvale; Seat 6

This information is provided by the candidate

Elect Mike Flores for Sunnyvale City Council

Michael Flores respectfully seeks your support. Flores will work on your behalf. Please vote for Flores for Sunnyvale city council seat number 6 on November 4, 2003.

Political Philosophy of Michael A. Flores

Flores believes the following:

  • Government should be efficient and citizen-friendly.
  • Citizens should be encouraged to take part in governmental affairs and know how their tax dollars are being spent.
  • One of the most important jobs facing local elected officials today is planning for the future.

We used to think that planning for the future meant 10 to 20 years from now. With the current fiscal problems, the future for some is just next year and for others just next week. We must ascertain Sunnyvale's future needs today. Some of them are as follows:

  • Emergency response
  • Jobs
  • Traffic
  • Housing
  • Commercial business/Retail business
  • Recreational
  • Social
  • Educational

All of these will need to be supported and maintained and with help from all of us we can make the improvements. In the coming years we must plan with vision to protect the future while preserving the traditions and hometown quality of life that makes Sunnyvale unique. Council decisions should be aimed at maintaining and improving the safety, health, and happiness of all Sunnyvale Citizens and Business.

Flores believes that the councils job is to improve the lives of the citizens in their community. As Sunnyvale enters a new era with a new set of council members, Flores see a need for strong and experienced leadership; Leadership that understands the problems of today, and has a vision for the future. Flores seeks public office so that he may help shape the future of Sunnyvale. We all know that it is too crowded, the streets have too many cars, and no one seems to go the speed limit. Sunnyvale is a town in transition and is already the second largest city in the South Bay with a population of over 140,000. We are desperately trying to retain our suburban flavor, a lifestyle that we must fight to maintain. We cannot return to the city it was 25 years ago, but that does not mean we have to race to be another San Jose. However, we must plan for the future. This takes knowledge, education, experience and lots of common sense. As a resident, worker, business owner, and father, Flores has been involved as a member of Sunnyvale for over 27 years. Flores can make a contribution to the city and its residents. Although Flores has definite opinions on all issues, he is not dogmatic and is willing to work for practical solutions. Flores can work with others on both sides of each issue. Reasonable people can disagree on issues as long as their intentions and actions are for the benefit of the Sunnyvale and has no hidden agenda. Flores is well aware of how council decisions have an effect on all citizens.

  • Flores believes that all citizens should give back to their community and this is my opportunity to do so.
  • Flores will move to strengthen the voice of all citizens in Sunnyvale government.
  • Sustain our economic growth without jeopardizing our future.
  • Enhance safety and quality of life for Sunnyvale residents

Government regulations should only be used when there is a proven need. Government should provide services the community demands and is willing to pay for. This is one reason community involvement is important, and why everyone should be heard.

Flores believes government should be run like a successful service-oriented business. The people fund Sunnyvale, and it should provide the services the community requires or requests, as finances permit. We must make sure that our city is managed properly and cost effectively. There should be a balance between the needs of business enterprises and their responsibilities to the taxpayers and residents. Many people know little or nothing about the changes in city laws, ordinances or code enforcements. Even fewer know how to get the proper information about these changes. Flores will work to create more efficient ways to get the word out to our citizens. Making it easier for them to acquire this information.

People also need to know how to participate in their city government so that their opinions and feelings can be made known. Very few people know that their city council meetings are open for them to participate in. Many others, because of working schedules and family life cannot make it to the meetings. Flores will reach out to all areas of Sunnyvale and make sure that all concerns are heard. To do the best job of governing Sunnyvale everyone's voice must be able to be heard.

Sunnyvale should be represented by a city council that thinks, acts, and speaks for the citizens and is independent from the any single group. Michael A. Flores is asking for your support in this election. Please vote for "Flores"

Thank you,

Mike Flores for Sunnyvale Council Seat #6

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