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California State Government October 7, 2003 Election
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Remember Enron

By William "Billy T" Tsangares

Candidate for Recall of Gray Davis; State of California

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Davis is not our enemy; Texas is our enemy
Remember Enron? Davis is not our enemy, Texas is our enemy. Jeb Bush, George Bush's brother has already occupied Florida and made it East Texas, California should not become a puppet state for Bush and treated like West Texas.

Our population has been radicalized and now we are being turned against ourselves. Do not be a pawn in the expansion of President Bush and the corporate interest that control him. California has been chosen as the next battlefield of domination by the Republican Party and the results of this Recall election will direct the future path of the United States. Don't believe the hype. Stop. Think about the reality that we face and do not move quickly to support the ousting of a democratically elected official without considering the consequences. If elections do not matter then democracy is not a method of government that we can trust. This is why George Bush cannot say anything about the legitimacy of the Recall campaign. This is why George Bush cannot say anything about the Recall campaign. It is not legitimate on its face. If the Republican Party is willing to abandon the philosophy of democracy for short-term gain then they are not trustworhty to represent us. A vote against the Recall is a vote for Democracy.

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