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California State Government October 7, 2003 Election
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By David Laughing Horse Robinson

Candidate for Recall of Gray Davis; State of California

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To achieve prosperity we need to educate our children and we need legislative decisions that use a measure of common sense.
I'm David Laughing Horse Robinson and I'm running for Governor because I'm concerned about our communities. Our senior citizens are under attack. They already need better healthcare and now we're challenging their right to drive. Our children see their favorite teachers laid off. Rising tuition is limiting access to a College degree. I expect legislators to use common sense. Support Free Public Schools, Kindergarten Thru PhD. Fix the Vehicle License Fee at $75.00. Tackle our deficit by simplifying State Income Tax. Don't raise taxes, just equal them out. Adopt a 10 Percent flat tax with no loopholes for the wealthy. Your income will be tax free up to $30,000 and deductions will still be available for dependants. Also, Property Tax will be reduced when you install alternative energy like solar and wind. The money we paid this year to bail out Energy Companies would have covered the cost of putting Solar Units on every home in the State. I support Small Business and I believe that Universal Health Care is the remedy to reduce their costs. By combining Universal Health Care with Workers' Comp we can waive the fees for responsible businesses that demonstrate a safe environment. This would solve other problems. People won't go to the doctor if they can't afford it and that puts us all at risk. Flu and diseases like SARS can spread more quickly. People with manageable conditions wait until their health deteriorates and then go to the Emergency Room. Lack of coverage raises the cost for everyone. Since I was raised in a matriarchal society I recognize the need to establish a Commission of Women to evaluate concerns that affect the female population. Issues like abortion would then generate guidelines with appropriate solutions. In closing I would say: Honor and respect our seniors. Support our children; they are the entrepreneurs of the future. Guarantee our prosperity by educating now and California will enjoy more jobs at twice the wages. Free Public Schools, K thru PhD. Take the first steps to rebuild our communities. We will understand how it feels to have a front porch on our homes and sit outside and talk with our neighbors. I have hope for our future and I ask for your support. Vote No, on the Recall and Vote YES, for me, David Laughing Horse Robinson.

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