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California State Government October 7, 2003 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for John "Jack" Mortensen

Candidate for
Recall of Gray Davis; State of California

This information is provided by the candidate

I am not a politician, I have no hidden agenda and am not attached to any special interest. My interest in this race is as a concerned citizen and Native Californian.

My hope is that the message I carry will be heard and if "the people" agree, they will stand behind me and allow for a new era and reorganization of our crippled structure of Government.

I will not pay a person to stand behind me and hold a sign for a photo opportunity or media coverage.

I will not take a bribe or favor to bring on any entity wishing to endorse me. I am standing of, for and by the people of California and if they hear my message and agree with me, I expect that they will freely stand with me to defend this State.

I took an oath, as others did, to; "..protect and defend California and it's people and concern my works to the common good..." I do not know what that means to the other candidates, however, I know exactly what that means to me as a Native Californian. You can expect that I will be diligent and earnest and work hard to reform this structure of Government to ensure that every salary is justified, that every expenditure is prudent and beneficial to the people and any agency, entity or faction, dealing with Government Funds is concerning themselves with revision and refinement of their responsibility and working for "the people" of California. I believe that these career politicians do not live like you or I and it is more than apparent that they get paid whether they do their job or not. Look at the State Budget to confirm this statement. I have always been paid for what I produce and I have no understanding of any different way of thinking.

I would like to express my appreciation to the League of Women Voters for this unique and unselfish opportunity.

In closing I should mention that I declared myself a "Renegade" Democrat in my first press conference shot by KNTV 11 news in San Jose and Captured by KCRA 3 in Sacramento. I have no connection to the Political Machine and I would urge all to Call those stations and request them to air my Press Conference un-edited. 8/13/03

As well, I have sent numerous Press Releases to the major news papers, news networks and radio and have yet to see or hear of them even as part of commentary. Interesting, no?

Please inform yourselves and vote for the person you most feel would cause a positive change for the people of California. Please urge everyone you know to vote.

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