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California State Government October 7, 2003 Election
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I insist upon accountability by Elected Officials and employees, at all levels, to the People of this State.

By Ralph A. Hernandez

Candidate for Recall of Gray Davis; State of California

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The People of this State, Counties, Cities, Districts, etc., are the "bosses" of all Elected Officials and public employees. The People must therefore be given the respect and accountability by its employees! In a Democratic society, and in government, it is not up to them as to what the People are entitled to know or not know. The People have a right to & do demand responsiveness by its employees.
Somewhere along the line things have gotten mixed up. Not too many decades ago the Elected Officials recognized that they worked for the People. The People were respected and answered to by their representatives.

Over the years though the opposite has occurred. Now, many of the Elected Officials no longer respect or answer to the People. They think and act as if the People do not need to know or participate in their affairs. They therefore believe that they are NOT accountable to the People. How wrong they are!

That is why there are Recall laws. These laws are greatly misunderstood and it is "stoked" by those who do not want the People to know or to be involved. The People however have a right to "call on the carpet" any of their Elected Officials - via the Recall process - at any time!

It is no different than any employer-employee situation, much like in everyday business. So long as a person does a proper job that person is left alone. But, if a poor job is occuring then the employee is subject to even an unplanned performance review, and dismissal if required. So too, Elected Officials are subject to such, even removal by the People (their true bosses)!

The People at large must not be led to believe that any Elected Official has a "right" to remain in office for whatever term they were elected for. Never, ever, should an Elected Official be so bold as to tell the People what they can and cannot do to them. The Elected Official is but an "at will" employee of the People. The People have a right to "hire" and "fire" whom they want, as well as having the right to replace any incompetent, poorly performing, and costly Elected Official.

With THAT understanding, then every Elected Official should know that they ARE accountable to the People, not the other way around! So, they should always do the right things on behalf of the People, and never forget who really is the "boss". The running of our State government is and continues to be "of, by, and for the People." Never, ever, should the People lose their "employer" rights when it comes to Public "employees."

Please, on October 7, 2003, vote for "Ralph A. Hernandez" for Governor.

For some additional information concerning your rights and issues on Taxes, Assessments, schemes by Public bodies, etc., please visit the Alliance of Contra Costa Taxpayers web site ( ). This is but one of the volunteer anti-Taxes and anti-Assessments groups that I am a member of. I am and have been the Vice-Chair of ACCT.

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