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Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Sara Ann Hanlon

Candidate for
Recall of Gray Davis; State of California

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1) BUSINESS, JOBS, AND TAXES: We must immediately create an exceptional business climate. Without business we won't have jobs. Without business and jobs we won't have the machine to drive a recovery. Governor Hanlon would immediately ask the legislature to rescind all changes in the Worker's Compensation laws that have turned it into an adversarial system where the costs are the highest in the country and it's benefits the lowest. Governor Hanlon would immediately ask the legislature to rescind all business liability laws that have been enacted which drive up the cost of doing business, drive business' from California and cost all consumers more for products. She will ask the legislature to freeze the California minimum wage at it's present level until it is the same as the Federal minimum wage.

2) SERVICES: Almost all services that affect our quality of life are provided to us by our cities ,counties and districts. Sara Ann Hanlon would provide full funding to our local governments, treat them as partners , and hold them accountable for using your money wisely. She would take a new look at how the State does business. The people want "Value Received" for their hard earned tax dollar. Private/Public partnerships, contracting out, and governmental reorganization are just examples of potential better ways to do business.

3) EDUCATION: California should have access to the world's best education systems.Sara Ann Hanlon believes in public education but also believes in competition. Just as The University of California system is able to compete with private universities and is recognized globally for it excellence, public education at all levels must be unrestrained in it's ability to innovate, to recruit and retrain qualified teachers. Parents should be able to choose the educational opportunity that best meets their needs. Many parents who can not afford to send the children to private schools are denied the opportunity that the more affluent have. Parents in low performing schools, and only low performing schools, should be provided financial assistance to send the children to a public or private school that meets their educational goals.

4) TRANSPORTATION AND HIGHWAYS: Governor Hanlon would use taxes generated by vehicle users for the benefit of vehicle users. She believes the public simply wants "value received" for their tax dollar. Our roads and highways have gone from being among the best in the country to among the worst because our vehicle taxes are being spent for other programs in an ever continuing set of "emergencies". The limited mass transit we have must be expanded. Good, uncongested transportation systems are a real world benefit for the working public. Governor Hanlon pledges she would not spend transportation generated revenue on anything except transportation.

5) ENVIRONMENT: Sara Ann Hanlon believes we can have jobs, a friendly business climate, and a healthful, beautiful Golden State. We have proven that automobile manufactures can reduce vehicle emissions. We have proven that business can be competitive without polluting our waterways and beaches. We, all of us, consumer and business alike will be asked to do more. We need to preserve our forests, our beaches, our deserts for future generations. Our health, the health of our children, and our vital tourist industry, demand we work together.

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