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California State Government October 7, 2003 Election
Smart Voter

Returning Integrity to Government

By Ronald J. Friedman, M.D.

Candidate for Recall of Gray Davis; State of California

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Addressing the Issues:
California deficit: Putting Strong Business Principles to Work for Government There are no simple answers to this complex problem. Enlisting the services of highly talented and accomplished people who have played key roles in the success of leading California businesses would offer an excellent opportunity to utilize experienced people to develop a healthy partnership between business and government. Embracing business talent, rather than soliciting special interest campaign contributions from these same businesses, would much better serve the interest of California and its citizens.

Education: Assuring the Highest Quality Education for our Youth To a great extent, California's future is in the hands of its youth who require the best, not mediocre education. Addressing the woefully low salaries paid to our many talented teachers is essential to attract the best teachers, improve our educational system, and maximize our youth's talents. A healthy business climate and economy will permit accomplishing this goal.

Healthcare: Improved Healthcare Access Prevention, detection, and early intervention through Wellness Programs will diminish the cost of treating later stage illness and permit utilization of available funds to afford greater access to healthcare for all Californians. If elected, I would appoint a panel of experts to thoroughly review the current healthcare delivery system for both insured and uninsured Californians.

Unemployment: Creating and Maintaining Job Opportunities is Essential for California's Growth We must address the underlying direct economic and non-economic issues that are causing "job flight" and rising unemployment in California.

Environmental and Natural Resources: Utilization without Exploitation We must sustain our natural resources and protect our environment for future generations. They can serve us well today, but must also be preserved and not squandered.

Mass Transit: Moving California into the Future Long-term plans must be put in place to allow safe, efficient, and low cost intra- and inter-city mass transit. Expanding the freeway system and overloading it with automobiles is a shortsighted effort that damages the environment, diminishes productivity with lost time on these freeways and only postpones the long-term need for effective intra-city and inter-city mass transit.

California into the Future: A Visionist Government Deficit reduction, quality education, access to healthcare, continued job growth, preservation of the environment and natural resources, and development of mass transit are essential for California to move forward and maintain a leadership position in the future.

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