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California State Government October 7, 2003 Election
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Why I'm Running for Governor

By Peter Miguel Camejo

Candidate for Recall of Gray Davis; State of California

This information is provided by the candidate
Peter explains his vision for California
I am running for Governor on the major issues facing Californians that the corporate-backed parties ignore. I accept no campaign contributions from corporations. Current practices in Sacramento have normalized corporate bribery, with politicians routinely changing positions on issues based on campaign contributions. I fight for the interests of working people, women and most people of color.

A wave of corporate crime and abuse has been recognized by the media, but incorrectly diagnosed as simply out of control greed in the late 1990's. While greed is certainly a factor, a more compelling analysis must include the collapse of oversight, because the two major political parties are dominated by corporate money.

California's budget surplus was destroyed by political incompetence and a corporate manipulated "energy crisis" where no energy shortage ever existed. Exceptionally large, one-time-only State income from capital gains was not put aside as a reserve, but instead immediately spent.

California has a desperate need for long term planning, but we are trapped with an economic system that focuses on short-term profits, and career politicians continuously fund raising for the next election. The beauty of California and our quality of life are seriously in danger.

The poor are getting poorer. The minimum wage adjusted for inflation is lower than it was 30 years ago. The housing shortage is out of control. Immigrants are denied driver's licenses and the poor are criminalized when they are required to carry auto insurance but no low cost insurance program is in place.

According to our Health Department, California subsidizes tobacco by 10 billion dollars a year, an addictive drug that kills 450,000 Americans a year, while we criminalize Marijuana, a non-addictive drug that kills no one.

A Green Party victory for Governor in November will mean the establishment of non-partisan leadership in Sacramento. Women and people of color will play a major role as we form a government truly reflecting the people of California. No fundraising while in office would be permitted, period, by the Governor, staff or appointees. The focus would be on expertise and long term planning. A close working relationship would be established with the legislature and all points of view welcomed.

Greens would begin a plan to transform California to 100% renewable energy. Our ancient forests would be off limits to logging and our shores off limits to drilling.

Funding for education would be increased. My campaign is dedicated to bringing quality education to everyone, with equal access to basic resources like books, well-maintained school facilities, and well-paid, great teachers. A am for empowering teachers and I oppose the "testing mania.

I will push for universal health care for all, through an efficient single-payer system. I will ensure that California's workforce receives the wages it deserves for its work, and has access to high quality affordable housing.

The housing crisis will be addressed immediately. I would help make hard working, lower income Californians homeowners through loans for their down payments.

Family planning would be massively expanded. I would begin closing prisons and opening colleges. Our electoral laws would be democratized to end spoilership and to enhance voter participation and representation. Public financing for clean elections would be developed.

Additionally, as a Latino I will raise the key questions relevant to California's fastest growing, most productive, and most underserved working community. The state's economy would collapse without the essential work provided by the Latino community and other immigrant communities, yet immigrants continue to be harassed and criminalized. I support full decriminalization of the undocumented. There is no reason that individuals who are employed by US-owned businesses on both sides of the border with Mexico should be unable to live and work in dignity.

Additionally, racial profiling is absolutely unacceptable when practiced against any community. The Muslim and Arab American communities have been the particular subjects of attack in the period since last September. I am dedicated to ending all racial profiling and defending the civil rights of all immigrants

Finally, my candidacy for governor is dedicated not only to a set of issues, but to changing the way people think about democracy itself. Democracy is a culture and a society in which diverse members of the community participate in every day decision making and all views receive a hearing and representation.

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