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Santa Clara County, CA June 3, 2003 Election
Directory of Santa Clara County, CA Measures
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Measure A. School Funding Tax -- San Jose Unified School District (Parcel Tax - 2/3 approval required)
13,343 / 60.1% Yes votes ...... 8,848 / 39.9% No votes
To maintain quality education, avoid further reductions in essential programs, ensure adequate textbooks, instructional materials, and reduced class sizes, and retain experienced teachers and school library professionals, shall San Jose Unified School District be authorized to levy a tax for 5 years only of $98 per parcel, or, for multiple dwelling units on one parcel, $40 per unit with a cap, with a maximum annual 2% inflation adjustment and an exemption for principal residence owners age 65 or over?

Measure B. School Funding Measure -- Campbell Union School District (Parcel Tax - 2/3 approval required)
4,941 / 57.0% Yes votes ...... 3,724 / 43.0% No votes
To keep experienced teachers, prevent teacher layoffs, keep school libraries accessible to students, preserve small class sizes, maintain academic programs including arts, music and technology, and provide local funding that cannot be taken by the State, shall Campbell Union School District be authorized to levy a special tax of $180.00 per parcel each year for 4 years, with an exemption for residential owners 65 or older, and shall the District's annual appropriations limit be revised by such amount?

Measure C. School Funding Measure -- Franklin-McKinley School District (Parcel Tax - 2/3 approval required)
1,777 / 57.4% Yes votes ...... 1,321 / 42.6% No votes
To provide equal educational programs and materials to Franklin-McKinley Elementary School District children as those in other Santa Clara schools, shall Franklin-McKinley Elementary School District levy an annual special tax of $8 per month per parcel, (with the annual appropriation limit reauthorized by voters) with annual cost of living increase capped at 3%, exempting parcels owned and occupied by persons 65 years or older to keep libraries open, purchase books, support science, reading, counseling programs and maintain small class sizes?

Measure E. School Funding Measure -- Mountain View-Whisman School District (Parcel Tax - 2/3 approval required)
5,395 / 63.5% Yes votes ...... 3,097 / 36.5% No votes
To maintain quality education for students by attracting and retaining qualified and experienced teachers and staff, keeping class sizes small, maintaining arts and music programs and continuing educational programs that enhance student achievement with no money for administrator salaries, shall the Mountain View-Whisman School District be authorized to levy a 5 cents per square foot annual tax on buildings and other property improvements for five years exempting the principal residence owned by persons 65 years of age or over?

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