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Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, Sacramento, Solano Counties, CA November 5, 2002 Election
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By Douglas Arthur "Art" Tuma

Candidate for United States Representative; District 3

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Why are you seeking office? What would you change? What are the five major issues and how do you stand? What goals will you seek if elected to office and how will you achieve them? What experience helps qualify you for the office?
1. Why are you seeking office?

To explain in political forums how federal environmental protection laws are based on communist redistribution and fascist fraud.

2. What would you change?

The public perception that government central planning, regulation enforcement, redistribution of wealth, prohibition of drugs, payroll taxes, and environmental protection is not slavery.

3. What are the five major issues and how do you stand?

  • Who decides what we do? Government or individuals?
  • My stand: Individuals, as long as they don't harm other people.

  • Who decides what we believe? Government or individuals?
  • My stand: Individuals, free to choose their own faith without government programs forcing compliance to some religion, like earth-worship doctrine.

  • Who decides who receives charity? Government or individuals?
  • My stand: Individuals, free to choose where their charity will do the most good.

  • Who decides how we defend ourselves? Government or individuals?
  • My stand: Individuals for personal security, their right to keep and bear arms not infringed. Government for national security.

  • Who decides justice? Government or individuals?
  • My stand: Individuals can not be impartial to their own interest. Justice is best decided by juries. Ready access to justice is one of the few reasons why we have government.

4. What goals will you seek if elected to office and how will you achieve them?

  • Withdraw federal claim to all property not used by the Defense, State, and Justice Departments.

  • Replace taxes with user fees and voluntary contributions.

  • Repeal environmental protection and prohibition laws.

I seek these goals whether elected or not. My methods use the election process and associated media attention and coverage of candidates to let voters know we don't have to work all our lives to pay for government programs.

I tell voters many of these government programs, like environmental protection and drug prohibition, are not authorized by any Constitutional power and are based on fraudulent religious doctrines.

We've been fooled and robbed by taxes to pay for religious crusades, whether prayer for drug-free minds in government schools, dam-free rivers in government canyons, or selenium-free wastewater in government drains.

The infamous Central Valley Project Improvement Act (CVPIA), Title 34 of Public Law 102-575, was based on extensive fraud in the media sensationalism of deformed bird embryos ballyhooed by government biologists passing Kesterson off as a violated wildlife sanctuary. In fact, it was they who violated the terms of their contract for their access to the property.

As the public learns it has been victimized by environmental socialists taking private property for their own pleasure, voters may demand repeal of CVPIA along with all other federal social programs.

When voters understand we have been hoodwinked into voting for socialist scams to let government bureaucrats subsidize poor performance in the name of charity, new candidates will be elected. They will be Libertarians.

5. What experience helps qualify you for the office?

The experience required for U.S. Representative is to be 25 years old. I was 25 in 1969, the year President Nixon bombed Cambodia without telling Congress. It was my first year out of the U.S. Navy Reserves. My first year in the Navy was 1963. Some of my classmates were Vietnamese.

At that time, the life expectancy for new pilots in the Vietnam air force was six months. At that time, mine could not have been much longer. Those were desperate times.

We were desperate to stop the spread of communism. Our liberty was at stake.

I know communism when I see it. It can fool some people by changing its name to environmentalism, but I have experienced its deception. I aim to drive it out of our federal government by public exposure of its fraud.

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