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San Mateo, Santa Clara County, CA November 5, 2002 Election
Smart Voter Additional Endorsements for Joe Simitian

Candidate for
Member; California State Assembly; District 21

This information is provided by the candidate

We Support Joe Simitian's 2002 Re-Election to the
State Assembly!

Attorney General Bill Lockyer

Congresswoman Anna Eshoo
Congressman Mike Honda
State Superintendent of Public Instruction Delaine

State Senator Byron Sher

San Mateo County

County Supervisor Mark Church
County Supervisor Rose Jacobs Gibson
County Supervisor Rich Gordon
County Supervisor Jerry Hill
County Supervisor Mike Nevin

Sheriff Don Horsley

Santa Clara County

County Supervisor Blanca Alvarado
County Supervisor Jim Beall
County Supervisor Don Gage
County Supervisor Liz Kniss
County Supervisor Pete McHugh

Former Supervisor Rod Diridon
Former Supervisor Dianne McKenna
Former Supervisor Gerry Steinberg Former Supervisor
Susie Wilson

District Attorney George Kennedy

Sheriff Laurie Smith
Sheriff Chuck Gillingham (retired)

Assesor Larry Stone

Midpeninsula Regional Open Space

Board Member Jed Cyr
Board Member Mary Davey
Board Member Nonette Hanko
Board Member Larry Hassett
Board Member Deane Little
Board Member Ken Nitz
Board Member Pete Siemens

Town of Atherton

Mayor Alan Carlson
Vice Mayor Jim Janz
Councilmember Bill Conwell
Councilmember Didi Fisher
Councilmember Kathy McKeithen

City of East Palo Alto

Mayor Duane Bay
Councilmember Pat Foster
Councilmember Donna Rutherford
Councilmember Myrtle Walker
Councilmember Sharifa Wilson

City of Los Altos

Mayor King Lear
Mayor Pro Tem Francis La Poll
Councilmember Kris Casto
Councilmember John Moss
Councilmember Lou Becker

Former Mayor Penny Lave
Former Mayor Dave Reeder
Former Mayor Jim Thurber

Town of Los Altos Hills

Councilmember Bob Fenwick

Former Mayor Sid Hubbard
Former Mayor Bob Johnson

Town of Los Gatos

Mayor Randy Attaway
Councilmember Sandy Decker
Councilmember Steve Glickman
Councilmember Joe Pirzynski

Former Mayor Jan Hutchins

City of Menlo Park

Mayor Steve Schmidt
Vice Mayor Chuck Kinney
Councilmember Mary Jo Borak
Councilmember Paul Collacchi
Councilmember Nicholas Jellins

Former Mayor Bob Burmeister
Former Mayor Bernie Nevin Valencia
Former Mayor Gail Slocum
Former Mayor Dee Tolles

Town of Monte Sereno

Mayor Jack Lucas
Councilmember Barbara Nesbet
Councilmember Erin Garner

Former Mayor Dorothea Bamford

City of Palo Alto

Mayor Vic Ojakian
Vice Mayor Dena Mossar
Councilmember Bern Beecham
Councilmember Jim Burch
Councilmember Hillary Freeman
Councilmember Yoriko Kishimoto
Councilmember Judy Kleinberg
Councilmember Nancy Lytle

Town of Portola Valley

Mayor Ed Davis
Councilmember Kirke Comstock
Councilmember Ted Driscoll
Councilmember Richard Merk

Former Mayor Craig Brown
Former Mayor Nancy Vian

Redwood City

Mayor Richard Claire
Vice Mayor Jeff Ira
Councilmember Jim Hartnett
Councilmember Diane Howard
Councilmember Barbara Pierce
Councilmember Ira Ruskin

Former Mayor Dani Gasparini
Former Mayor Jack Greenalch
Former Councilmember Ian Bain

City of San Carlos

Mayor Don Eaton
Councilmember Tom Davids
Councilmember Inge Doherty
Councilmember Matt Grocott
Councilmember Mike King
Former Mayor David Buckmaster
Former Mayor Sally Mitchell
Former Mayor Sylvia Nelson
Former Mayor David Nolan

City of San Jose

Mayor Ron Gonzales
Vice Mayor George Shirakawa
Councilmember Nora Campos
Councilmember Cindy Chavez
Councilmember Dave Cortese
Councilmember John DiQuisto
Councilmember Linda LeZotte
Councilmember Chuck Reed
Councilmember Forrest Williams
Councilmember Ken Yeager

Town of Woodside

Mayor Dave Tanner
Mayor Pro Tem Sue Boynton
Councilmember Paul Goeld
Councilmember Deborah Gordon
Councilmember Carroll Ann Hodges

Santa Clara County Board of Education

Board Member Alex Bantis
Board Member Leon Beauchman
Board Member Maria Ferrer
Board Member T.N. Ho
Board Member Anna Song

San Mateo County Board of Education

Superintendent Floyd Gonella

Board Member Susan Alvaro
Board Member Ted Lempert
Board Member Fred Leonard
Board Member Memo Morantes

Foothill-De Anza Community College Board

Board President Sandy Hay
Board Member Paul Fong
Board Member Andrea Leiderman
Board Member Mary Mason
Board Member Judith Moss

San Jose-Evergreen Community College Board

Board Member Richard Hobbs
Board Member Nancy Pyle
Board Member Richard Tanaka
Board Member Dawn Wright

San Mateo County Community College Board

Board President Richard Holober
Board Member Thomas Constantino
Board Member Patricia Miljanich
Board Member Karen Schwarz

Campbell Elementary School Board

Board Member Janet Johnson
Board Member John Snelham

Fremont Union High School District

Board Member Avie Katz
Board Member Nancy Newton
Board Member Randy Okamura
Board Member Homer Tong

Las Lomitas School Board

Board Member Lee Anderson
Board Member Tim Howard
Board Member Mary Wachtel

Los Altos School Board

Board Member David Casas
Board Member Margot Harrigan
Board Member Victor Reid
Board Member Duane Roberts

Past President Ann Baker

Los Gatos-Saratoga School Board

Board Member Ron Adolphson
Board Member Cynthia Chang
Board Member Jackie Schmidt-Posner

Menlo Park School Board

Board Member Karen Canty
Board Member Bruce Ives
Board Member Nancy Serrurier
Board Member Terry Thygesen

Mountain View # Los Altos High School Board

Board Member Phil Faillace
Board Member Sue Graham
Board Member Judy Hannemann
Board Member David Williams

Palo Alto School Board

Board President Cathy Kroymann
Board Vice President John Tuomy
Board Member John Barton
Board Member Many Lowell
Board Member Gail Price

Portola Valley School Board

Board Member Kate Browne

Ravenswood School Board

Board Member Lois Frontino
Board Member Chester Palesoo

Redwood City School Board

Board Member Alicia Aguirre
Board Member Chris Bohl
Board Member Doug Finlay
Board Member Maria Diaz-Slocum

Past President Lorianna Kastrop
Past President Ed Riley

San Carlos School Board

Board Member Henk van der Schoor
Board Member Eric Von der Porten
Board Member Norm Whiteley

Past President Grant Kolling

Sequoia High School Board

Board President Lorraine Rumley Board Member Don
Board Member Gordon Lewin
Board Member Olivia Martinez
Board Member Sally Stewart

Woodside School Board

Board President Tom Mudd
Board Member Rich Kelley
Board Member Barbara Tagg


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