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Candidate for
State Senator; District 28

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Candidate Statement

In 1863 Abraham Lincoln said, "Government of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE, for the PEOPLE, shall not perish from the earth." Sooooo...where are the 'PEOPLE' in Sacramento? Lincoln's statement is seriously threatened by an imbalance of self-serving career politicians that have created a system of so many laws, regulations, and excess taxes that we're choking on it. Last year alone, 1109 new bills were passed and over 11,000 since 1993. Compound this with every newly elected politician looking to make a name for him or herself and it becomes evident that our entire system needs an overhaul with all bills being reviewed and frivolous ones reversed. In addition, all state agencies and organizations receiving tax dollars should be accountable with an annual audit. The main goal of the California legislation should be: Streamline and Simplify!

Any politician can promise you the moon and ultimately all that will matter is the character and leadership abilities of the individual. The TRUTH is - the government isn't going to make you safer or richer or happier or increase your standard of living-----YOU ARE. So take responsibility for your life and be accountable. The following are brief addresses of some issues. If you don't see one listed, send me an e-mail regarding it and I'll give it my best shot.

Many career politicians, who are beholden to the teacher's union, care less about education reform and more about the stream of contributions to their campaigns. If you continue to elect these individuals, then you're asking the same people who caused the problem to cure it. I wholly support a parent's right to choose their children's school by giving this choice back to the parents.True choice comes with the offering of more Charter and alternative schools in addition to tax incentives and Vouchers. We continually hear that teachers should receive better pay yet the educational bureaucracy grows with that group's income rising instead. The schools need to be returned to the parents and allow teachers and parents to determine curriculum and the students' learning needs. Reduce class size in all grades and teach the `Basics'. Recognize the uniqueness of each child and teach to the `Individual'. Focus on each child's needs rather than age. The `One Size Fits All' approach to learning does not work for everyone - obviously. In addition, I think every public school should have a free after school program with tutors and counselors in an attempt to eliminate the problems arising from `Latchkey Kids'.

The adoption process needs to be simplified with a reduction in the `red tape' to afford all children the opportunity for a loving parent or family; speeding up the process so as to reduce and eliminate those that `get lost in the system'; the establishment of a statewide data base internet site that all adoption agencies, potential parents, and children would link to. This would be a model for all states with the eventuality of a nationwide system - possibly global. In addition, this organization would be non- profit and offer free adoption services.

If one analyzes the source of societal ills, we need only to look at its children. A lack of: a quality education, a loving family unit, moral & character building examples in a child's formative years; families without counseling or education that pass on negative patterns from one generation to the next; ---all contribute to the development of an unhealthy future. We need to encourage and provide more tax breaks for organizations like Big Brothers or B.O.N.D. (, whose focus is on helping children and families as a whole. Most important is the necessity to teach Responsibility, Accountability, Integrity, and Respect. Give these gifts to all children and you create the possibility of a brighter future for generations to come.

Immigration is the foundation of our country. The current state of our borders and system of citizenship needs immediate evaluation and reform. Immigrants who participate in our nation and obey its laws should be rewarded and not those whose intent is unlawful. It doesn't make sense to reward ILLEGAL behavior and it's unfair to those who've worked hard for their legal status. What part of the word ILLEGAL is not understood here?

There appears to be a push towards socialized medicine. This will never be the answer for better healthcare. One needs only to look at the countries who provide this inferior system to know that `socialized' anything is bad for Americans. Our citizens need greater education in the role nutrition, exercise and stress management play in their health. There is a great need for the conventional medical community and complementary medicine to work together for the promotion of wellness and prevention. In support of this goal, insurance companies need to recognize and treat complementary medicine equally in payment and support of those services.

Abortion - one of the hot-button issues of the extreme left and right. I support a woman's right to choose in the first trimester. No late term abortion except when the woman's life is at stake. No Partial birth abortion - ever! I do not support state tax dollars paying for abortions and I do not support the denial of parental consent. We don't allow our children to vote until the legal age of 18 yet some think a 13 year old can make a medical decision of this magnitude without parental guidance. I don't think so. DO NOT try to take any more parental rights away and hand them to the government.

Gay rights -another hot-button. Proposition 22 was passed with a 61.4% of the vote. I support the will of the people. I have gay relatives and friends (in addition to one of the Republicans who asked me to run) whom I love dearly. I believe in the rights of all Americans, without discrimination, whether I agree with them or not. There also needs to be some discernment regarding this issue. When it comes to the public schools, acceptance of everyone and their individual differences should be taught. But, the government schools should not be teaching our youth what an acceptable sexual lifestyle is. That is the responsibility of parents only. Here, again, we need to regain parental rights that have been incrementally denied us. Think about it - with our most valued concern of our lives, our children, we allow strangers to dictate what their beliefs and goals should be. Yet we would never allow the gov't to enter our homes and dictate what color our window coverings should be. Can you imagine the outcry! But when it comes to our children?! Whatever THEY say is OK. We put more effort and interview into hiring a baby sitter for one evening. Now, if you think the government should be trusted to do a better job than you in raising and teaching your children - in providing any service efficiently - here's something to ponder: DMV or INS or the POSTAL SERVICE or....... You get my point.

GUNS - most who oppose a citizens' right to bear arms do so out of ignorance and fear. I know, as I was once one of those gun fearing individuals. When I lived in Alaska, I learned to use and respect many types of firearms. Everyone had them, everyone knew everyone had them, and no one was ever shot. (Crime was almost nonexistent). Media bias leans to reporting any shooting incident that supports their gun control stance yet is silent on all the occasions where crime was thwarted or lives saved because a law-abiding citizen used a gun simply as a deterrent. Studies have proven that crime is lowest in communities where the citizens are armed. It's simple - take the guns away from the people and the criminals will still have them. Remember, the police don't prevent crime, they go after the criminal after the crime is committed. This isn't rocket science.

Frivolous lawsuits - Isn't it time we started fining the attorneys and those who file them? We have become a lawsuit happy society that has confused rights and liberty with never having to be annoyed. It's time to grow up.

We are given a tax credit for each dependent child on our federal return, so why not have the same on our STATE return also. In addition, I would propose that the income tax be retired when you retire - meaning that at age 65 you've paid your dues and you have satisfied, at least, your state income tax responsibilities in life.

Some might say I'm new to the political game. Well, When I look at the `Experienced Politicians' as they overtax us, take our surplus to a deficit in the blink of an eye, create an energy crisis, place our public education system at the bottom of the nation's list, institute excessive rules and regulations that throttle our economy instead of encouraging it, I realize that my political inexperience and freshness is exactly what qualifies me. Think about it - How can someone fairly and objectively vote on an issue if their campaign coffers are full of money from special interest groups? How can they fairly represent the people if their goal is a continuance in political office and the attainment of power and campaign donations? California can't afford any more `Experienced Politicians'.

In closing, I'd like to state that I have never felt more proud of my country than at this time and I support our President, George W. Bush, and preserving our Constitution. I stand for Freedom of the individual American and free thought. Political correctness be damned - California needs straight talk and common sense. When you go to the polls this year, bring a balance to representation in Sacramento. Vote for `The PEOPLE'.

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