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Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Susan A. Davis

Candidate for
United States Representative; District 53

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SUSAN DAVIS On the Issues


  • In Congress, Susan authored a Quality Teaching Package that would assist teachers in low-performing schools to demonstrate high teaching skills through a proven evaluation program. In addition, the package will help teachers in family literacy programs learn the most effective teaching techniques.

  • In 2001, Susan worked to pass major federal education reforms to strengthen accountability for student achievement, require rigorous testing in reading and math, and ensure communication with parents about school quality.

  • Susan opposes school voucher plans and supports using finite taxpayer dollars to fund public schools that educate 90% of America's children.

  • For her work on behalf of children, parents, and teachers, Susan was named 1999 Legislator of the Year by the League of Middle Schools and has twice been honored by the California School Boards Association.

  • As an Assemblywoman, Susan wrote the California State law that requires HMOs to give women direct access to their OB/GYNs. Now Susan is fighting to pass similar legislation in Congress to ensure that all American women can see their doctors without first getting the approval of a bureaucratic gatekeeper.

  • Susan supports adding a prescription drug benefit to Medicare and reducing prescription prices for seniors and families.

  • Susan co-sponsored the Patients' Bill of Rights. This legislation ensures that patients have the right to a second opinion and have access to emergency care.

  • Susan regularly hosts health care events in the community, including free Osteoporosis screenings to give San Diegans information on how to prevent and treat the degenerative bone disease.

  • Susan is a strong advocate for a woman's right to choose and supports public policies that guarantee access to a full range of reproductive health services.

  • For her work in Congress, Susan earned a 100% voting record on choice issues from Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL).

  • For her work on environmental issues in Congress, Susan was awarded an "A" from the American Wilderness Coalition, a 93% voting record from the League of Conservation Voters, and has been endorsed by the Sierra Club.

  • In 2001, Susan secured $7 million to protect and preserve San Diego's open spaces.

  • Susan supports funding for renewable energy research, such as solar power, wind power, and fuel cells that will not harm our environment. In Congress, Susan authored a bill to establish a tax credit for the installation of renewable energy systems.

Defense / Military
  • As a member of the House Armed Services and the Veteran's Affairs Committees, Susan makes it her priority to protect the readiness of our military and to improve benefits and services for active and retired military families - by fighting for increased pay and higher housing allowances, and restoring free and reduced school lunches for the children of military families.

  • Susan co-founded and co-chairs the bipartisan Navy-Marine Corps Caucus in the House of Representatives.

  • In 2001, Susan secured $175,000 for the Unity Through Reading program, which keeps deployed parents in touch with their children by videotaping them reading children's books and delivering the tapes to their children.

Social Security
  • Susan believes preserving Social Security must be a top national priority since it is the backbone of many Americans' retirement.

  • Susan opposes risking the financial stability of Social Security by investing the Social Security Trust Fund in the stock market.

  • Susan co-sponsored legislation to eliminate the Government Pension Offset and Windfall Elimination Provision, which reduce the Social Security benefits of teachers, government employees and their spouses.

  • Susan has consistently voted against tax increases.

  • Susan voted to permanently eliminate the marriage tax penalty, which penalizes over 200,000 married couples in San Diego.

  • Susan recognizes the need for economic relief for all Americans and has fought to ensure that economic stimulus packages benefit everyone, not just the wealthiest individuals and corporations.

Economic Development
  • Susan was awarded San Diego Business Journal's "Women Who Mean Business Award" in 2001.

  • Susan voted in favor of Trade Promotion Authority. Susan has consistently stressed that international labor and environmental standards should be promoted through the trade negotiation process.

  • Susan supports policies that would ensure that corporations, including their CEOs and auditors, are held accountable for upholding honest business practices.

  • Susan authored legislation to improve the SENTRI system and make it permanent. SENTRI allows commuters who have passed extensive background security checks to by-pass long lines at the border.

Worker Protections
  • Susan supports strong new penalties for pension fraud and greater accountability for the management of employees' pension funds to safeguard retiring Americans from future situations like the Enron scandal.

  • Susan co-sponsored legislation to raise the federal minimum wage to $6.65 by 2003.

  • Susan voted in support of federal ergonomic standards.

  • In response to the high cost of housing in San Diego, Susan authored legislation to increase the Veterans Administration's guaranteed home loan limit from $240,000 to $300,000 to open the door to home ownership for San Diego veterans.

  • Susan co-sponsored legislation to increase the availability of loans for low and moderate-income borrowers and to increase federal funding for the construction and preservation of affordable rental units.

  • Susan has repeatedly voted to restore funding for the National Endowment for the Arts.

  • Susan sponsored a high school art contest in her Congressional district and supports music education programs in schools.

Civil Rights
  • Susan co-sponsored legislation that would guarantee equal pay and equal hiring practices for all Americans.

  • Susan co-sponsored legislation to stiffen penalties for hate crimes.

  • Susan supports transportation systems that integrate roads, transit, open spaces, bike paths and sidewalks.

  • In 2001, Susan secured $61 million to expand the San Diego Trolley system, including the construction of new stops at San Diego State University and Alvarado Hospital.

  • In the California State Assembly, Susan led efforts to extend I-15 through Mid-City and to enhance the 40th Street corridor with park areas. Susan is continuing to fight for federal funds to help alleviate congestion caused by in-fill development and population growth in San Diego.

  • Susan supported the federalization of airline and airport security. She believes we must continue to actively monitor, test, and enhance security procedures.

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