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Santa Clara County, CA November 5, 2002 Election
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Candidate for
Mayor; City of Milpitas

This information is provided by the candidate


Elected Officials

Hon. Pete McHugh, SCC County Supervisor, 3rd District
Hon. Don Gage, SCC County Supervisor, 1st District
Hon. Henry Manayan, Milpitas Mayor
Hon. Bob Livengood, Milpitas Vice Mayor
Hon. Patricia `Trish' Dixon, Milpitas City Council
Hon. Pat Amoroso, fmr. Member, Milpitas City Council
Hon. Dennis Kennedy, Mayor, Morgan Hill Mayor
Hon. Michael Chang, Vice Mayor, Cupertino City Council
Hon. Patrick Kwok, Cupertino City Council
Hon. John McLemore, Santa Clara City Council, Bart/VTA Policy Committee
Hon. Hedy Chang, Morgan Hill City Council
Hon. Ronald Lind, Trustee, San Jose/Evergreen Community College District
Hon. Debbie Eitner, fmr. Secretary, Milpitas Unified School Board
Hon. Steve Munzel, fmr. Vice-President, Milpitas Unified School Board
Hon. Rudy Nasol, Chair, Berryessa Unified School Board

Milpitas Unified School Board Members

Hon. Marsha Grilli, President
Hon. Michael Mendizabal, Vice- President
Hon. Althea Polanski, Past President, Member
Hon. Bill Foulk, Past Vice-President, Member
Hon. Carmen Montano, Secretary, Member

Milpitas City Commissioners:

Bill Reisinger, Chair, Bicycle Transportation Advisory Committee
Teresa Chaves, Chair, Citizens Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee
Alfred Garcia, Chair, Community Advisory Commission
Margie Stephens, Chair, Library Commission
Robert Keely, former Chair, Library Commission
Steve Munzel, Chair, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Commission
Paul Hay, Chair, Planning Commission
Dem Nitafan, fmr. Chair, Member, Planning Commission
Satwant Gill, Chair, Recycling and Source Reduction Advisory Committee
Jim Burns, Chair, Senior Advisory Commission
Dennis Grilli, fmr. Chair, Member, Sister Cities Commission
Albert Alcorn, Chair, Telecommunications Commission
William Anderson, fmr. Chair, Telecommunications Commission
Samantha Beard, Chair, Youth Commission
Syed Mohsin, Vice-Chair, Recycling and Source Reduction Advisory Committee
Linda Rabe, Vice-Chair, Arts Commission
Keith Scott, Vice-Chair, Bicycle Transportation Advisory Committee
Annell Spencer, Vice-Chair, Citizens Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee
Arsenio Iloreta, Vice-Chair, Community Advisory Commission
Seya Mohsin, Vice-Chair, Parks, Recr. and Cultural Resources Commission(PRCRC)
Dave Sandhu, fmr. Vice-Chair, Member, Planning Commission
Joanne Wood, Vice-Chair, Senior Advisory Commission
George Washburn, Vice-Chair, Telecommunications Commission
Nicola Tan, Vice-Chair, Youth Advisory Commission
Mareile-Angy Ogle, Member, Arts Commission
Bill Foulk, Member, Arts Commission
Barbara Barrie, Member, Arts Commission
Friedell Barnes, Member, Arts Commission
Nestor Luna, fmr. Member, Arts Commission
Rob Means, former Chair, Member, Bicycle Transportation Advisory Committee
Eugene Simmons, Member, Bicycle Transportation Advisory Committee
Fred Zeise, Member, Bicycle Transportation Advisory Committee
Robert Finnie, Member, Citizens Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee
Gary Taylor, Member, Citizens Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee
Philip Cook, former Chair, Member, Community Advisory Commission
Ray Maglalang, former Chair, Member, Community Advisory Commission
Marie Pham, former Chair, Member, Community Advisory Commission
Sudhir Mandal, former Chair, Member, Community Advisory Commission
Gloria Washburn, fmr. Vice-Chair, Community Advisory Commission
Samuel Robinson, Member, Community Advisory Commission
Guadalupe Ortiz, Jr., Member, Community Advisory Commission
Joselito Abelardo, Member, Community Advisory Commission
Charles King, Member, Community Advisory Commission
Sonny Wang, Member, Library Commission
Dr. Sen Fan, Member, Library Commission
Trinidad Aoalin, Member, Library Commission
Marilyn Hay, Member, Library Commission
Carmen Montano, Member, Library Commission
Robert McGuire, former Chair, Member, PRCRC
Edward Tuason, Member, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Commission
Neil Mackenzie, Member, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Commission
Kashmir Gill, Member, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Commission
Frances Krommenhock, Member, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Commission
Henry Ku, Member, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Commission
Anuj Mathur, , Member, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Commission
Deepka Lalwani, Member, Planning Commission
Evelyn Chua, former Member, Planning Commission
Alexander Galang, Member, Planning Commission
Debra Giordano, Member, Planning Commission
Sridhar Borra, Member, Recycling and Source Reduction Advisory Committee
Ram Singh, Member, Recycling and Source Reduction Advisory Committee
Pieter Hoex, fmr. Member, Recycling and Source Reduction Advisory Committee
Albert Wang, former Chair, Member, Senior Advisory Commission
Steve Lu, Member, Senior Advisory Commission, President, Chinese Evergreen Club
Serafina Diaz, Member, Senior Advisory Commission
Bal Daquigan, Member, Senior Advisory Commission
Mary Banick, Member, Senior Advisory Commission
Carlos Fabregas, Member, Senior Advisory Commission
Bakshish Kaur Sandhu, Member, Senior Advisory Commission
Frances Woodworth, Member, Senior Advisory Commission
Amanda Santos, Member, Senior Advisory Commission
Laureen Ku, fmr. Member, Senior Advisory Commission
Jenifer Lind, Member, Sister Cities Commission
Willie Iringan, Member, Sister Cities Commission
Satnam Singh Chahal, Member, Sister Cities Commission
M. Idrees Munir, Member, Telecommunications Commission
Naranjan Gupta, Member, Telecommunications Commission
Dinesh Gupta, Member, Telecommunications Commission
Vishnu Mathur, Member, Telecommunications Commission
Amritpal(Paul) Sandhu, Member, Youth Commission
Norman Hall, Member, Youth Commission
Daniel Hay, Member, Youth Commission
Irene Esteves, Member, Youth Commission
Sharlene Mateo, Member, Youth Commission
Sadia Mohsin, Member, Youth Commission
Amritpal (Paul) Sandhu, Member, Youth Commission
Veronica Yee, Member, Youth Commission
Scott Zeise, Member, Youth Commission
Coel Agustin, Member, Youth Commission
Anisha Choudary, Member, Youth Commission

Milpitas Citizens of the Year

Naranjan Gupta `2002
Ray Maglalang `2001
Gary Taylor `2000
Evelyn Chua `1999
Deepka Lalwani `1998
Richard Faux `1997
Patricia Dixon `1996
Althea Polanski `1995
Marsha Grilli -1994


Milpitas Police Officers Association
Milpitas Firefighters Local 1699 IAFF
South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council's Committee on Political Education(C.O.P.E.)

Community Leaders

Todd Fleshner, President, Milpitas Rotary Club
Steve Strauss, President, Alviso Rotary Club
Deepka Lalwani, fmr.President, Milpitas Chamber of Commerce
George Longbourogh, Past President, Milpitas Host Lions Club
Neil Mckenzie, President, Sunnyhills Neighborhood Association
Eldy Roldan, President, Silicon Valley Lions Club
Steve Shrupp, Lt. Governor, Kiwanis Club
Ed Peralta, President, American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO, Local 73
Ed Dunn, Past President, Milpitas Kiwanis Club
Cindy Vargas, President, Milpitas Historical Society
Dem Nitafan, President-Elect, Fil-Am Chamber of Commerce of SCC
Lou Horyza, Grand Knight, Milpitas K of C; President, Korean War Veterans
Mike Robinson, Vice-President, Sunnyhills Neighborhood Association
Ernesto Bautista, Past Grand Knight, St. Elizabeth Council
Jessie Singh, President, BJS
Andy Andres, President, Fil-Am Chamber of Commerce of SCC
Terry Trumbull, Member, County of Santa Clara Planning Commission
Romulo Dizon, President, Fil-Am of St. John
Sandy Greer, President, St. John's School Board
Nida Luna, President, Fil-Am of Milpitas
Rinda Enders, President, Milpitas Ladies Guild
Seg Cacao, President-Elect, Fil-Am Of Milpitas
Elizabeth Roldan, President, San Jose Junior Chamber of Commerce(Jaycees)
Aysha Mohsin, President, Sunnyhills Neighborhood Youth Association
Jofelo Cordova, President-elect, Silicon Valley Lions Club
Katheryn Gray, Past President, St. John's School PTG
Boni Capuyan, Area Coordinator for Northern CA, Couples for Christ
Frances Ridgely, Retired School Principal
Andy and Sharon Dyson, PGK, Faithful Pilot
Tim Crews, Retired Lt. Colonel, USAF; PGK, St. Elizabeth Council
Joselito Abelardo, Chair, Fil-Am of St. Elizabeth Church
Bill and Cherry Poehlman, Retired Colonel, USAF; Faithful Navigator, St. Joseph Asm.
Nora Dizon, President, FAPESCO
Hernand and Celia Campued, PGK, Milpitas K of C
Muhammad Hussain, President, Engeotech, Inc
Delia Ho, County Equal Opportunity Employment Council
Dave Marshall, PGK, Knights of Columbus#5796
Andy Andres, Member, Human Relations Commission
Michael Wilhelmini, Grand Knight, St. Elizabeth K of C Council #8747
Jeannette Villar, President, Milpitas High School Senior Class `2002
Don and Linda Downey, Financial Secretary, Milpitas Kof C (partial list, Titles are for identification only)

Honorable Residents

Leonard and Irene Payne
Edwin and Mila Morga
Don and Eugenia Egbert
Gilbert and Marie Barboza
Robert Mirolo and Leigh Taylor
Casto Reyes
Bob and Betty Roberts
Dorothea Randolf
Herbert Halloway
Lyle and Pat Fifield
Ed and Lenore Blake
Ed and Sue Duncan; Jimmy Lau
Ming and Thanh Nguyen; Keith Love
Dan and Flor Sanchez
Bill Kacynowski; Pat Yung
Ed and Helen Ziller
Mary Rock, Mary Nicolau
Kay Serena, Dolores Garcia
Flor and Nelson Salud
Ben and Gloria Cacao
Linda and Rolly Cayabyab
Sam and Julie Usal
Ben and Moding Espiritu
Toni Imperial
Greg and Betty Wang
Ramon Bueno
Larry Javier
Cesar and Maricris Benitez
Ed and Fe Madarang
Ben and Linda Bajet
John Manongdo
Rudy and Aida Halili
German and May Galvan
Bert Cruzet
Rick Gatdula
Emil and Judy Tayag
Belen Daquigan
Ed Aoalin
Gabby and Emma Leuterio
Susie Tuazon; Ana Andres
Laura Amoroso; Lumi Cacao
Art and Loretta Panoringan
Cecilia Nitafan; Cory Mollat
Jose Leon; Daisy Iloreta
Danny and Tess Santos
Rene and Cecie Briones
Leo and Vivian Farrales
Imelda Dangca; May Garcia
Leo and Virginia Tulio
David and Nanette Anonuevo
Clara de Leon
Ed and Linda Pelayo
Tony and Pat Lesaca
Angel and Elena Sabangan
Cris and Nenita Guillermo
Rudy and Jessie Algones
Frances Maglalang
Art and Medy Sana
Ely and Mila Soriano
Vic and Amanda Babasa
Flor Domingo, Aida Rozal
Roger and Perla Espino
Pete and Rosie Casuga
Santi and Lilia Simon ( and many, many more)

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