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Santa Clara County, CA November 5, 2002 Election
Smart Voter Additional Endorsements for George Chadwick

Candidate for
Judge - Superior Court; County of Santa Clara; Office 9

This information is provided by the candidate

ENDORSED BY (updated periodically; see web site civil litigators and business attorneys; prosecutors; defense attorneys; rape crisis counselors; Superior Court judges, partial list includes former prosecutors Hon. Dolores Carr, Hon. Sharon Chatman, Hon. William Danser; the Asian Pacific Bar Association; law enforcement groups and police officer unions; former Assemblyman and current CEO Jim Cunneen; Michael Fox Sr.; Hon. Chuck Reed; Hon. Pete McHugh; and District Attorney George W. Kennedy, who says:

"George Chadwick's knowledge of the law, trial experience, fairness, and integrity will make him an excellent judge."

Retired Business School educator and Deputy Public Defender Katharine V. Alexander, and national Elder Law expert, Constitutional and Antitrust Law Professor, and former Law School Dean George J., Alexander, say:

"George Chadwick is a man of judicial integrity who can be counted on to deal thoughtfully and wisely in the administration of justice."


Asian Pacific Bar Association of Silicon Valley
National Latino POA (co-endorsement)
South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council (COPE) (co-endorsement)
Needham, Davis, Kirwan & Young, LLP
Deputy Sheriffs' Association of Santa Clara County
San Jose Police Officers Association
California Narcotics Officers' Association
Milpitas Police Officers Association
Mountain View Police Officers Association
Palo Alto Police Officers Association
Sunnyvale Public Safety Officers Association

PROSECUTORS (partial list; NOTE TO FELLOW D.A.'S: Because of office rules, we have not contacted over 70 Deputy D.A.'s re endorsement, and many more were deleted by computer glitch; if you want to add your name you have to call/e-mail; no one was intentionally left off this list)

George W. Kennedy, District Attorney
Dave Davies, Assistant District Attorney
Steve Gibbons, Assistant District Attorney
Al Weger, Assistant District Attorney

Deputy District Attorneys:
Amir Alem, Esq.
Mel Anderson, Esq.
Lois Baer, Esq.
Lance Beizer, Esq. (ret.)
Frank Berry, Esq.
Janet Berry, Esq.
Susan Bloomfield, Esq.
Griffin Bonini, Esq.
Jay Boyarsky, Esq.
Victor Chen, Esq.
Steven Dick, Esq.
Martha Donohoe, Esq.
Tom Farris, Esq.
Ed Fernandez, Esq.
Joyce Ferris-Metcalf, Esq.
Ben Field, Esq.
Sam Giammona, Esq.
Tracy Gilliam, Esq.
Johnny Gogo, Esq.
Tom Hanford, Esq.(ret.), former California Prosecutor of the Year
Matt Harris, Esq.*
Cindy Hendrickson, Esq.
Mark Hood, Esq.
Lynn Knapp, Esq.
Amy Krause, Esq.
Michelle LaForce, Esq.
Sam Liccardo, Esq.
John Luft, Esq.
Joanne McCracken, Esq.
Deborah Medved, Esq.
Bob Meyer, Esq.
Tim Moore, Esq.
Garner Morris, Esq.
David Pandori, Esq. (former SJ Councilmember)
Tony Piazza, Esq.
Lisa Rogers, Esq.
John Schon, Esq.*
Lisa Peterson Schon, Esq.*
Paul Seidel, Esq.
Cindy Sevely, Esq.
Don Shearer, Esq.
D.R. Shearer, Esq.
Mary Beth Shine, Esq.
Jim Shore, Esq., president lawyers' union, president statewide prosecutors' organization
James Sibley, Esq.
Charles Slone, Esq.
Kevin Smith, Esq.
David Soares, Esq.
Malcolm Sprott, Esq.
Julianne Sylva, Esq.
Terrence Tighe, Esq.
Maureen Williams, Esq.
Terry Woodward, Esq.

COMMUNITY LEADERS AND ATTORNEYS (call/e-mail to add your name; those who've come up to George with kind words, or "I'll vote for you," we need express endorsement to list you)

Victor Aboukhater
George J. Alexander, Esq.
Katharine V. Alexander, Esq.
Sean Allen
Elroy Atkins, small business owner
Elianah bat Avraham, screenwriter
Lara Aziz, rape crisis counselor
Donald Black
Brad Bosomworth, Esq.
Keith Bower, Esq.
Shari Boxer, President, JDS Group
Ingo Brauer, Esq.
The Honorable Dolores Carr
Sheila Chadwick, Esq.*
The Honorable Sharon Chatman
Marolyn Chow, 715 member
Steve Clark, Esq.
CEO and Former Assemblyman Jim Cunneen
The Honorable Ray Cunningham
Leslie Daniels, Esq.*
The Honorable William Danser
Mark Davis, Esq.
Thomas H.R. Denver, Esq.
Hong Do, M.D.
Matt Durket, Esq.
Patrick Ellison, Esq.
Maureen Folan, Esq.
Michael Fox, Sr.
Patricia Fox, Esq.
Robin Gee*
Gary Goodman, Esq.
Misha Goretsky, M.D.
Carm J. Grande, former president, San Jose POA
Phil Gregory, Esq.
Debbie Gutierrez, rape crisis counselor*
Ariel Hand, R.N., violence intervention coordinator, reserve Sexual Assault Response Team coordinator
Julie Heaton, Admin. Asst. HR & Legal
Russell Johnson, Esq.
J.J.Kapp, Esq.
Peter Kirwan, Esq.
Tammy Kolanski
David Kraft, Esq.
Charles Kramer, Esq.
Nguyen Le, M.D.
Michael Logue, Esq.
Bob Lyons, Esq.
Brian Martin
Carrie Martin
Anne McCowan, Esq.
The Honorable Pete McHugh, County Supervisor
Michael McSweeney, Esq.
Brick McIntosh, Esq.
Denise Mingrone, Esq.
Scott Mosko, Esq.
Charles Packer, Esq.
Naomi Parker, Esq.
Robert Peterson, Esq., Law Professor
Larry Peterson, Esq.
Karol Powell, small business owner
The Honorable Chuck Reed, Councilmember, City of San Jose District 4
Jeff Rickard, Esq.
Rebecca Branch Sanders*
Ngoc Schmidt
Christopher Schumb, Esq.
Barbara Shufro, Esq.
David Steuer, Esq.
Helen Stone, R.N., Naval Reserve officer
Paul Stone, Esq.
Gary Swanson
Cy Tabari, Esq.
Maureen Tabari, Esq.
Mary Tantillo, Esq.
Bob Temmerman, Esq.
David Tollner, Esq.
David M. Trapani, Esq.
Scott Van Duyne
Kai Wessels, Esq.
Steven Yep, Esq.*
Phil Young, Esq.
You? Call / e-mail us

  • = member, campaign committee

George has hired no campaign consultant, accepts no monetary contributions for the March 5 or November 5 election, and intends to conduct this campaign consistent with the seeking of judicial office and the kind of judge George intends to be if elected.


(phone 408 313 8593)

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