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Santa Clara County, CA November 5, 2002 Election
Measure E
School Construction
City of San Jose

Majority Approval Required

87,460 / 62.9% Yes votes ...... 51,557 / 37.1% No votes

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Results as of Nov 20 3:06pm, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (538/538)
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To reduce classroom shortage, shall the City of San Josť be authorized to lease a portion of Ramblewood Park to Franklin-McKinley School District for any legally allowed term, but not less than 40 years, to allow construction of a new school on 0.56 acres, accomodating approximately 450 students, and to allow the District to use the park for school-related recreational uses, if the District's study identifies Ramblewood Park as the most feasible site?

Impartial Analysis from the City Attorney
The proposed measure, if approved, would authorize the City to enter into a long-term lease with Franklin-McKinley School District for a portion of Ramblewood Park, allowing the construction and operation of a new public school.

The City Charter requires voter approval of any lease, permit or license of any City owned public park with a term of more than 3 years. The purpose of this ballot measure is to comply with the City Charter requirement.

Ramblewood Park is a neighborhood park of 9.3 acres, located at the intersection of Kinsule Court and Dundale Road. Franklin-McKinley School District desires to build a new school and has identified Ramblewood Park as one of several potential sites being studied by the District.

If the voters approve the ballot measure and the District determines that Ramblewood Park is the most feasible site for the new school, the City would be authorized to enter into a long term lease with the District for a term of at least 40 years. The lease would allow construction of a school on .56 acres of the park to accommodate approximately 450 students and would allow the school to use other portions of the park for school-related recreational purposes.

If the measure fails, then the City and District may not enter into a lease of the park unless the term of the lease is for 3 years or less.

/s/ Richard Doyle, City Attorney of San Jose

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Official Information

Franklin-McKinley School District webpage
Contact Phone Numbers
- listed with the Registrar of Voters

Pat O'Hearn (408)277-4424; Fax: (408)277-3285
News and Analysis

San Jose Mercury News - Oct. 26

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Arguments For Measure E Arguments Against Measure E
Vote Yes on Measure E

Community recreation area is scarce in San Jose. Equally scarce is park land. Measure E will allow the City of San Jose to work with Franklin-McKinley School District to create a Joint-Use facility, which will build a small school and recreation center on predominantly undeveloped land.

Measure E will:

  • Create recreational space where none is currently available.
  • Ensure current developed park will remain untouched.
  • Provide a small community school, which will allow neighborhood children to walk to school.

Measure E is Financially Responsible.

  • The entire cost of school and recreation facility will be paid for by school district.
  • No new taxes or levies will be applied toward project.
  • School district will apply for State funds to enhance recreation and school facility.

The Entire Community Benefits.

  • Additional recreational facility will benefit residents in community.
  • Project will create a small safe school so students will not have to cross busy intersection.
  • Increases recreational opportunities for families and children in community.
  • Increases property values.

Measure E is a unique opportunity for our community to increase recreational facilities by joining with Franklin-McKinley School District in constructing a joint-use facility. It is the right thing to do and the most cost-effective way to do it. Please join community members and your neighbors in supporting Measure E. Please vote Yes on Measure E.

/s/ Phillip W. Renteria, Ramblewood Resident
/s/ Larry Aceves, Superintendent, FMSD
/s/ Jeanie Sharrock, Principal, FMSD
/s/ George Shirakawa, Vice Mayor

Citizens lose parkland if Measure E passes. District 7 already lacks sufficient parkland. Based on the City of San Jose's long-range park plan (Greenprint), District 7 has a deficit of 108 acres of community parkland. Leasing our existing parkland to the Franklin McKinley School District will cause this deficit to grow even larger. When new schools are built, they usually add parkland to the community. This school will take it away.

The environment loses if Measure E passes. At the center of Ramblewood Park is a small hill spotted with California Poppies and other native plants. Residents of the area who gather at the top of this hill can view fireworks displays that occur around the valley. The Franklin McKinley School District will remove the top of this hill in order to level the ground for the proposed school. Citizens are increasingly concerned with preserving what natural beauty the valley still has. This is no time to destroy some of that beauty.

Students lose if Measure E passes. Ramblewood Park, the proposed school site, is located at the corner of Yerba Buena Road and Highway 101. While the park is a good place to play soccer or football, the noise from 101 makes it unsuitable for a school. In addition, students will be exposed to exhaust emissions for 6 hours a day, 180 days a school year. The cumulative effects of this can only have a negative impact on the students' health.

Protect our parkland.
Protect our environment.
Protect our children's health.
Vote no on Measure E.

/s/ James M. Boismier, Educator
/s/ Jean L. French, R.N. Retired
/s/ Stacy K. French, Educator
/s/ Ron E. Fagan, Salesman/Manager

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